Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update:Vibhuti and Tiwari collide.

SBhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anguri says I’m touched with all you said let me call Tiwari again I’m missing him, Tiwari gets a call, anu says it’s anguri here you go,anguri asks how are you, he says I’m good,anguri says I love you,Vibhu closes his ears,anguri says see have turmeric milk everyday and I have saved some money,I use to take some money from your pocket and hide it in wash basin pipe,Tiwari says no wonder why the pipes chocked,anguri says and take care of yourself bye now.

Anu says be careful tiwari,Vibhu says bhabhiji we are so similar even I hide money under basin, we are so compatible,anguri asks what,Vibhu says ignore.happu says she is bhabhi,malkhan says dear cmon,Kunal asks what’s the quarrel about,gulfamkali says he isn’t ready for baby and I want 5,happu says gulu I mean bhabhi

you can have only one baby,Kunal says why do you interfere,tikka says family matter you see so all discuss,happu says right 1 is enough,gulfamkali says nope then i won’t accept him as my husband,malkhan says okay final 1.5, Kunal says what rubbishy is this,tilu says why interfere you just make him sign and give the amount.

Anu says how long will we keep roaming like this,Tiwari says it’s a beautiful mazburi you see,anu says what nonsense,it’s dangerous,Tiwari thinks we are going to die let me express my feelings and says bhabhiji I want to say something,anu shouts say cmon,Tiwari and anu about to dash,anu says now ride towards home we will hit the scooty somewhere on wall at least our lives will be saved even we will be injured.

Anguri says I am sure we are gonna die but I didn’t want to die like this but in arms,Vibhu says I’m sorry I’m riding,anguri says what are you saying I’m mean want to die in Tiwari arms,Vibhu says god this Women,anguri says how drive home.

Malkhan says last sign done,tikka says now give us the cash,Kunal says I shall call my man he shall get the cash it’s a huge amount you see so I’m not carrying it.

Vibhu and Tiwari enter the colony and collide,hearing the noise all rush out and shocked to see them in this state,Kunal asks are you fine,Tiwari says we were in the mouth of death,prem gave us such scooty which had no breaks,Vibhu says tikka this bike has no breaks either and I was with bhabhiji and where is she,anguri says I’m here hanging,Vibhu says I hope you are fine,Tiwari asks yes I was with Bhabhiji too where is she,anu says I don’t know,Vibhu says I died hundred times thinking about you.

Tikka says just the break where failed,Vibhu says then how would I stop the bike,tikka says switch off the ignition button,anguri says god Tiwari why is our house door open,when we both are out,Kunal says why are you surprised I was in there with Tiwari,Tiwari says I’m here who was with you,Kunal says this Tiwari,Tiwari says malkhan what are you doing in my clothes.

Kunal says oh now I understand,Tiwari you won the lottery and all these people where behind your lottery,anguri says leave them look my prayers turned out well,Tiwari says it’s all your good touch,anu says where are my hands,Tiwari says you too anguri ok.

Kunal gets a call and he informs Tiwari that there was a confusion the lottery is won by Jagmohan Tiwari and not Manmohan and leaves.vjbhu gets up and says baby come let’s go,Tiwari gets up slaps tikka malkhan and says let’s go dear and walk home.

Saxena shaving malkhans beard,malkhan says your hand is so soft,saxena says boys now you don’t have to go out I will help you out,tilu asks how come you entered this business,saxena says I saw a guy in salon do poor quality work and the I decided I will work and give best service,tikka asks what are you charges,saxena says good question here’s my rate card.

Saxena asks shall I shave your mustache,malkhan says no ways,tilu reads rate card every service has slaps and kicks in numbers,tilu says lovely I will have massage,saxena says malkhan you are done,now my payment,malkhan slaps him hard.saxena says I like it.

Tilu says now my massage,saxena says here in open,tilu asks then where to,saxena says in bushes,tilu says what,saxena says feel safe just for privacy come let’s go.

Panditji arrives and says tikka come here I was looking for you.tikka asks how come,do you have any marriage proposal for me,pandit says I showed your kundali to pandit ramphal and it showed your mondan(shaving head)wasn’t done when you were kid and so all these hardship and if you don’t you will die soon,tikka says let me quickly go and shave my head from saxena,pandit says not like this with all rituals.

Tikka asks what rituals,pandit says havan then pooja then your hair should be taken to haridwar by your brother and sister in law.tikka says but I am orphan,pandit says I gave you solution it’s up to you now and leaves.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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