Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update : tikka and malkhan hospitalised due to consumption of fake alcohol.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anguri on call says some kadha from last night is still left should I have it,Amaji says okay,Anguri says okay send more from tilus hand bye. Anita walks in and Anguri drinks kadha, Anita says wow she is a Dracula and says hello angruiji, Anguri asks how are you,anita says good and how are you,Anguri says very good,Anita says you were drinking something,Anguri says yes this gives me lot of strength,Anita says since when are you drinking this blood I mean this thing,Anguri says pats a week,Anita says so she is just a new member,Anguri asks why are you noting down,Anita says you are giving me health tips so,Anguri says forts I didn’t like its taste but now I love it, it’s very sweet,Anita says very weird and asks why do you decided to have it,Anguri thinks if I tell her I have

blood deficiency she will tell Tiwari and he will be tensed and says I have it since childhood,Anita says okay she is Dracula since childhood,anyways who use to give it,Anguri says my mother.

Anita asks did she have it too,Anguri says no no she hated it but when I use to force her she used to,Anita thinks god she is a mother after all what will she do if her child wants to have blood and asks anguriji aren’t you scared of sun,like you may burn out,Anguri says yes when it’s to sunny,Anita asks is what’s the next plan,Anguri says I will go cook,Anita says no I Mean till when will you have it,Anguri says I will keep having it,you should have it,vibhutiji should have it,it has so many vitamins,let me get you some,Anita says no no and gets scared and leaves saying she will turn me to a Dracula too,Anguri says why is she scared of a kadha.

Vibhuti and Tiwari discussing about arranging sugar cane tempo,and Tilu passes by,Tiwari says no he will give her blood and she will drink it and starts crying,Vibhu says have trust on tony briganiza okay,Gulfamkali walks to them,Vibhu says I’m busy and says we shall see you soon,Gulfamkali says sure but give me rent of my harmonium and tabla it’s 10000, you must have earned so much,Vibhu says look it’s not what you think and twiraiji give her money,Tiwari says here’s 5000 I will give rest later,Gulfamkali says okay and leaves.

Tikka and malkhan hospitalised. Happu and commissioner walk in and ask which brand alcohol did you have,malkhan and tikka give the list,commissioner says you had all the brands,tikka says we didn’t know the alcohol was altered,but now some how we are survived,commissioner asks where did you buy it from,tikka says a man use to sell it at cheap rates,commissioner says find the man, how did he make this alcohol,Happu says very says and narrates the whole procedure,commissioner says it sounds like you are part of the racket.

Anguri singing song in kitchen,Vibhu walks to her and asks who are you,Anguri says fine but you look so weak,go have some kadha and you will be all fine,your blood levels will be increased,Vibhu says sure you know all about blood,Anguri says oh I have written a shayari,Vibhu says sure,Anguri says bucket over bucket,over that blood,I’m may and Tiwari is June,Vibhu says it’s so blo*dy,Anguri asks what,Vibhu says oh no I said blood and starts crying.

Anita gets a call from commissioner,and says I have a bad news for you,it’s related to your husband and you must have heard about the fake alcohol business and the news is Vibhuti and Tiwari in to it,Anita says you are mistaken,commissioner says we have proofs,actually the thing is this alcohol is made of sugarcane and framers have informed us that Vibhu and Tiwari are buying this on larger scale,Anita says give me some time let me talk to Vibhu and if he is involved I shall get him to you.

Vibhu and Tiwari walk in and says baby make some tea we are very tired,Anita says forget it,I heard you two are buying sugarcanes on larger scale,Vibhu says what’s wrong in it,Anita says nothing but using it for wrong business is bad,Vibhu and Tiwari tell about tantrik and tony brigainza and he asked for sugarcane,both start crying,Anita gives them sarcastic look,Vibhu gets a call,and he says okay I will be there,And says Tiwariji let’s go we need to load the sugarcanes.

Tiwari at night keeps checking on Anguri,Anguri wakes up when he falls asleep and leaves to get dressed,Tiwari wakes up and checks her and acts as asleep again,Anguri dressed in red saree and with kadha in bowl leaves,Anita shows commissioner look I Told you Anguriji will come,commissioner says let’s follow her.

Pre cap : Tiwari and Vibhuti performing ghazals,tony walks to them and asks where’s sugarcane,Vibhu the truck is behind,now cure bhabhiji,tony says get me another truck and then I shall,Vibhu says promise,he says he yes pinky promise.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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