Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti says Tiwari kabadi suits u anyways we are having imp meeting,Sunny says so let’s have an workshop in kitchen,Vibhuti says I love the location,Sunny says scene is while cutting veggies I cut my finger,director says n Vibhuti ur step in n aid her wound and u know what will happen next,Vibhuti says wow it’s so original I will do it tear my sleeves n aid her wound,Anita says Vibhu come with me its imp,n pulls him in,Tiwari follows them.

Anita says it’s a stupid scene,Vibhuti says it’s a scene what’s wrong in it,Tiwari says u will get very close n it can lead to affair,Vibhuti says who are u to interrupt,he is just,Anita says listen to me u aren’t doing a scene,Vibhuti says I’m an actor n will not feel,Tiwari says but who knows what can

happen u may feel her.

Sunny asks what do u do,anguri says I do household work,Sunny says good,happu shouts Sunny madam I’m here just for u,Sunny asks Saxena to let him in,happu keeps starring at Sunny n then says u are so beautiful,Sunny says are u watchmen,happu says anything for u mam,I can be ur body guard too,Sunny says I have one thanku,happu says make me ur servant anything will do. Saxena locks everyone out n walks in, n says happu u are crossing ur limits with a star n starts pulling him,happu says I love u Sunny,Saxena says go take care of ur wife n sons n throws him out.

Tika malka request Saxena to now let them in Sunny says yes let them,Tika starts crying, Sunny asks what’s wrong,Tika says tears of joy, anyways u bathe with which soap,Sunny says u won’t get it here,malka says we can use the used soap of urs too,Sunny says ok tomorrow see me in hotel,Tika asks can I touch u once,Vibhuti walks n say Saxena throw them out n says Sunny I’m sorry anyways lets have lunch n bhabhiji plz join us,anguri says ok thanku.

Tiwari says anguri wow u cooked fired rice, anguri says isn’t u eat it, it’s not for u but for superstar Vibhuti,Tiwari says that useless,anguri says he is shooting with Sunny Leone,n I have cooked u daal n rice,Vibhuti walks in with Saxena n on call says I can’t I’m busy no dates bye,n says Saxena these Hollywood people are no,and go call bhabhiji,Tiwari says she is just beside u,Vibhuti asks who is this man,Tiwari says it’s my house,Vibhuti says sad anyways bhabhiji u know I’m superstar n common man like him I’m not comfortable,anguri says u mean throw him out ok, Tiwari go sit in lawn I will get u food even this rice,Vibhutiji is getting disturbed go,Tiwari gets angry n leaves.

Vibhuti says bhabhiji u sit with me, Saxena will do all the household,anguri says ok and Vibhuti says no pictures plz,anguri says no one is clicking but. Tiwari sees Anita sitting alone n says look she is ever alone n this Vibhuti stupid man n walks to Anita,Anita says Tiwariji what is this see the time,n anyway su have superstar in ur house,Tiwari says in my view there’s one star n that’s u,Anita says Vibhu is behaving so weird,Tiwari says film isn’t out yet but n I think he will divorce u n turn u to his maid,Anita says tiwari u are right I won’t let this happen plz give me some idea,Tiwari says how abt kidnapping,Anita says oh no, I mean it’s nit that bad idea.

Tiwari waiting for Tika n malka,they both arrive n ask why meet here, Tiwari says it’s urgent u need to kidnap Vibhuti,malka says he is superstar,tiwari says I will lay u 5000, Tika says he is our star, tiwari says 8000, malka says he is my guru,Tiwari says 10000, Tika says done.

Sunny dancing on baby doll, Vibhuti joins her,n both walk into washroom, Anita dreaming all this,Tiwari wakes her up n she shouts in surprise n says what are u doing here,Tiwari says I’m sorry u were asleep,Anita says I dreamt that Vibhu n Sunny dancing on baby doll,Tiwari says sad n dangerous n this can happen in reality, Anita says do something,Tiwari says what can I do if Vibhuti is doing so,Anita says u go talk to him,Tiwari says u don’t worry,Vibhuti will be soon away from Sunny,Anita says so nice of u,thanku.

Precap : Sunny n Vibhuti dancing in mere Saiyaan superstar.

Tiwari tells Vibhuti Sunny is waiting for shoot but u will be late of u go as a superstar so disguise in burkha n go. Tika n malka kidnap a person in burkha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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