Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update Anita’s and Vibhuti break up

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meenal says anu you alone rub the whole house and now we think you should leave Vibhu to his own self,anu says you are right ,Meenal says use your energy in your grooming classes,and we have 50 lakhs offer for you,you know I was very emotional for you last night and then anu suggested this.

Vibhu walks in,anu says Vibhu says look Anurag invested 50 lakhs in my classes to help me,Vibhu says one minute.

Vibhu says Anurag what are you trying to show we are not as rich as you are,you are far ahead,did you forget those days when you use to copy from my papers you will help us,you cheap,Meenal says anu ask him to behave,we are helping you and he is insulting us,Vibhu says who asked you too,and this Anurag you know no one use to sit beside him because he smelled and I use to buy pencil

for him and he use to work under me in college and he will help me,Meenal tears the paper and says enough Anurag let’s go,Vibhu says okay Meenal bye.

Vibhu says this girl is good but this hippo,and I know you will yell at me,anu says you know I don’t want to argue because you have no shame,and this behaviour of yours have increased the gap between our relationship and leaves,Vibhu says baby I’m sorry.
Anguri on call,amaji tells her kundali has problem and she had to laugh for an hour,anguri says I will but will my problem go away,okay then I shall start right away and starts laughing.

Vibhu walks to her and says hi.anguri laughing,Vibhu says you are laughing but me and anu have separated once and for all,anguri keeps laughing and says what are you saying,Vibhu says you are laughing at this,anyways I liked seeing you this way,Tiwari walks to him,anguri says Vibhu and anu are breaking up and starts laughing,Tiwari says yes I know and touts because of this man, go away don’t be be here,anguri keeps laughing.vibhu leaves.

Tiwari asks why are you laughing,anguri says amaji asked me to.its a solution for my problems.on news :our police have caught the terrorists but his mates are free and police are in search come let’s see what happu singh and commissioner have to say,anu watching the news.

Reporter so tell us how are you feeling,happu says very happy and proud,reporter what about the remaining,happu says we have made a trap and they shal be trapped for sure,reporter what’s the plan,happu says it is,commissioner says are you mad to share the plan and happu singh who is commissioner me or you,happu says sorry Sir.

commissioner says happu you are good at just eating bribes,happu says Sir we are live.vibhu Walks to anu and says I’m sorry it was my fault,anu says good you realised,Vibhu says won’t you forgive,anu says you have crossed all limits,Vibhu says I still have love alive baby,anu says but your laziness kills it all.

Anguri wakes up and says god it’s such a lovely day and sees tikka in Stairs and wakes him but tikka doesn’t,anu walks out,anguri calls her,and says look tikka,anu says must be drunk so,tikka wakes up,anu says see you were drunk and you slept here,anguri says alcohol is bad,tikka says I’m sorry and starts crying.

Anu asks what’s wrong,tikka says I have tension,anguri asks what is it,tikka says I met Panditji at tea stall and he said I have to shave my head for solutions to get rid of my problems,anu says go to salon then why cry,tikka says bhabhi it is that this should be done with all rituals bhaiya will shave my head and bhabhi will go to river in a train with my hair but bhabhiji I’m orphan,anguri says we are here for you,anu says yes we will ake your hair,anguri says yes we will do all rituals,tikka says you will but Vibhuti and Tiwari,anguri says we will manage that you don’t worry.

Anu says go arrange for head shave rituals go.tikka says you two are so nice. Two men planning,Shen puri says those people have kept our mates in secret location,bhel puri says don’t worry when we will bomb blast they shall realise our mates,and says these are our code names so that police dont have doubt on us.

Bhel puri asks what’s our next step,shevpuri says we shall plant a bomb in kanpur express.

Precap : tikka bald says bhabhiji please quickly we shall miss the train.tiwari and Vibhu informed that Kanpur express has bomb planted,Tiwari and Vibhu rush to station.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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