Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita and happu singh going in. they hear some noises and happu asks that has she kept a dog as pet? Anita says no. then she goes behind sofa to see the noise. Anita screams and happu and anita pick vibhu up and see vibhu is bald. They untie him. Vibhu starts crying and says he did not even leave a single hair and cleared the whole field. Anita says happu its because of you. Vibhu says yes he just takes bribe and cant do anything. Anita tells happu that he should have recognized that man who came for a 100crore insurance. Happu says yes that’s where he fooled me. Vibhu says you are always fooled. Anita says to happu singh that now if u don’t find that hair killer then I will bald your head. Happu is scared and says yes I will go and find. Happu goes. Anita looks

at vibhu and is feeling gross and says I cant see you bald and cover yourself. Vibhu cries.
At home at night anguri is in bedroom and she says that vibhu has been bald too. Tiwari comes happy singing a song and anguri tells him that vibhu has become bald. Tiwari says that’s nice. Anguri says how is that nice? Tiwari says why do u care and anguri tells she doesn’t but she just wants that he be alert and safe otherwise his hair will go too. Tiwari is scared but says yes I will be alert. They sleep.
Next day anguri is at home in hall. Vibhu comes. Anguri turns the other side and tells vibhu that she falls unconscious on seeing bald people and please go. Vibhu says today he has come with cover and protection and just look at me. Anguri says if u say then I will see. She sees vibhu and he has worn a jacket with cap. Vibhu says see I am covered. Anguri says how does it feel and your hair was so good. Vibhu says I feel lonely. Then he asks her about a table fan kept there and anguri says it’s my dad’s and is very old and vibhu tells just show how it works. Anguri starts it and vibhus cap goes behind and anguri sees it and screams and falls unconscious. Vibhu says that what did I do. Tiwari comes down and tells vibhu to go and why did you come in front of her and go away now. Anita comes too. Tiwari tells anita about what vibhu did. Anita tells him to go home and vibhu goes away sad. Anguri wakes up and says I am fine now. Anita tells tiwari she needs his help. Tiwari says okay what do I do?
On the street anita tells tiwari to call the hair killer openly and tell him to take his hair and when he will come she will hit him with stick. Tiwari says okay. He starts shouting on streets for the hair killer. Tiwari is scared. Anita tells do more loudly. Anguri sees from balcony and says what are you doing and tiwari tells go in and I am calling the hair killer. Anguri says please don’t do this. She goes in and calls mom and tells her what tiwari is doing and mom tells he is troubling you and if he does that call me I will come and bash him up. Anguri says okay.
At night anita at home tells vibhu to get out of her room as she cant see him bald and come in her room only after 6 months when his hair will grow.vibhu says what and you are punishing me and I did not do anything and just because I don’t have hair you are telling me to go. Anita says yes go away right now. Vibhu goes crying down.
Next day anguri is singing song in frontyard and vibhu comes and tells her that how is she? Anguri says fine and vibhu says I don’t have hair but how do I look like this covered in jacket and cap? Anguri says very bad and with your hair only you looked nice. Vibhu who had put a cross on tiwaris house at night says I will go now and then he calls anguri and tells her see this. Anguri comes out and screams as she sees the cross on her house wall.

Precap: anguri tells happu singh to guard the house and not let the hair killer in. he says okay. Happu and anguri come in and she says where is tiwari? Happu says he is hearing some sound and he checks behind the sofa and its tiwari tied and bald. Anguri screams.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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