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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with saxena going in. Anita says see mental man has come and laughs. Saxena tells bhabhiji i am not mental anymore and i am fine and have come here to help you. Saxena asks anita that how did she become mental? Anita repeats it. Saxena says why are you doing this? Anita repeats same question agai . Saxena tells why are you irritating me? Anita again repeats it. Saxena asks questions and anita repeats it. Saxena gets annoyed and says i am getting mad again and this thing you are doing is going into my brains. Anita laughs and makes saxena get up and she takes him to a lamp. Saxena says no dont. Anita puts his hand in lamp and gives him shock. Saxena gets shock and then he says i like it. Anita says yes you are mental again. Saxena dances like mad person and anita and he

throw everything in the hall. Vibhu and tiwari look and tiwari tells see one who went to make things right has now become mental again.
At night tiwari and vibhu are sitting and drinking alcohol in auto. Tiwari says because of you anita has become this. Vibhu says how me? Tiwari says you kept annoying her and she told you to go and find a job but you did not and so she became mental. Tiwari cries. Vibhu says those tears should be mine. Tiwari says you are not even crying that is why i am crying. Vibhu says he doesnt do this melodrama and he cries in his heart and he loves his wife a lot. Tiwari says no you dont. Vibhu says i have given my wife love but what did you give? Tiwari says he too gave love and he is a better husband. Vibhu says no he is better, tiwari says no he is better. They argue as pelu comes. Pelu give tiwari a piece of paper. Tiwari reads that you both are not capable of being their husbands and pelu smiles. Tiwari and vibhu look at each other.
There happu singh at night goes home dressed as child. He calls anita and says to himself that good anita called me as she is alpne home. Happu singh saysets drink wtaer first and goes in kitchen. He opens fridge but anita is sitting in. Anita steps out. Happu says why are you here? Anita says it was hot so she sat there. Both go in the hall. Anita tells i am feeling bored and sometimes feel she married the wrong guy. Happu singh tells vibhu is the wrong guy and he cant keep you happy. Anita tells happu you are the most handsome man in kanpur and she then gets up and takes a stick. She hits happu on the butt many times and then sits down. Happu singh gets up in pain and runs away saying you are mad. Anita then sings twinkle twinkle poem and gives an evil smile.
Next day at tea stall tiwari and vibhu are there. Doctor is walking when he sees vibhu and sits in tea stall. Doctor tells i was searching for you. Vibhu says why? Doctor tells he found a solution to anitas problem. Vibhu says yes and tell me. Doctor tells that you have to let her stay freely and in open and let her do whatever she wants to then she will become fine. Vibhu says what and says ok i will do it today. Tiwari says yes anita will be fine again.
At night vibhu goes home in room. There anita comes and tells vibhu to sit down here. Anita says i know you are very scared from me and i also know i get these mental shocks but i am fine now. Vibhu says what and you suddenly become fine and how? Anita says she is fine because she took a medicine from an ayurvedic baba and she drank it and became good again. Vibhu says are you serious? Anita tells yes and my friend also had this problem and she also became fine after drinking the medicine. Vibhu says wow thats good and i will tell this to tiwari as he was also worrying a lot. Anita says ok.
Vibhu goes to tiwaris home. Tiwari opens door and vibhu tells him that anita is now all fine. Tiwari gets excited and says what? And then he tells can i meet her? Vibhu says yes lets go. They go home. Suddenly someone closes the door. Vibhu says who closed it? And tiwari and vibhu get scared. Then anita comes from behind the sofa bench and smiles cunningly. She then sings twinkle. Vibhu says you said you are fine. Anita tells i lied. Tiwari looks at vibhu scared. Anita removes a knofe and tells she made this trap so that tiwari and you came here and so she could kill both. Vibhu says no dont do this. Anota comes near and vibhu and tiwari fall on the sofa. Vibhu dont kill me and i am your husband and kill tiwari. Tiwari says what are you saying and vibhu is jobless kill him. Then tiwari tells he will leave this city but dont kill him. Vibhu says yes i will leave this house and leave you alone but dont kill me. Anita then throws the knife and says come on and its enough now. Vibhu and tiwari are puzzled. Anita says you both are such cowards. Vibhu saya what? Anita says she was just acting all this mental thing and she is not mental. Vibhu smiles and tiwari says yes good. Anita tells she was taking both their test so that she could see who is brave and who willstay by their wife side in such a parody. Anita tells you both failed. Anita tells vibhu that he would leave me and how can he? Vibhu tells but this was not a joke. Anita tells she saw this idea in the magazine and did it.

Precap: anita tells tiwari that her friends husband is a dumb guy and he troubles them a lot and is very thin and usless and he should stop him.tiwari tells ok give me his number and tiwari calls and tells i challenge you and why do trouble them?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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