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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,mother in law says to anita tat this is 2 nd time u have screamed seeing me and anita says no its not like tat and i was medidtating so when i saw u i got scared and then anita asks how r u and mother in law says tat wat if i was not well anita says tat i will take u to doctor and mother in law laughs and says i don’t believe and then mother in law says tat where is khachedu and anita lies tat he has gone to meet his friend and then mother in law says tat give me phone i will call him and then anita says tat he has forgotten his phone at home and then mother in law says tat ok i will wait i will feed him with my hands and then only leave and then mother in law says tat anita after coming here u have forgotten ur sanskaras and says tat u didn’t even ask me for

tea and then anita says oh its not like tat i will bring and goes in kitchen while comes in tiwari and says pranam to anitas mother in law and she says oh u r tat person who does the business of undergarments and he says yes and then anitas mother in law asks him y r u here and tiwari says tat i m here to meet vibhuti and mother in law says tat he is not at home and tiwari says he is at home upstairs and says tat anita has locked him up in the room and mother in law goes up to see and then anita comes out with snacks and tea and after not seeing her mother in law she asks tiwari where is my mother in law and tiwari tells tat i told her tat u have locked him up and anita says wat y did u tell her and anita goes up while tiwari says tat i think i should leave now
Vibhutis mother talks to vibhuti while vibhuti is telling her see wat anita has done to me she has not given me food and also not water and anita comes and says he is not well so i have to do this vibhutis mother says tat open the door and anita tells tat vibhuti is having high sugar levels and he is behving crazy he is getting sweet attacks yesterday he went to tiwaris house to eat rasagulas and vibhuti then says tat ok anita i will not eat ladus which my mom has brought but let me atleast meet her hug her she is my mother and then anita says ok and opens the door and vibhuti takes the laduu box and he runs and anita runs behind him saying i knew u would do this and vibhutis mother also gets angry for vibhutis behaviour
Vibhuti goes to tea stall and sits there to have ladus and he opens the box to eat ladus and comes saxena and steals the box and ladu and keep it in box and then says i hate it when someone is eating ladus in front of me i get crazy and vobhuti says they r mine give it back and vibhuti then starts fighting with saxena and in some time tiwari comes there and starts eating the ladus and vibhutis tops fighting and asks tiwari y is he eating these ladus it belongs to him he can eat it and says to saxena now u don’t get angry when tiwari is eating ladu and saxena again hits vibhuti and vibhuti gets very angry and he starts hitting saxena while watching them fight tiwari finishes the ladus and he faints and fell down and vibhuti then thinks wat happen to him and sees the box of ladus tiwari has almost finished it and he sees last piece and when he picks it up to eat but pela comes and eats it
Doctor is checking tiwari while anguri asks doctor wats wrong with him y is he not opening his eyes and doctor says iwill make him open in seconds and doctor says to tiwari tat i think u should call ur relatives and tiwari wakes up and then doctor says wait reports are coming soon we will get to know and a ward boy comes and gives reports to doctor and he declares tat tiwari is having very high sugar more than wat vibhuti had and then vibhuti says tat this is all because u ate more sweets while teasing me and then anita also says it is bad news now u need to take care tiwari and she sses a report in doctors bag and takes the envelope and says this is vibhutis report while doctor and tiwari understand there plan has been caught and doctor tries telling lie tat this one is last months and anita checks it and says no this one is the latest one and vibhuti takes it and checks and he reads tat he is completely fine and fit and then anita asks doctor y did u showed us vibhutis false reports and doctor says u ask this to tiwari and he leaves tiwari then tells tat yes i asked doctor to change the reports and anita asks tiwari y did u do this and tiwari says tat i did it because i was worried for vibhuti i saw him eating lots of sweets and thne anita says so nice of u and then vibhuti says tat now i will take care of ur sugar and anguri says yes now u take care of him and vibhuti asks tiwari to get up and go for jogging
Next morning vibhuti gets up and finds anita but she is not there so he decides tat how will be todays day if i saw anguri bhabhis face it will be so nice and while he gets up to go in balcony comes anita and vibhutis asks who is this and Anita asks who is there in house and then vibhuti says oh darling its u and then anita asks y r ur eyes closed and vibhuti says tat there is some irritation in my eyes and anita says oh i think u have got conjunctive virus and he says no if i go in balcony and get some fresh air my eyes will be ok and then anita says u nd ur logic and then tells him to get ready as there are utencils to wash in kitchen and u have to make breakfast for me or i will be late for grooming classes and then he asks anita to leave him uptill the door and then vibhuti goes in balcony with his eyes closed and he says to self tat i will feel good if i see anguri early morning and when he opens his eyes he sees saxena drying clothes in anguri house

Vibhuti introduces his friend to anita and tiwari while his friend tells his name as prem choudhari and then vibhuti asks wat do u do these days he tells tat he is in sens*x and broking business and he asks vibhuti wat do u do and then corrects himself oh u don’t do yet anything and tiwar laughs at it and then later vibhuti gets angry at it and then decides tat now he will also do something he will invest in stocks.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. well done my vibhuti’s mom …ur acting is superb…

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