Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with malkhan with his boss on street. Boss says will you keep me waiting here or take me to meet your family? Malkhan says yes and takes boss in and they stand at the doorstep. Vibhu and Tiwari hear the sound of them coming and they come in the character, anguri comes and anita come with Pooja plates. Anguri sings the song na juda honge hum kabhi khushie kabhi ghum. And they do the Pooja. Boss is about to cry and he feels nice and says this family is very nice. They all sit and boss says who are these two? Malkhan says they are my elder brothers. Boss says which one? Malkhan says both are. Boss says what do you mean? Anita says he means they both are twins. Boss says oh okay. Saxena comes as mom. Boss is amazed to see saxena and he says who is this beautiful woman? Malkhan

says our mom. Boss says I thought she is your sister, anyway she is beautiful. Saxena smiles like a cunning woman. Boss says my name is fakirchand. Vibhu says were you a fakir before? Boss says yes actually I was and I used to massage horses but now I have 100 horse stables now in dubai and I have done that with hard work. Boss says I will go now and tells saxena we will keep meeting. Boss says I will make the passport for this boy malkhan, boss goes out and says what a good family and specially that woman. Boss goes near his car, tika is there and he says they are fooling you and malkhan does not have a family. Boss says what do you mean? Tika says they are just acting so that malkhan gets the job and take me instead and I can massage horses better. Boss says what is your name? tika says I am tika. Boss says you say you are his friend and you are insulting him and get lost from here before I break you jaw. Tika goes singing.
There saxena is sitting as mom when boss comes again and sits beside saxena. Vibhu says what are you doing? Boss says I am sorry but I thought of coming back as I am already missing all of you and today I will have dinner and stay here and then go. Boss looks at saxena and saxena blushes.
There outside kitchen on street, Tiwari and vibhu are there and vibhu says are there no good men in this world and when will the world change? Tiwari says you leave anita first then the world will start changing, vibhu says you leave anguri. Tiwari says you have trapped a beautiful deer, vibhu says even you have done the same. they both are shouting and fighting, anita anguri and malkhan come in kitchen. Anita says shut up both of you and let malkhan get a job and there should not be any problem because of you both. Tiwari says vibhu was talking shit about you, vibhu says Tiwari was talking shit about you anguri. Anita and anguri say if they are then we can handle and you both shut up. Malkhan says yes and pleads. Tika comes drunk and says malkhan my friend that man is fraud and leave this stupid thing and come lets go to gulfam kali. Malkhan says come a bit closer, malkhan slaps tika. Vibhu smiles. Malkhan burps and sings and goes. Vibhu says what a drunk man.
Boss and saxena are sitting on sofa and boss holds saxenas hands and says you are beautiful. Saxena says I like it.
At night at the dinner table, boss and saxena are looking at each other. Boss says so what do you do Tiwari? Vibhu says he does business of undergarments, boss says nice we need undergarments so that’s nice. Tiwari kicks vibhu but leg hits boss, simultaneously saxena went down to pick the spoon and gets up and winks boss. Boss thinks its saxena and winks and blushes. He the asks vibhu what he does? Tiwari says he is jobless. Again saxena goes to pick the spoon, vibhu kicks Tiwari but his leg hits boss. Boss thinks its saxena and blushes and saxena again winks. Boss then says I will give malkhan the job but on one thing, that fulmati and I will marry. Saxena says I like it. everyone get shocked and vibhu and Tiwari spit out the food. As both boss and saxena become vulnerable, boss throws spoon down and says I will pick it and saxena and boss go under the table. Saxena says ouch. Anita and vibhu say you can come out now, Tiwari says yes come out. Boss says yes I will pick the spoon and be out in 10 minutes more.

Precap: boss says so me and fulmati will marry today. Anita says fulmati has forgotten that she has a husband and you cant marry her. Boss says I want to meet her husband meaning your father in law. Anita is telling everyone that saxena has gone mad and from where do we bring him a husband?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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