Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu and anita scared. Anita tells vibhu that from today he will not go out and not meet anyone and he will stay at home. Vibhu says but he has some needs. Anita says shut up and in case of your needs your hair will go then what will you do? Tiwari says what will happen if your hair goes. So stay at home only. Anita says yes she doesn’t want his hair to go. Anguri and tiwari go home. Anita takes vibhu home. Next day anita Is going to grooming classes and vibhu is trying to go out but anita stops him and says what are you doing and don’t go out and shut up and stay home and watch those films prem bought for you. Anita says stay at home and goes. She locks the door from outside. Vibhu is sad and sits near the door. There anguri is in balcony and calls tiwari. Vibhu

hears the voice of anguri and he runs towards the balcony and says to anguri what happened?
Anguri says she just saw this lizard here and she is scared of them and please help me. Vibhu says yes I will help you. He climbs down the balcony and gets on the ground. As he is about to go anita comes and she scolds him and pulls him in the house and tells him to stay there. Anita goes out. Vibhu is sad and says my life is messed up. The door rings and vibhu opens the door. It’s the hair killer and he enters and throws vibhu on sofa snd removes blade. Anita comes from behind and hits that man with stick and tiwari it is. Anita and vibhu says its you. Tiwari says no I was just testing vibhu and see its doesn’t have blade too. Anita says okay. Tiwari says vibhu needs protection and I say we keep a watchman outside for hm. Anita says yes right. She calls happu singh. Happu comes and anita tells him to stay out and secure vibhu from that hair killer. Happu says okay I will and stands there. Anita goes for grroming classes. Happu says what did I do and anita did not wait and talk to me and I have to stand here and secure this man. A hairy man with a suitcase comes and says he needs to meet vibhu. Happu says why? He says he has to make an insurance of 100 crores. Happu singh says what and thinks In mind that this will give vibhu a profit of 25 lakhs and I will also get 1 or 2 lakhs bribe. Happu says okay go in. man goes in and talks to vibhu about the insurance. Vibhu is happy and says sure and give me your address and I will come there. Man gives the address and then removes a rope and vibhu says what is this? The man says it’s a rope with which I will tie you and then remove your hair with my blade. Man removes blade. Vibhu is scared and shocked and is about to call happu but the man killer shows him gun and vibhu stays quiet. There outside happu stops a guy who was having a blade in his hand and tells you are only the hair killer. That man says no and I am a barber and if u want to check then call my boss. Happu checks and lets man go. The hair killer comes from inside the house and goes. Happu bids him bye. Anita comes. Happu tells her that he has good news and that a man had come for an insurance of 100 crores, anita says what and that is so good. Happu says yes and lest have a tea. Anita says I will also give sweets. They go in and hear some noise of a puppy. Anita sees behind the sofa. Its vibhu bald and tied.

Precap: tiwari is calling the hair killer on the street to trap him and anita and anguri are waiting with stick.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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