Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti says I’m a little gambler how can I,lily says but I’m thirsty for you,Vibhu says you have lot of money you can get anyone but not me,lily says only you can help me,you are thirsty for money and me for you,Vibhu says see I’m already married ,lily says before the ocean dries here’s car keys,Vibhu says it’s expensive,lily says it’s for you,Vibhu says I shall buy on my own and leaves.

Tiwari and Vibhu arrive home early morning asleep with Pelu,Vibhu says bye,Tiwari says ,I had fun last night,Vibhu says just wait n watch we will have more fun,anyways good bye,Tilu comes to them on bicycle,Vibhu leaves,Tilu says amaji is waiting for you, go home,she also has arrange big stick for you,she will hit you to death now,Tiwari says get lost,I can’t

go home but where will I go,Pelu drops Tiwari at his gate,Tiwari says no don’t.

Vibhu sees uncle in hall asleep and wakes him up,and asks when did you come,uncle says I came last night but where were you,Anita says uncle coffee,uncle says Anita told me what you are up to but I want to hear from you,Vibhu says I’m gambling to earn money,uncle says we have twenty crore property,Vibhu says where is it you didn’t give me even twenty rs of it,you keep tearing the will papers,uncle says you make me do that I don’t do it on purpose,Anita says please stop it now the matter is gambling,uncle says see son don’t do this,don’t gamble its bad it has ruined lives and what have I bought you degrees for so that you can gamble,Anita says what,uncle says I mean I spent on his eduction and what will I tell your parents and your wife they will call her gamblers wife,one day will come when you will be dragged by her behind her car.

Vibhu says did you get will papers,uncle says my lawyer has courier it,and if you have no respect for your uncle I will consume poison and commit suicide,and uncle lays flat on ground and starts crying like kids,Vibhu says uncle get up okay I won’t gamble,Anita very happy,Vibhu takes his blessings and leaves,Anita says thank you uncle, Tiwari walks in,Anita gives him cold look and says shut up and get lost Tiwari leaves,Anita says uncle you are amazing.

Tiwari sneaks in his house and says before Amma wakes up I shall bathe and run away,amaji behind Tiwari,Tiwari unaware,Tiwari sees amaji and gets scared,amaji says you fool you want to gamble and trouble Anguri,Tiwari says Vibhuti asked me too , AMA says if he asks to jump in well will you and Anguri don’t dare save him today, I will teach him lesson and starts hitting Tiwari,laddu says Amma stick,amaji says yes go get stick,amaji starts hitting him with stick,Tiwari says I swear on Anguri I won’t gamble again please leave me,Anguri says yes amaji leave him,amaji says just because Anguri is saying I’m leaving you or else I would kill you today.

Vibhu in balcony says first this Anita was behind me to work and when I’m working she says don’t ,Tiwari sees him and says I’m in same situation too,Vibhu says I heard people say you were shouting in pain who was behind it,Tiwari says amaji ,Anguri told amaji about gambling and so I won’t gamble anymore,Vibhu says so will I,Tiwari says means Anita hit you,Vibhu says no one can hit me,uncle is home and he made an emotional drama and asked me not to play and our wives don’t want us to,Tiwari says yes but things we like our wives don’t,Vibhu says but it’s true gambling is bad ,Tiwari says yes it is and I won’t gamble anymore you have fun at club Alone ,Vibhu says no I won’t gamble as well.

Vibhuti and Tiwari take pelus auto and leave, Anguri and Anita watching them from balcony,Anita says Vibhu had promised but look,Anguri in tears says even Tiwari had see he went,Anita says don’t cry we will teach them lesson,Anguri asks how,Anita says tricky way,Anguri says done. Tiwari rai and Vibhu gambling,tikka malkhan standing beside them,tikka says I wish there was some beautiful dancer here,Vibhu says it’s five star club and not Gulfamkalis club,Tiwari gets scared,Vibhu asks what happened,

Tiwari points,Anguri and amaji gambling,Anguri wispers see they saw us,amaji says let them walk here I shall beat them like hell.tiwrai walking to them,Vibhu stops him and says where don’t go to them amaji will smash you in front of everyone,happu walks in club,bouncer stops him,happu says do you have memory problem I’m inspector,keep me in mind if you want to stay in this colony, eats almonds or walnuts anything but keep me in mind,happu sees Anguri and walks to her and says bhabhiji hello,amaji blessings I didn’t knew you like gambling,amaji says don’t bore join us if you want too, happu says sure.

Pre cap : Anita dancing in the club,Tiwari throws money on her,Anguri gets sad,Anita woes Vibhuti,Vibhuti is annoyed and not liking it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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