Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu and Tiwari in the lawn of vibhus house drinking and eating snacks. Tiwari then asks vibhu what did anita see in you that she married you? vibhu says what she saw is intelligence, talent, my handsomeness and a lot of things. Vibhu says by the way what did anguri see in you? Tiwari says she saw 1 thing but I will not say that here. Tiwari says I have never seen your father. Vibhu says you don’t even need to as you don’t even have a real father and something is fishy with pandit ramfal. Tiwari gets angry and says why did you take ramfal’s name? vibhu says because you took my fathers name. vibhu and Tiwari start fighting loudly and abusing each other. Anita and anguri come. They take their husbands in.
At home anita tells vibhu what was that? And why

does he always fight and abuse Tiwari? Vibhu says Tiwari started first. Anita says that you say everytime. There anguri says same to Tiwari and says because of these fights you have stopped loving me. Tiwari says no its not that and that vibhu always starts first and teases me. Anguri says I will call mom and ask her to ask pandit ramfal about this solution that you are becoming angry nowadays. Tiwari snatches the phone and screams loudly and says what the hell is this? And why are you taking that pandit’s name? you will not call mom. Tiwari thinks vibhu took the name of pandit ramfal and why did he? I will call him and ask.
There vibhu is on bed and Tiwari calls vibhu and says why did you take the name of pandit ramfal? Vibhu comes in the balcony and says its tiwaris phone. Anita tries stopping but sleeps. Vibhu and Tiwari are in their balconies and vibhu says because you are the illegitimate son of ramfal. Tiwari gets very angry and both start fighting and abusing each other. Tiwari throws slippers and vibhu throws it back.
Next day morning, anita and anguri get up, they are still hearing vibhu and Tiwari fighting in the balcony and they come out and are shocked to see this and Tiwari and vibhu are still fighting and teasing each other. Anita and anguri are both shocked and go.
At home anita is talking on phone with meenal and says vibhu has become so arrogant and he keeps on fighting with our neighbor Tiwari and yesterday the whole night till morning he was fighting with Tiwari. Anguri comes and sits. Anita keeps phone and says how are you? anguri says what do you think? I am sad because of these daily fights and Tiwari has become very arrogant and doesn’t listen. Anita says as if vibhu does. Anguri says think something anita and bring an idea. Anita says yes we have to.
At tea stall, tika and malkhan are there and they ask stall owner for tea but he doesn’t respond. Tika says he has become rude. Vibhu and Tiwari come and sit. Malkhan says what happened vibhu and Tiwari? Did anguri and anita remove you from house? Tika and malkhan laugh. Vibhu gets up and takes malkhan and beats him very badly. Malkhan sits In pain. Tiwari gets up and removes all anger on tika and beats him. Tika and malkhan go singing song. Vibhu then tells tiara that see Tiwari we both always fight and I have been thinking that because of our fights our wives become so sad and depressed and we shouldn’t fight like this. Tiwari says yes I think that too and lets promise each other we wont fight even if we teas each other and I will not react even if you tease me by the name pandit ramfal. Vibhu says even I wont react even if you kick me on the butt. Tiwari says yes? And gets up and kicks vibhu. Vibhu sits and says see I did not react, vibhu then teases Tiwari by ramfal. Tiwari also doesn’t react and they hug each other and become friends. Vibhu then takes a selfie.
At home vibhu and Tiwari are there at vibhus house and they both are laughing and clicking selfies. Anita comes and vibhu says see who has come home. anita says is he salman khan that I look at him? Suddenly angrui comes and throws a bowl of tomatoes on the floor in front of anita. noth Tiwari and vibhu get up. Anita is shocked and says what did you do anguri? Angrui speaks loudly and angrily and says you gave me tomatoes with insects and I know you want my and tiwaris stomachs bad. anita says why would I do that? And don’t blame and you only took tomatoes from me like a beggar. Anguri says what? You called me beggar? And you are beggar and you take sugar from me always and also ghee and I don’t says anything but you gave me tomatoes with insects. Anita says those insects are your family members. Anguri is very shocked and says you called my family insects? And you are those green worms in lady finger. Anita says what? And she gets angry and calls anguri by names. Twiari and vibhu are worried and try stopping the fight but in vain. Anguri says loudly tiwari if you come here again then I will throw you out of the house. Anita says same to vibhu. Angrui takes Tiwari and goes.

Precap: Tiwari and vibhu meet secretly on the street to talk about anita and anguri’s fight. Anita and anguri see from balcony. Anita says vibhu you will not come home tonight as you met that Tiwari who is not our friend. Anguri says to Tiwari even you will not come home today as you secretly met vibhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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