Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update insecure Tiwari And Vibhuti

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tikka tilu Malkhan discussing about London,tilu says tomorrow we will reach by 9 so we won’t be late.

At disc,Tiwari vibhu anu angoori dancing,master and happu come there to look for sanskar,Happu shocked to see them,anu starts dancing with happu,angoori dances with master,vibhu and Tiwari get insecure,and start drinking.

Tikka tilu Malkhan recap Rajesh khana house by 10,and ring the bell,Rajesh opens the door and asks what for,tikka says meeting,Rajesh says is it 10.30,I hate people who disturb me ring the bell at 10.30,tikka says guys let’s go have juice till then.

Tiwari says vibhu I don’t know I feel good,bhabhijis modernness you know,vibhu says I know what is modern unlike you so you find it odd,they hug in open,dance freely,Tiwari says ok waiting for hugs.


comes crying,vibhu asks what’s wrong,prem says my wife from the day she has become modern,my life has become mess,she was dancing late night with 4 boys,vibhu says she was just dancing,prem says they were touchy too,vibhu says thank god our wives aren’t this way.

Tikka says the moment I say 10.30 ring the bell,tilu says no ring now he will take time to open the door and both start arguing,Malkhan rings the bell,Rajesh opens the door and says did you drink,tikka says we were under pressure,Rajesh says I don’t talk to drunk people out come tomorrow.

Uncle comes to model colony with will,he sees someone entering vibhu house through a ladder and says must be vibhu,vibhu comes from behind and says hello uncle,vibhu and uncle both see that man,vibhu asks who is that,and both go to check.

Master in angooris room singing and dancing with her,tiwari sees them and shouts and asks what nonsense is this,angoori says why disturb us,master says your husband is such old fashioned,angoori says true,he is orthodox,Tiwari says get out master and causes him.

Uncle asks vibhu why are you lost,vibhu asks what are the limits of modern women,uncle says they have no limits,many modern married women are my girlfriends.

Anu and happu come out having fun and drinking,anu sees uncle and says hello dude how are you David,uncle says is this how you talk to elders,anu says old fashioned person,Happu says no use of staying in London,uncle says you shut up,you entered my house through ladder,anu says chill David,uncle says I’m tearing the will,anu says who cares and leaves with happu.uncle leaves,vibhu says god these papers.

Tiwari chasing master,and hits him,amaji walks in and slaps Tiwari,and says leave him,leave that poor boy,Tiwari says he isn’t boy,amaji says what’s your problem let my daughter in law live as she wants too,angoori says yes I will live as I want,amaji says forget him,let go to pub and I will kill him if he follows,angoori ware a good dress and master go call cab.

Tikka tilu Malkhan reach Rajesh house,tikka says check if none of us haven’t drink,Malkhan says no no,tilu says I haven’t drank from yesterday,Malkhan rings the bell,Rajesh opens the door and let’s them in,boys introduce themselves,Rajesh asks why do you want to meet me,tikka coughs,Rajesh says you have cough,tikka says a little,Rajesh says I don’t talk to people who cough come tomorrow.

Pre cap: happu in anu bedroom and master in angooris bedroom,vibhu and Tiwari insecure.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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