Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with uncle telling that he has booked masakali online and she will come for dance, everyone will enjoy. Anita is shocked and so is vibhu. Uncle says she is beautiful and we will enjoy. Uncle tells tika and malkhan to take bags in. they go. Anita says masakali booking online? Wow and anita goes in angry. Vibhu is sad and says what do I do now? Pelu smiles.
Next day vibhu goes to anguri. Anguri comes and sits and says go I don’t want to talk to you. Vibhu says I know anguri but I need to learn dance and I am sorry for being a mujra dancer. Anguri says that’s not why I am angry and being mujra dancer is not bad and she earns for her family as she is forced, vibhu smiles, anguri says I am angry because you did not do the steps right. Vibhu says oh I forgot the movements

and please teach me. Tiwari comes and says anguri don’t you understand and our respect goes down and you are sitting with a mujra dancer. Anguri says I am not against it and he is earning. Tiwari says shut up and vibhu you get lost from here. Anita comes and tells vibhu you will not dance in front of anyone from now. Vibhu says I don’t have an option and gulfam kali has already taken advance. Anita says so what? She will give it to uncle back. Vibhu says gulfam never gives advance once she takes it. anita says then we will tell masakali is not available, vibhu says you know uncle is a miser and he wont understand and let me dance one last time and then I will stop this. anita says okay dance but last time.
At tea stall tika is counting money and malkhan asks from where did you get this money? Tika says I sold the cooler and fridge. Malkhan beats tika and says why you useless man? Anita and vibhu come and are behind them listening. Tika says because we will see masakali’s program today and in this much money will she come to us? Malkhan says are you dumb, that happu singh pervert wont let her come to us. Tika says then we will take her and run away. Vibhu is ashamed and anita says see your respect. Malkhan says that happu will threaten us, tika says I will tell his wife and 9 kids about his extra-marital love. Happu comes running and says you blo*dy you will tell my wife, happu beats tika, tika says no malkhan said it. happu beats malkhan. Anita and vibhu come ahead and anita scolds happu and says you have a pregnant wife and 9 kids and don’t you understand? And you are characterless happu. Happu says I love her and cant see anything, happu goes. Tika malkhan go. Vibhu says lets go and I will make food. They go.
At night the program has been set and prem tika malkhan anita anguri Tiwari and uncle are there. Uncle says so the party will start now. Everyone is having drinks. Masakali comes and vibhu says hello. Anita is ashamed. Uncle says oh in real you are beautiful. Tika and malkhan get excited and get up, uncle slaps them and they sit and tells if you get up again I will beat you. Tika and malkhan say so awesome and uncle booked masakali online from London. Anita says start the program quick. Uncle is taking masakali to bedroom, anita says oh wait and you booked her for dance then make her dance. Uncle says oh yeah I went in a flow. Vibhu tells saxena to put the music and dances on mera dil. Vibhu dances and uncle dances too and sits. Suddenly happu comes and is very drunk. Tiwari says this man came now. Happu says stop this and tells I am taking masakali. Tika malkhan and prem are angry. Uncle says oh shut up constable and she is mine and I will take her to London, happu says shut up and she is mine and mine only and if you say anything I will kill you with my gun. Anita and anguri say how can you take her and even she has family who is waiting for her and she Is married too. Anguri says yes and happu you have kids and a pregnant wife, happu says chuck them and I will marry masakali. Happu forcibly takes vibhu in an auto and pelu drives it away.
In the house anita says uncle how did you allow him to take masakali? Uncle says oh let it be anita and there are many mujra dancers like masakali in Kanpur. Anita says but masakalis is a man, uncle says then I was saved, tika malkhan and prem are shocked.
There in auto happu atkes vibhus hand and says masakali I love you and lets go to the nearby temple and marry and I cant wait any longer. Vibhu says you dog you have a wife and kids and why are you troubling me and go away. Happu says I cant stay without you and I want to marry you soon. Vibhu says I will give you something, happu says what? Vibhu removes his wig and jewelry and keeps in happus hand and talks in his normal voice that I want to give you this. Happu is in a state of shock. Vibhu says come on pelu drive the auto and lets leave him home as he is in a deep shock. Pelu drives.
At gulfam kalis kotha, gulfam tells someone on phone that visit us sometime for masakalis program. Anita comes and says masakali will not do any program from now. Gulfam says he will do and he came here as it was his wish but will go from my wish. Anita says he will go from his wish and I am taking vibhu. Gulfam says you did not hear me maybe, she calls jagga. Jagga comes and shows his muscles, anita slaps him. Jagga goes away crying. Anita says anyone else like jagga and bring him too. Gulfam laughs and says oh no I was just joking and you can take him. Anita says good and tells vibhu again if you come here then I will break your legs and you got wings nowadays and masakali and stuff. They go.

Precap: vibhu is abusing Tiwari on phone and so is Tiwari. Both are in their respective bedrooms with their wife. They watch tv, on tv reporter says that after a survey modern colony’s people have been declared the most rude and very arrogant people to speak. Reporter says our local politician has declared that a week there will be a survey and one who is seen being most decent In behavior will get 5 lakh rupees cash price. Both Tiwari and vibhu are surprised.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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