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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita saying on phone that at her house only 2 hours AC works everyday. She tells that her husband does all work and she will not give such a big amount of 1500rs. Vibhu comes and asks what happened, anita tells that she will not give such a big amount of bill and she told them clearly that her husband washes all the clothes. Vibhu says she shouldnt have mentioned this. Anita says so what? Vibhu tells this bill is because of you as she works whole day on laptop. Anita says shut up and you watch corrupt movies. Vibhu says what and it was a clean film. Anita tells i have caught him redhanded. She says anyways take this money and go and pay the bill. Vibhu goes.
At kitchen anguri is singing song. Vibhu comes and says how are you doing? Anguri tells she is good. Vibhu

gets a call and says on phone that  put  these 5 children in a school and let them learn and i will pay. He keeps the phone. Anguri says he is so kind and helps the poor and he helps the needful. Vibhu says yes actually i am kind and help poor people. Anguri says that is good but where do you get this money as you are jobless. Vibhu says he has a lot of assets and he has a lot of money in his bank and people call him robinhood. Then a beggar comes from behind. He says please help me and give me money and says you are robinhood. Anguri says wow he knows you. Beggar says yes if i ask 100 he gives 1000. Then beggar asks 150 vibhu is forced to give 1500. Beggar goes. Anguri is happy.
At tea stall, happu singh is talking with someone about black money. Tiwari comes and sits. Happu says give some tea party. Tiwari says he doesnt have money and where will he get tea. Tika and malkhan come and say that give us tea. Tiwari says he doesnt have any money. Vibhu comes and sits. He tells tiwari has a lot of money in black but he doesnt show. Anguri comes and tells tiwari that she has got a payment of 1lakh rs now from some gupta ji. Tiwari is ashamed. Everyone look at him. Vibhu says i will give tea to everyone today and come everyone take tea and biscuits. Anita comes. Everyone tell anita that vibhu is giving tea party. Anita says ohh. They go after vibhu gives tea to everyone.
At night anita tells vibhu why did you give everyone tea and you spent that 1500rs i gave you. Vibhu says no i spent money which i had.  Anita says shut up and next time if you di that then i will not let you in the house. Vibhu says what the hell and he sleeps.
Next day in kitchen anguri is cooking and beggar comes. He tells he needs a cooker as he wants to cook rice and pulses and he got everything from his brother and friends but need a cooker. Anguri says okay she will give the cooker to him and she takes the cooker in hand to give. Vibhu is witnessing everything from his kitchen. Tiwari comes and tells what are tyou doing stupid and you are a boredom woman and dont understand anything. The beggar says you are boredom and a miser. Tiwari says get lost i will hit you and go away. Vibhu says come here boy and here take this cooker. Beggar says thank you and says you are very kind and he goes. Anguri sees this and says you are so kind and help the needy and tells tiwari learn something from vibhu. Tiwari says shut up and he tells this is all fake and he takes her in. Vibhu says what a useless man tiwari is. Then anita comes and tells make paratha for breakfast and boil the potatoes. Vibhu takes a utensil and anita says take the cooker it was her only. Vibhu saya a beggar took and ran away and anita says how? Vibhu tells i dont know i was cooling but he took and ran away and i called but he did not see. Anguri comes in her kitchen. She calls anita and tells that vibhu is so kind and he gave away his cooker as i couldnt give because tiwari reprimanded me. Anita looks at tiwrai angrily.

Precap: anguri tells that the person who took garments from you has given an amount of 2lkah rs and take this. Tiwari says say it silently and everyone will hear it as it is black money. Anguri says what? Tiwari says stay quiet as income tax is behind us and where to hide this and we will become beggars.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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