Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhuti sitting sadly on the bike n saying why does this always happen only with true lovers. If this flyover is constructed then i ll miss everything related to angoori. How will my mornings be nice if this flyover comes there. He says that it seems that someone is destroying his happiness. Tiwari comes n says who is destroying your happiness. He says nothing you forget it. Tiwari says that don’t think about this. Think about the flyover that will block our houses. Vibhuti says yes n says so what to do now. Tiwari says that we have to talk to the engineer. He says if he doesn’t listen then we will bribe him. They go to the tea stall. The engineer is talking to his boss. He says that no one has problem here n vibhuti n tiwari arrive n he says that only

two people here are problematic but i ll handle them. Then he keeps the phone n looks at them. Thay say u have kids right? He gets scared n says what do u mean u ll kidnap them? They say are you mad do we look like such people to you. Tiwari then removes bundle of money n says that after seeing money people get hungry for it n u stop this construction. The engineer takes the money n they ask him so it means that he has agreed he says no n goes with the money in the auto. Tiwari n vibhuti look sadly. Vibhuti asks him how much was it? He says 50000. Vibhuti says never mind it ll come again. At night, tiwari is dreaming that anita is dancing n he goes to see her in balcony but due to the flyover he can’t see her. He calls her out she says this flyover has come so whats the use now to dance in balcony as i cant see u n u cant see me. She says i wont dance from today n goes. He shouts dont go n i wont let this flyover become a wall n wakes from sleep shouting. Angoori wakes up n asks him what happened but he is in half sleep so doesnt hear her but shouts that i wont let this flyover become a wall between us. Angoori splashes water on his face. He wakes n says i saw a bad dream. She asks what did you see? He thinks if i tell her about my n anita’s dream so the wall will come between us. He says i saw that your father has kept you in the wall she says what n he says but i was there to save you n u were looking madhubala. She gets shy n sleeps. He goes in balcony being restless. He thinks what to do. Vibhuti shouts n comes out. He sees tiwari n composes himself n they ask each other whether everything is alright. They say yes alright n say that what to do of this flyover. Then tiwari says tomorrow morning we should call all the colony people n prostest against this. Vibhuti says yes n they both go to sleep.
Next morning, tiwari n vibhuti say to everyone that this flyover shouldn’t be made n give various illogical reasons. Tiwari says due to smoke people will get dengue. Saxena says mosquitoes go of smoke n come due to water. Tiwari says we are not doing some research here so shut up. Doctor says that i have failed many times in doctory n i am a tantrik but mosquitoes dont come due to smoke. Vibhuti says that this tiwari is mad he says anything. He almost convinces them but then happu comes n says that tjis flyover will be made n who is mad to say no to 10 lacs. Tiwari n vibhuti say that they are no ready n raise their hands but others dont raise their hands n go saying that they are ready for this. Tiwari n vibhuti look at each other n say that now its time for hunger strike. Vibhuti says lets do a toss i take heads n u tales n whoever gets tales will go on strike. Tiwari agrees. They do the toss n tiwari has to do the strike as he gets tales. He sits for strike n vibhuti comes n says relax tiwari its ok if you get hungry for 8 days u won’t die. Tiwari says are you mad even if i stay hungry for 2 days i ll die. Vibhuti says dont worry if u ll die i ll not stop the strike i ll continue n stops looking at tiwari’s expression. Happu comes n says that dont do this nothing will happen n be happy with money. Tiwari says we are not so mad for money that we will sell the beautiness that comes from opposite balcony for money. Tiwari n vibhuti look at each other.

Precap:- Angoori says eat food tiwari we have to go for party. Anita also says yes eat it. Vibhuti says that no he wont eat he is on hunger strike n takes the food plate n eats.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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