Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

the episode starts with anita dancing in front of vibhu and trying to get his hands backs. but in vain.vibhu tells anita he cant do anything. tiwari is seeing all this and is angry and says he will reveal the truth of vibhu in front of anita at any night tiwari rings the door bell of anita and comes in. anita tells what happened? tiwari tells he saw vibhu eating gulab jamuns today and he is fooling you and playing with your emotions. anita says this cant be. tiwari says he has seen with hsi eyes and he can prove it tomorrow. anita says how? tiwari tells he will assault her as a goon and vibhu will surely pick his hands. anita tells ok. next day anita n vibhu are coming home when tiwari as goon comes and touches anita and assaults her. anita tells vibhu to do something but vibhu

just shouts. saxena comes and tells that the one who will touch my mom like anita and vibhu will die. saxena tells he is vibhus ramlal and then he comes and hits tiwari and bashes him and tiwari goes away.anita thinks how did saxena comes. saxena comes and tells vibhu i will be your hands from today. vibhu tells saxena thank you. at anguri home vibhu goes as he wants to eat from anguris hands. he tells her please feed me. angur brings rice and is feeding with spoon but vibhu tells feed by hand. anguri takes rice in hand but saxena comes and says when he is there then why are you taking hardwork and he is vibhu ramlal and will feed him and saxena feeds vibhu. vibhu feels angry from inside. in frontyard tika malkhan and vibhu are playing cards and saxena is helping vibhu. tika says he is fed up of his own hands and doesnt want them because whenever he sees any girl he cant control him. vibhu slaps tika and malkhan from face and thye go. anita comes with biscuits and vibhu doesnt want because he has got pressure because of so much coffee that saxena fed fhim. saxena tells vibhu he will also come. vibhu says no and anita is there and he asks anita you are there right? anita tells saxena you only go and he goes. after coming from toilet saxena wipes his hands to tissue and vibhu tells he did not have to do this. saxena says ramlal did everything got thakur in sholay. tiwari comes and tells anita he has a therapy of hitting hands with stick and vibhus hands will come back. anita says it looks vague but still lets try it. tiwari hits vibhu. he doesnt react. tiwari hits vibhu continuously for 5mins but vibhu gets tears. saxena says i like it. tiwari says he has got tears and he is feeling the blows. vibhu says they are tears of sorrow as thinking that he will not get his hands back. tiwari hits continuously for 10mins and anita is not able to bear this so she slaps tiwari. tiwari goes away running crying saying anita slapped him. anita realises and goes behing tiwari saying sorry. vibhu tells saxena to close eyes and ears. hen vibhu removes his shawl and dances with pain and touches his hands and cries saying he is hurt badly. he again puts the shawl back on his arms and then tells saxena to open his eyes and ears. at tiwaris room anita tells him sorry and anguri says why? anita tells she slapped tiwari because she couldnt bear he was hitting vibhu. anguri says its ok and she would have done same thing if someone bashed tiwari. tiwari tells anita that whatever it is he knows vibhu is lying and is fraud. anguri tells tiwari his specatcles numbers must have increase. tiwari smirks and scold her. she slips on roller skate and falls out of the window. vibhu who was trying to listen all this from down suddenly shreiks and moves hands and saves anguri. everyone is shocked and anita is happy and tells vibhu he got his hands back. vibhu also acts and dances saying he got his hands back and he can do everything now. tiwari tells he is a fraud and is acting.

precap:anita and vibhu are talking about rice and tiffins.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Hilarious show….aashif sheikh is awesome

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