Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhuti saying that n i cant sell the fresh air that comes in my house from the opposite side for this flyover. Happu says that infront of tiwari’s house its vubhuti’s house n vice versa so where does fresh air come n where does beauty come n says that in morning does vibhuti do mujra dance. Vibhuti says you keep quiet. Happu says this work of flyover will happen n you people can’t stop it. He goes n vibhuti n tiwari look at each other. Angooti calls ammaji who is taking gas cylinder from gupta from her window. She asks him to wait as phone has come. Angoori tells ammaji that tiwari is on hunger strike. She asks why? She says to stop the flyover work. Ammaji says you try n make him eat n if he doesn’t eat i ll come n make him eat. Angoori

goes out n sees that some person throws coins on tiwari assuming him to be beggar. She shouts at him n tells tiwari to wake up n see that people are assuming him to be beggar n throwing money on him. Tiwari gets up n shouts at people that he is not beggar n a freedom fighter who is fighting for the flyover to be not built n destroy our colony. Angoori insists tiwari to eat food but he refuses. Vibhuti comes n says that we are on strike n wont eat. Anita also tries to explain tiwari but he refuses. Saxena comes n tells them that today there is a party by him as today i was officially announced as mad. So today its my mad day n venue is tiwari’s house. Angoori tells tiwari to eat now atleast as party is there at night. Vibhuti says no he won’t eat n takes the food plate n eats. At night, saxena cuts the cake n gets emotional n everyone including happu, tika n malkhan say that lets eat so as to not hear is story. Tika n malkhan sit n eat beside tiwari n try to irritate him by saying the food is tasty. Angoori comes n shouts at them n says that don’t trouble tiwari as he is on strike. But she also does the same thing. Then vibhuti comes n says the same thing that don’t trouble tiwari as he is on strike. But he also does the same thing. Then anita comes n says that we should go n eat at my house as tiwari will feel like eating. They all go. Happu comes n tells tiwari that i have kept food for you there so go n eat it. Tiwari says why being so kind can i know the reason? He says give me money. Tiwari oh god you are so cheap here also. Then tiwari eats 3 plates biryani n says saxena has made nice food n sees ammaji coming n goes back to his place. He sits there n ammaji calls angoori n asks her to catch his hand n they both forcefully make him eat food even after he saying that i ate food. But they dont believe. Next day, doctor comes to see tiwari n ammaji tells angoori not to worry as nothing has happened to him. Doctor says yes you are right due to over eating he is a bit unwell otherwise not a problem. Ammaji says how is it possible he eats 10-12 rotis just like that so he cant get over eating. Tiwari says i ate biryani but you didn’t listen to me. Anita n vibhuti come n say that there is a good news that the flyover wont be made. Anita says its not due to your strike but its due to the arrangement bring cancelled so they are not making it. Angoori says come lets have tea to anita n they go. Ammaji says even i sm coming wait n tells vibhuti to give his hand. So he gives his hand n she pulls him n gets up n he falls on bed. Vibhuti says to tiwari that its all because of your efforts n now thus is your gift. He gives him a coin which is sticked with two coins facing to tales. Vibhuti goes n tiwari sees that n gets angry. The episode ends.

Precap:- Tiwari sees something on news n saxena tells tiwari to keep the trophy with him. Tiwari says i ll try to impress anita by showing this trophy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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