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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita telling another master on the phone that he has not done good work on her dress. She tells him that he has taken a lot of time for measurements and now in the dress 2 people can fit so come and make it proper or she will take the money back. She keeps the phone. Tiwari comes. He tells anita that who damaged her dress and he will kill that man. Anita says no and that master has taken time for the dress. Tiwari says instead of that he will give her a number of gulkand sirki and she can call him and take a dress from him because his family has been since the time of nawab and that man is very good at making dresses. Anita says thats amazing and she will call him today and anita takes number from tiwari and tells she will call him.
At saxenas shop vibhu is

sitting and saxena is knitting the dress of anguri. Vibhu tells him how much time and for knitting a dress it takes a couple of minutes and why is he taking so much time? Saxena tells him shut up and not to teach him about work because he works everyday and you are a jobless so shut up. Vibhu tells please dont call him that. Vibhu gets a call of anguri on new phone as gulkand sirki. He tells saxena that anguri is calling him so do it fast. Saxena goes and sees the phone and it is anguris phone. He says yes he will do it fast. Vibhu slaps saxena who says i like it and then starts doing it faster. Happu singh comes and sits. He tells he has got measurements and cloth for making dress for his pregnant wife so make it for her as he is there. Vibhu tells there is already a line there and he cant interrupt in between. Happu singh who are you tell me and are u the manager? Saxena telks he is salesman. Happu singh tells be he salesman or anything but he wants his dress done and happu singh keeps the bag and goes. Vibhu tells saxena do it fast as anguri is calling him and vibhu throws happu singhs bag out. Happu singh sees this and picks it up and comes in and sits beside vibhuti looking at him angrily.
At home vibhu goes and anita tells him that does he know gulkand? Vibhu says shocking how do u know him? Anita tells she dosnt know thats why she asked him. Vibhu says he must be some simple stupid tailor. Anjta says shut up and he is good as tiwari gave her no and he has been since the time of nawabs and so she is going to call him. Vibbu says dont call that tailor as he nust be a dumb guy as after all a classless like tiwari has given her the number.  Anita tells no and she is calling now Vibhu says no not now and he must be busy but anguri calls and the mobile with vibhu rings and anguri looks at him. Vibhu says oh prem must have called on his phone and he will go and pick it. Vibhu goes in the room and picks and speaks in the voice of gulkand sirki. He tells her what doss she want? Anita tells she wants a dress to be made. Vibhu says doesnt she have a dress? Anita says that ofcourse she has and why? Vibhu ells she has many dresses then why doesnt she want more and he cant make for her as today children are lying on streets naked without food and she is concerned about herself. Anita gets angry and says he is a rude man and do your own work instead of telling others and she keeps the phone. Vibhu comes out. Anita is speaking angrily to herself. Vibhu says what happend? Anita tells him about that rudeness of gulkand(vibhu). Vibhu tells see i told you that tiwatis all contacts have people being very rude and arrogant.
At anguris home vibhu becomss gulkadn sirki and hoes with the dress. He calls anguri. Anguri comes happily and says oh wow he has come with her dress. Vibhu says yes. Anguri says give me. Vibhu gives her dress. He tes her try it right now as he cant come again. Anguri says no she will try it later. Vibhu tells try it now as he cant come again for some flaws. Anguri says no she will try later and she goes in to bring the money. Till then anita comes in. She sees gulkand and asks him where is anguri and who are you? Vibhu is scared he will be caught so he tells anguri is in and he is gulkand sirki. Anita says oh so you are that rude man. Vibhu says who rude? Anita says you only as you spoke with me rudely. Vibhu says oh that is my father and he is very old and his wife always disturbs him so he hates women so that is why he spoke with you like that. Anita says his father is still alive? Vibhu says yes he is 160 yrs old. Anita tells she doesnt care and father was tude to her. Anguri comes with money and hives it to vibhu. She greets anita. Anits sees the dress and tells wow the dress looks fantastic and she also wants one. Gulkand(vibhu) tells he swore not to make more dresses like those so he cant make one. Anita requests and pleads gulkand and vibhu tells she is forcing him. Anguri also tells please make it for her and she is her neighbour and good friend and please make it. Anita pulls gulkand into her house and tells please make it please. Vibhu says he cant but okay he will make. Anita tells take the measurements. Vibbu takes them sensously and the song of desi boyz plays behind. Tiwari sees that gulkand is sticking to anita and he enters and tells him to stay away and what is he doing? Vibhu tells why is he interrupting in between. Anita tells tiwari do your work and why will this old man stick to me? Tiwari tells he is a very rude man and he was sticking. Anita tells tiwari get lost and he was not sticking. Tiwari says she told him get lost? Vibhu says yes and get out. Tiwaro goes. Anita tells gulkand to take measurements again and properly.
At home tiwari goes angrily and says sometimes he is not able to understand anita and she insulted him. The bell os house rings many times and tiwati opens the door and sees saxena is there. Saxena enters the house saying i like it. Tiwari says why did he ring so many times? Saxena tells for the shock. Anguri comes and saxena takes her blessings. Then saxena sees the dress in anguris hands. He tells is it hers? Tiwari tells ofcourse it is hers and it will not be his. Saxena tells is is not his dress but he has made it. Tiwari tells is he mad ? Saxena tells yes but he has only knitted that dress. Tiwari says did he find him only to make a fool? Saxena tells why will he make him fool and that vibhu had come with a cloth of anguri for making a dress for her and so he has only knitted that dress and he never lies. Saxena tells the whole town knows that he had opened a ladies boutique. Tiwari and anguri look at each other.

Precap: saxena hypnotises tika and malkhan and makes them promise what he wants. Vibhu hypnotises anguri and makes her say i love you to him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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