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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with happu singh calling a guy named ram. He asks happu singh whether he has black money and happu singh tells he doesnt have and you keep it with you. Tiwari comes and asks what happened? Happu singh tells that nothing he was talking with his nephew. Tiwari says okay and tells have you read the news about the income tax officers raiding everyones house having black money? Happu singh says yes but i dont have anyhing and do you have as you are asking? Tiwari says no where will i have black money and i dknt have anything.
At frontyard vibhu is there with all utensils and clothes. Everyone is there and they ask when will u give us everything? Vibhu says i am waiting for the right moment. There anguri comes in the frontyard and is looking there. Vibhu says now i sthe right

time. Hestarts distributing evetything. Saxena says he needs 25000rs and vibhu says take this toaster machine and it gives sparks and you will get a shock. Saxena says i like it and takes this. Vibhu gives evrything. Later anguri says to vibhu he is so helpful and kind. Vibhu says yes and i love doing this.
At home tiwari goes running calling anguri. Anguri comes down and says i got a payment of 2 lakhs rs from a person from ahmedabad. Tiwari says oh my god and says dont say loudly and it is black money. Anguri says what? Tiwari says yes and i have to keep all this black money at anitas house as income tax officers will take it. Anguri says okay. Tiwari goes to anitas house. He tells her take this bag as it has his hard earned money. Anita says i know its black money. Tiwari says no its my hard earned money and not black money. Anita saysokay i will keep it but only for 1 time. Tiwari says okay. Happu singh too comes with a bag and says keep this. Then they see esch other and the scene is awkward.
At home gulfam kali comes. She is earing the saree which belongs to anita. Anita says how do you have this. Vibhu also comes. Gulfam tells vibhu gave her this and he is also giving utensils and clothes. Anita is shocked and vibhu is scared. Anita tells she wants everything that belongs to her or else he will not be taken at home, and if he doesnt come home then she will shoot him with her gun. Vibhu goes to bring everything.
At tea stall, tika and malkhan are there and they take vibhus blessings . Vibhu sats he is not a helpful person and what he was doing was a drama and saxena also comes thee. Saxena says you are such a useless and cheap person. Vibhu slaps saxena and tika and malkhan say that they did not expect this but they sold everything they had. Vibhu starts crying and says my wife will kill me and what will i do now. Tiwari who was there record everything on phone and he takes it at anitad house. There even anguri is there. He tells vibhu was just acring and he is a fake as i told before. He then shows the video to anita and anguri. Anguri says oh my god and he lied. Vibhu comes and sits and says what happened and why is everyone so quiet? Tiwari shows him the video. Vibhu is shocked and scared. Anita telshim to get out. Till then the neggar and happu singh come in the house. Vibhu tells him i dont have anything now and please go away. The beggar says i am not a beggar but an income tax officer. Everyone is shocked and tiwari and happu singh are scared. Anita says why will i have the money? Happu singh says yes sir and there is no money here. The beggar ays shut up and i will check. Tiwari is scared and says come and check at my house but you wont get anything here. The officer goes upstairs and after checking he gets the money and says now stay here and you will get an order from the incone tax head. Officer goes. Vibhu says there was 20lakh rs and i dont know? And whom does it belong to? Tiwari and happu singh faint. Vibhu says okay now i understand.

Precap: vibhu offers jalebis to anguri. Anguri says i cant eat jalebis from anyones hand except tiwaris. There is a romantic equence dance between vibhu and anita and tiwari and anguri.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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