Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, alarm rings and vibhuti comes out of bathroom and he asks her through his watch phone that is she ok and anguri says yes she is and then asks vibhuti to ask the vegetable seller to give 1kg karela(bitter gourd) as there is milk on gas and she cant come outside and vibhuti then says tat so there is no kidnaper there and she says no and she hangs up and vibhuti says to himself tat anguri is so innocent and anguri says tat vibhuti is so nice he gave him such a watch and then manmohan calls anguri and she seems to be angry and manmohan gives her a spray and she says tat she doesnot want anything and she then sprays the spray thinking tat it is perfume it itches manmohan and he tell her tat it is spray to protect yourself and not perfume as he shouts she gets angry again

and goes inside and manmohan says tat anguri is such crazy and then he fells on sofa as he cant see anything.
Anguri then goes into kitchen and calls amaji and tells her tat manmohan has gone crazy is shouting on her and then amaji tells her to come here and anguri too agrees and then vibhuti is seen outside his house he sees tat two men kidnap a lady in a car and she is wearing the same lemon yellow colored sari and he thinks its anguri and runs behind but the car goes away and he comes running to tiwaris house where tiwari is sitting and vibhuti asks him where s bhabhiji and manmohan asks y wat u want and he then tells him tat she is been kidnapped and manmohan too gets tensed and then manmohan goes upstairs and search while vibhuti searches down and then they could not find and her and think tat she is been kidnapped and then both of them cry and they call police
The police comes in and then asks about the one who is kidnapped wat is her name and vibhuti tells tat its anguri devi and manmohan looks at him and then police asks wats her age and manmohan tries to remind but then vibhuti tells tat she is 32 years old police then asks her complexion manmohan tells tat she is fair and police says fair ladies are in demand for kidnapping and then he asks any mark and manmohan tells a mole on her neck at right side and then vibhuti corrects him tat it is on left side and manmohan says he is right and then the police asks her height vibhuti says tat she is 5.3inches and when she wears heels she looks a bit heighted and then police asks vibhuti tat so u r her husband and manmohan tells tat no i m her husband and they both enter into verbal fight and then stop after sometime and then police says tat he will investigate and find her and manmohan asks how much time it will take and the police says tat it may take days ,months or years and then police demands to give 5000and manmohan asks y 5000 and the police says tat his wife is pregnant even though he came and then vibhuti says tat he will give and then manmohan gives him money and vibhuti asks him to please find anguri soon and the police gets confused and asks manmohan tat is she ur wife or his and manmohan says tat she is my wife
Anguri is at amajis place and she is helping amaji and anguri says tat now she should go home as manmohan must be worried and amaji says tat there is no need let him understand ur importance and then her phone rings and its manmohan he tells amaji crying tat anguri is been kidnapped and amaji asks him wat where u doing at that time seeing the neighbour lady and manmohan says no ama but anguri is been kidnapped now and amaji tells him tat go find her and don’t call her now and hangs up and anguri asks amaji tat now she will go as he looks very worried and amaji tells no need u stay here and come with me as i will teach u break dance and then she agrees and both go
Manmohan is seen crying sitting beside anita while anita tries to console him to be quiet but he is crying and then manmohan says tat he has no one closer to him now who will take him close and asks him to be quiet and anita says there is and he gets excited and asks who an anita says its ur mother u need her right now and manmohan starts crying more loudly and then vibhuti is seen asking everyone showing photo of anguri to everyone asking tat have they seen her and its a no he sees anguri at a vegetable sellers trolley and holds her and asks where were u bhabhiji and in reality it is not bhabhiji but some other lady and he then says sorry to her but the lady then calls people and tells that this man was teasing her and they come to beat vibhuti.

PRECAP:-manmohan sees naguri calling hegets very happy and hugs her and kisses her but in reality it is not anguri and vibhuti and vibhuti sets him aside and says to manmohan wat is wrong with u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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