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The episode starts with anita talking on phone with meenal. she tells her that she will be knitting a salwar suit from a very renowed tailor named gulkand sirki. tiwari saxena and anguri come home, anita keeps phone and welcomes them. they all sit. tiwari then tells that they have come here to tell her about the fraud tailor gulkand. anita says what? and that man is good at making dresses as he made for anguri too anguri tells that saxena is saying he has made it, saxena says yes i have made it. anita tells shut up and how can u make it as he is not even a tailor. saxena tells he has only made it as he has his own ladies boutique in the town now. anita tells she never understands what he exactly is because sometimes he becomes a saint or lawyer and now he is a tailor. saxena says yes. tiwari

tells anita that leave it and does she know who the fraud gulkand is? vibhuti comes by then and welcomes them all. tiwari tells anita he was the fraud gulkand. vibhu says no and he was not. tiwari and anguri tell yes he is gulkand. then tiwari tells how dare you stick to anita and take her measurements? vibhu tells just shut up and i can because she is my wife. tiwari laughs and tells see anita he has proved it. saxena looks at vibhu. vibhu tells so what and then anita asks him why did he do this? vibhu tells lying that he had taken a loan of 10000rs from prem and as he had to give it back he took a job at saxenas tailor shop as a salesman, but then he thought that why not be a tailor and make money so that the business will rise and he will also return the money to prem so he became gullkand. anguri tells him you are a fraud and you took 5000rs from me for that dress. vibhu tells but he gave 1000 to saxena and kept the rest. tiwari tells anita that please keep vibhu tied at home as he causes troubles in their life. tiwari and anguri go. saxena tells vibhu that a salesman like him would cripple his business as he gave him 1000rs only. then saxena scolds vibhu loudly and says that he return him 4000rs which he has earned or else he will put a finger in his pocket and remove it inhumanely. vibhu slaps saxena. saxena says i like it and goes. then anita tells vibhu come here. vibhu sits and says sorry. anita tells she liked that idea of gulkand as he sensuously took her measurements. anita tells vibhu become gulkand again and come to her and take her measurements intimately. vibhu smiles. episode ends.
next day morning anita is reading magazine. she tells vibhu to bring her green tea quickly as she has been wiating since an hr and he has still ot come. vibhu says yes he is coming. tiwari comes. anita welcomes him. he asks anita why is she looking annoyed? anita tells nothing just that vibhu has still not brought green tea for her. tiwari says why dont you keep any other servant. anita says what? vibhu comes and tells tiwari to shut up. he gives green tea to anita. she tells she likes it with honey and he did not bring that for her? vibhu says oh he ofrgot and he will bring it now. tiwari tells go and bring green tea for me too with honey, vibhu says do u have that class that you will drink green tea. anita tells how is he speaking with him and don’t say that. vibhu goes. he comes again with green tea. anita drinks and says what is this and it feels like green tea has been added in honey. tiwari laughs. anita says anyways she will make it for herself and you go and wash the clothes. anita goes and tiwari laughs. he tells vibhu that you are a controlled freak. and you are controlled by your wife and work as her servant. vibhu says shut up and its not like that. tiwari takes another cup kept there of green tea and he drinks it. he tells vibhu yes you are and he has seen how he is treated by anita. vibhu tells he is not. tiwari tells anguri listens to him and she does what he says and its not like that with him(vibhu). then anita tells vibhu from inside to go and wash clothes. tiwari laughs and goes.
at home he goes and sits and thinks that he should test anguri whether she listens everything of his, and that she should never go against him. he calls anguri. she comes. tiwari tells in a heavy tone to bring water. he tells her to bring it quickly. anguri runs into the kitchen. tiwari laughs and says anguri will never go against hi. anguri brings water. tiwari again says bring a little cold quickly. she again goes running. tiwari again laughs and says anguri will never go against hi. anguri brings water. anguri brings the water and tiwari says its too cold and bring it mixed quickly. anguri goes running. tiwari again laughs and says anguri will never go against him. this time anguri brings four glasses of water.tiwari says what is this. anguri says one has normal water 2nd has cold 3rd has hot water and 4th has mixed so he can take whichever he wants. tiwari says now he doesnt and tells anguri go back, she goes.
at tea stall saxena tika and malkhan are there. saxena hypnotises tika and malkhan and then tells them he is their owner and they will do as he says. they bpth say yes. saxena tells them not to harass girls ever. tika and malkhan says ok. saxena tells them they will look at each girl as a sister. they both say ok. then saxena tells them to slap each othe. they start slapping each other. then saxena tells them to give him a double impact slap. both give. vbhu sees all this and says why are tika and malkhan doing as saxena is saying? vibhu goes and asks saxena how did he do all this? saxena tells vibhu he has got an instrument through which he can hypnotize people and make them whatever he wnats them to. vibhu says that is great and says please give it to me please. saxena says he is scared of love and not a slap. vibhu slaps him. saxena says i like it and gives him. then he takes vibhu to teach him how to hypnotize.
in the kitchen anguri is singing and vibhu comes. they greet each other. vibhu shows anguri a pendant and tells her that it is magical and through this she can see taj maha, eiffel tower or anything. anguri says if its true please show me. vibhu says not like this, she has to keep her eyes on that thing when it moves. vibhu oscillates it for sometime. he hypnotizes anguri and then says lets see if it works. then a song plays and vibhu tells anguri to sit, stand and turn around. anguri does as said. vibhu then tells anguri to say i love you. anguri says i love you and vibhu looks up and anguri does same as him. then vibhu tells anguri that now he has a work for her and she will do as he says.
at night, tiwari is sitting. anguri comes and keeps looking at him. tiwari says why is she looking at him like a statue and go and bring dinner. anguri says no and is she his servant and he will sit like a king and give orders and why will she do as he tells? tiwari tells he knows who must have put her against him and it must be her dad. anguri shouts loudly and says dare u say dad as it is not dad. tiwari gets scared. anguri tells him to stand up. tiwari says what? anguri says cant u listen and stand up.

precap: in the morning anita sees tiwari sleeping out of the house and she asks him what happened and why is he sleeping out? tiwari cries and tells anguri has thrown him out of the house. anita tells anguri why did she do this? anguri cries and tells he is blaming her and she has done nothing. anita tells tiwari dont blame anguri and both go home. they both go. anguri pulls tiwari from his pants from behind and starts hitting him with belt on his butt and she tells him why did he tell anita? vibhu sees this secretly and laughs.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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