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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri talking with her mom. She tells yes she had a donkey but it ran away and she misses it. Vibhu comes there in pain. Anguri keeps phone and says what happened? Vibhu says some dumb donkey bit her. Anguri says dont abuse them and they are the nicest and cutest animals. Vibhu says okay and says some cute donkey but him and now he is in pain. Anguri says yes she is worried. Vibhu says its okay and he will be fine. Anguri says she is worried for the donkey and not him and what if anything happens to it. Vibuu is astonished and looks at her and says thanks and goes.
At home doctor comes to check him. Anguri anita and tiwari are also there. Doctor and vibhu come out. Tiwari says check if he has only bit the donkey. Vibhu tells him to shut up. Doctor says he has

written some medicines and everything will be fine. Anita says okay. Anguri says maybe vibhus poision must have gone in the donkeys body and will anything happen to it? Doctor says no. Doctor suddenly makes noise of cat and everyone look at him. Doctor tells a cat bat him and since then he is suffering all what a cat does. A rat is passing by and doctor jumps and eats it and goes. Everyone is shocked.
At tea stall, tika is there. Vibhu comes to sit but does not as he has pain. Tika tells him that ramlals son is naughty and hasnt yet changed his behaviour even after marriage. Vibhu says i know he would never change. Happu singh comes and says yes indeed he has become mischievous and asks vibhu how is he? Vibhu says just fine. Vibhu does not sit and is in pain. He tells them that he got bit by a donkey. Tika laughs and gets a slap in return from vibhu. Happu says okay and tells he was also once bitten by a horse and he started behaving like a horse but was fine later as he took medicines. Vibhu says oh good. A man comes as a dog and ramlals son throws ball and shoos him away. He tells them that he has been bitten by do so he is behaving like this. He goes. Vibhu think if anyone can behave like horse and dog by being bitten then i can act as a donkey too for anguri.
At home at night, vibhu goes to sleep. Anita says is he fine? Vibhu says its still paining but he will manage. They sleep. Vibhu starts making the noises in sleep of a donkey. Anita is shocked and worried. She thinks he must have become like a donkey. She sleeps tensed.
Next day, vibhu goes at anguris frontyard where she is watering the plants. He starts acting there like a donkey and eats the plants.
At anitas house anita is disturbed as vibhu had become like a donkey. She is tenses and tiwari comes. She tells him about the problem. Tiwari tells anita that she is beautiful when she doest tha sound.

Precap: vibhu has got a donkey tail and anita feels it and night and then panics.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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