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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti on call says yes I was abt to sleep, n yes bhabhiji she is my, Anita walks in,Vibhuti says bye, Anita asks who was it, Vibhuti says prem,Anita says anyways tell me what’s on Sunday,Vibhuti says oh yes it’s 10 Sep,Anita says yes so,Vibhuti says prem, Manoj, Manju, no one has bday,Anita says now why will u remember, in clg days u use to write letter to me in blood now u remembers everyone’s bday accept mine,Vibhuti says I’m sorry I just missed it,Anita says u miss my bday,Vibhuti says I’m sorry don’t create a scene,I’m sorry,Anita says this won’t do,I want a nice lavish party n whole colony will be invited,Vibhuti says Anu I have no money,Anita says I don’t care I want a party good night.

Vibhuti thinks where shd I get

money now. Anita on call with Meenal says this time no party, Vibhuti forgot my bday n when I asked party he said, Tiwari listens n says so it’s bhabhijis bday on 10th n walks in,Anita says hi plz take a seat,Tiwari says I dreamt last night a beautiful women was celebrating her bday n it was u,Anita says really , Tiwari says yes n also that ur bday is on 10th,Anita say su dreamt abt it,Tiwari says no actually I remember ur bday,Anita says wow thanku ,n do u remember anguris bday,Tiwari thinks god I don’t remember n says yes I do,Anita says wow lucky anguri,good,Tiwari says did Vibhuti forget ur bday,Anita says forget him,Tiwari says sure n where is ur party,aniat says do u throw party for anguri,Tiwari says yes I always do,Anita says how lucky is anguri, very good.

Vibhuti walks in n says hi baby,Anita pushes him n walks away,Vibhuti says this is sure u Tiwari u must have said something to her,Tiwari says no it’s u n leaves. Anguri in kitchen singing song,Vibhuti walks to her n says hello,anguri says I’m good,Vibhuti says oh nice,anguri says it’s Anita’s bday right so where’s the party,Vibhuti says party no party it’s waste of money n time, I hate n avoid parties,anguri says oh sad, I thought I will dance when dj will play music,Vibhuti says what will u dance, u shd have told me,there’s a party, with Dj n all just watch n leaves,anguri says he is so confusing.

Tika n Malkha at tea stall,Malkha asks Tika who hit u so bad, happu Singh comes n asks which girl hit u so bad, Tika says no gals,I was playing cards here, happu Singh asks n Malkha u,Tika says first write my report,some men came me n hit me this bad,n their faces where hidden,happu Singh says how will I find them, come with me to police station we will do something,Tiwari walks to them,happu Sangh says it’s not safe here n leaves with Tika n Malkha.

Vibhuti joins Tiwari at tea stall,Vibhuti says marrying is a crime now,Tiwari says specially for jobless man like u,anyways what’s the matter,Vibhuti says I want to throw party for Anita’s bday but no money,Tiwari says I will throw party,n will spend whatever money required,Vibhuti says Anita will kill me,tiwari says we will keep this fact a secret then,Vibhuti says wow u surprised me,tiwari thinks in party u will see how I surprise u.

Vibhuti n Anita in bedroom,Vibhuti says Anu baby,Anita says don’t talk to me,u forget my bday n spoil my mood,I asked for a bday party but u,Vibhuti says I’m sorry for it I want to compensate,Anita says yes I know how, u will light a candle in dinning n say lets have a candle light dinner,Vibhuti says no I’m throwing party for u,Anita says n money, u must have taken loan n I will have to repay it later, Vibhuti says I sold n policy n so the money,Anita says oh my baby.

Anguri I’m garden watering,Vibhuti walks to her n says bhabhiji see u in party tonight,dj mastram will be here, so will u dance in full sing,anguri says yes I will,Saxena walks to them,n says hello bhabhi ma,I hope he isn’t troubling u,anguri says no no n leaves,Vibhuti says I’m here to invite her for party it’s Anita’s bday n up re invited too n I have live wires for u,Saxena says my bhabhi ma but u are jobless,Vibhuti slaps him, Saxena loves it n leaves.

Tika malka hear n says Anita bhabhis bday means no party bcoz Vibhuti bhaiya has no money,Tiwari says no no he is giving nice party,Vibhuti says yes I’m giving a party tonight, Malkha says but he is jobless,Vibhuti slaps them,happu Singh comes n asks what’s the matter, Tika says it’s Anita bhabhis bday,happu Singh says oh then how come party,Vibhuti says I’m throwing party,n u are not invited,happu Singh asks why,Vibhuti says bcoz u aren’t my friend n leaves.

Pre cap : Tiwari with gift walks to Anita’s house. Vibhuti goes to call anguri n news flashes it’s curfew in town.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Ha ha ha….. birthday party and curfew….. ?????? too much fun for all vibhu, tiwari and auidence

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