Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita says don’t dare you blame my hardworking husband,happu says I have seen him play, and not just him also Tiwari,Anita says Vibhu is lying to me,Anguri says I hope Tiwari isn’t with him. Anita wakes Vibhuti and says liar wake up,Vibhuti asks what’s wrong,Anita says you said you are a manager liar you are a gambler in blue belt club,Vibhu thinks who told her,and asks who told you,Anita says happu Singh,now answer me,Vibhu says I told you I work at club I didn’t lie,Anita says I wouldn’t be upset even if you would wash utensils there but gambling it’s illegal,Vibhu says what’s wrong in it,Anita says gambling is bad, be it here on in club,Vibhu says I have an opportunity to earn and I won’t loose it ,Anita says you won’t go,Vibhu says I

will go.

Tiwari says rai Sabh you almost won yesterday lets play tonight again bye,Anguri asks who are you meeting,Tiwari says client,Anguri says swear on me that you aren’t lying,Tiwari says what’s wrong with you,Anguri says nothing is wrong with me but you are into wrong,where are you at nights and don’t you dare lie,Tiwari says my business is in loss and so I’m doing double shift,and I’m gambling at night,Anguri says what you are so bad,gambling is never good,it spoils family,it’s bad and leaves upset.

Happu Singh on call and says yes the girl is very fair and so see if you can set your boy, and don’t forget my commission,Vibhu comes and throws his phone and says who made you inspector you should instead open a marriage bureau,who asked you to tell anu about gambling and poke your nose,what wrong did I do to you,Tiwari says he is useless cop,Vibhu says he is just good at eating bribes,and giving birth to babies,Tiwari says spit on him and both leave.

Anguri in kitchen crying and says he hurt me how did he get into gambling let me call Amaji,and says Amaji Tiwari is into gambling,he goes to clubs and spends all night gambling,Amaji says don’t worry I will teach him god lesson that he shall never even talk about gambling,Anguri says ok teach him lesson,bye now.

Anita on call says minal yes not just Vibhu but also Tiwari my neighbour with him is into gambling,Tiwari walks in hello bhabhiji,Anita says shut up and get lost,Tiwari runs away,Vibhuti says hello bhabhiji look I got you gift,Anguri says you are jobless so tell me how did you manage money,Vibhu says I have a job now,Anguri says liar I know you are a gambler I don’t want your gift,I don’t want to talk to you,i hate you,get out,Vibhu says please ,Anguri says ok I shall leave and goes away.

Anita opens door and uncle walks in,uncles see Anita angry and upset and asks what’s wrong you didn’t say hello nothing,why are you angry,Anita says you always point at me but have you ever seen how is your nephews character,uncle says my whole family has no character,and starts laughing,Anita asks what,uncle says did he get along with other women then we can do nothing it’s in my family, my grandfather even along with me we all had extra marital affairs,Anita says I know the family condition but that’s not my problem ,uncle asks what’s your problem,Anita says Vibhu is into gambling,uncle starts laughing and says oh no what that’s not possible he always lost with me,Anita says is this in family too,uncle says no no it’s not in family we just played in Diwalis,Anita says now he wins over professionals,uncle says don’t worry I’m here now,I shall get him out of it.

Anguri says god what shall I do now,laddu says bhabhi don’t worry Ama is here I saw her from balcony and bhaiya will be out of it soon,Amaji walks in,Anguri hugs her and starts crying,Amaji says I’m alive don’t cry,laddu says ama my jalebi,amaji says I told you to keep an eye on your bhaiya,laddu says from now on I will,Amaji asks where is Tiwari,Anguri say she isn’t home,Amaji says don’t worry when he gets back I shall tech him lesson,Tilu walks in and says Amaji I heard Tiwari bhaiya is into gambling now he will sell shop too so best is give me that shop at least I will run it peacefully,amaji says don’t worry now I’m here he shall sell nothing. Tilu in mind says to amaji buffalo says yes and give me shop,laddu says amaji Tilu bhaiya called you buffalo ,amaji says Anguri get me that stick,amaji hits Tilu.

Lily gets ready,Vibhu says shall I leave,lily says if I won’t allow,Vibhu says my wife is waiting for me,lily says don’t you care about anyone else,Vibhu says yes I do and slowly murmurs bhabhiji,lily asks who,Vibhu says it’s personal,lily says can’t I have your personal Info,and your place is not just in club but somewhere else too,Vibhu asks where else,lily says bedroom.

Pre cap : Tilu informs Tiwari amaji is home,Tiwari scared.Uncle says Vibhuti did I buy you all those degrees so that you can gamble,Anita gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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