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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita at home and she is talking with meenal as always. Tiwari comes and sits. Anita says bye meenal actually tiwari has come. Anita says so tiwari what information did you get? And please tell me where vibhu goes. Tiwari says anita that is what I did yesterday entire night and I will tell you but it will be today night. Anita says tell me now and I want to know if vibhu is doing something bad. Tiwari says I cant tell but today night I swear you will know everything that vibhuti does. Anita says okay.
There at gulfam kalis kotha, vibhu is there and gulfam says so masakali I have got an order for your performance. Vibhu says please I am not doing anything now. Gulfam says now people want you and you cant step back and this order is specially from tiwari at his

house today evening and you have to do it. Vibhu says oh please give me a break, at tiwaris house I am not going to dance at all. Gulfam says you have to dance, vibhu says no I wiont. Gulfam calls her bodyguard jagga and vibhu sees and cries and says okay I will dance.
At tea stall tika is there and tells malkhan on phone that where are you? Malkhan says looking at girls and you come too. tika says no man you do that I am thinking about masakali for tonight’s show and he keeps phone. Happu singh comes and tika says how are you? Happu says good man! Tika says happu you drink less from now and you always create a mess and even yesterday you made masakali sad. Happu says I am sorry for that and I personally want to ask for forgiveness from masakali but I cant control on drinking but I will stop. Tika says you always say that but again you drink and create a mess. Happu says what should I even do? And masakali always comes in front of face whatever I do and every second she is in front of my face and I am in love with her. Yadrams son comes and tells tika that tika listen man there is a new very hot item in market and her name is masakali and she is fabulous man you should watch her. Happu says what she is an item? Yadrams son says yeah she is not item but item bomb. Happu slaps yadrams son 5 times and yadrams son says she is item and runs away. Happu sits back.
At night tiwari has set everything and candles and stuff. Anguri asks what is this? Tiwari says just sit and watch. Anguri sits and anita comes. Tiwari welcomes her and anita says what is this? And tell me about vibhu. Tiwari says yes chill anita and that is about to come and you sit. Vibhu comes as masakali and sees anita and anguri too and turns back but tiwari says wait lady and come back and stand here. Vibhu comes and stands, tiwari says introduce yourself. Vibhu says my name is masakali. Tiwari then says dance and shouts and says dance, vibhu starts dancing on dil tod de mera song, anita says what is this tiwari and do you think I am a characterless woman and you called me for this mujra? Tiwari says no I respect you and just do 1 thing, just call vibhu as if he is near you and se what happens. Anita says okay and calls vibhu. Vibhu stops and says yeah baby. Tiwari laughs. Anita and anguri are shocked. Anita says vibhu its you? Vibhu says yeah its me.
At home anita is scolding vibhu and says why are you doing this? Vibhu is crying and says I had to do this and that’s because i am jobless and I cant take that’s burden so I took this job of fine art. Anita hits vibhu with pillow and says don’t you dare call this fine art, vibhu says okay sorry mujra it is, anita then says but you could have found good jobs. Vibhu says don’t you think I did not go for interviews and my slippers tore but people did not give me a job so I had to take this. Anita hits vibhu with pillow and says you enjoy doing this and I know it. Vibhu cries and says no I don’t and I have to do it. Anita says okay then go and leave it right now. Vibhu says I am sorry but I cant and I am forced, anita throws a pillow again and says see I knew you enjoy doing this and what will I tell the world that my husband turns into a homos*xual at night and dances for people doing mujra? Anita goes sad and angry. Vibhu is crying and says how do I tell her I am forced to do it. Vibhu stops crying and says anyway vibhu get ready tomorrow is another program so lets practice. Vibhu goes out in his lawn and says damn man and why does this happen to me always? And how do I tell anita I am forced to do this. Tika and malkhan come singing and see vibhu sad and says what happened vibhu brother and did anita throw you out. Vibhu looks at them and says just get lost and I am already very tenses and angry, tika and malkhan get scared then tika tells that vibhu if you are sad we will tell you a place and its masakalis dance and watch it with us. Vibhu looks at them and says oh my god and starts crying and stops and then again cries. Tika and malkhan are shocked as to why he is crying? Vibhus uncle comes in auto and says to pelu if he will drive in London? Pelu smiles. Uncle says what is this reaction? He gets down. vibhu is annoyed and uncle comes in the lawn. Vibhu says oh you did not send a message or postcard or call that you are coming? Uncle says I never do that. Malkhan welcomes uncle and kisses on cheek, tika kisses on stomach. Uncle looks at them angry, they stand away. Vibhu says but why did you come and how? Uncle says what type of nephew are you and in the world nephews get happy when their uncle comes home but you are asking why I came? Vibhu says you never did anything for me anyway that I shall be happy that you came and every time you come you put a bomb. Anita comes and uncle says oh bahu. Anita says oh hello uncle and takes blessings and says wow you are here and come in. uncle says see she had put ink on my face years ago but now she welcomes me and be like her. Happu comes and says oh londons uncle how are you? Uncle says oh you constable. Happu says I am inspector. Uncle says even if you become commissioner I will call you constable. Then uncle says so tomorrow is my birthday and I decided to spend it with my daughter in law and my nephew.

Precap: uncle tells so tomorrow I am calling a dancer masakali. At the function of uncles birthday, masakali is dancing which means vibhu is. Happu again comes drunka and says I am taking masakali with me, uncle tries to stop. Happu removes gun and says shut up and takes vibhu. Anita says oh my god and runs behind.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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