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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari talking in other voice as sarju and says vibhu that he has to leave the job otherwise his men will shoot him. Vibhu says please leave him and he wont be able to do this, Tiwari says okay then tomorrows news will be that inspector vibhuti was killed, vibhu says no he will resign. Tiwari says okay and keeps the phone. There anita comes down and even happu is there. Anita says whay do u look scared vibhu? Vibhu says I was talking with a friend and nothing else. Vibhu then tells that he is going to resign and he is not interested in this job. Anita says what and no you cant do this and create history, vibhu says he is scared if he only becomes history, anita says then I will keep my held high and be proud of your death. Anita goes. Vibhu is annoyed.
At the

kitchen anguri is there and vibhu goes and says that your voice is good at singing and I am going to resign. Anguri says okay. Vibhu says wont you ask why? Anguri says okay tell why? Vibhu says because some men are not letting him do his duty and he cant stay in this world of corruption. Suddenly two men come on a bike and one says vibhus name and shoots him and then they go. Anguri runs in and people on street gather after the men go. Vibhu falls down and touches his chest and he gets a phone call, its Tiwari as sarju. Tiwari says don’t be a drama queen, vibhu says you blo*dy coward and you shot me, Tiwari says that they were fake bullet and fake gun and next time it will be a real gun and bullets. He keeps the phone. Vibhu says he has to go and resign.
At the commissioner’s office, vibhu goes, the commissioner is moving and talking. Vibhu keeps his hat and says he has to resign as he cant stay in this world of corruption. Commissioner says no he cant go and everyone needs a brave officer like him . vibhu says no he is a common man and he is giving his letter, vibhu gives the resignation letter. Commissioner takes it and tears it and says he will not allow him to go and he needs people like him and not corrupt like happu singh, commissioner goes. Vibhu goes home walking and says to himself that this commissioner is very stubborn and does not listen.
At the lawn vibhu comes and happu is pressing his legs and hands. Vibhu says to happu singh that he doesnt want to work anymore and he is tired of this. Happu is happy but acts and asks why? Vibhu says that’s none of your business, but help me as the commissioner is stubborn and tore my resignation letter. Happu says then do 1 thing and call commissioner for dinner at night and insult him so much that he will remove you from this post himself, vibhu says that cool and he calls the commissioner. Vibhu tells anita about the dinner plan, anita says she will call Tiwari and anguri too and anita goes.
At night happu tells vibhu that he knows well right what he has to say? Vibhu says yes, Tiwari and anguri come and finally the commissioner arrives. Commissioner sits and says lets have dinner? Vibhu says why doesn’t your wife give you food? Anita is shocked, commissioner laughs and says good question but she doesn’t. vibhu says why is he laughing and asks why does he move so much while talking and was he born in a tractor? Commissioner again laughs and says yes actually my mom gave me birth on a tractor, anita is shocked. Vibhu then says why are you laughing and I am insulting you so much, commissioner gets up and says that no because he gets angry but is not offended by brave offdicers like him. Vibhu says I am not brave and what happened was that day he had gas and to release it he was walking when suddenly birju hid behind him and later he saw behind then birju had fallen down unconscious. Everyone is shocked and anita too, commissioner then says you don’t deserve this uniform and takes it, vibhu says take it, happu goes with commissioner. Anita goes in bedroom angry and says I am ashamed of you, anguri goes to comfort her. Tiwari laughs and speaks in sarjus voice, vibhu says what it was you? Tiwari laughs. Vibhu goes running outside house to stop the commissioner, episode ends.

Precap: Tiwari suddenly gets up at night after a bad dream, anguri says what happened? Tiwari says he was dreaming that anita is dancing with vibhus pyjamas. Next day on street anita is dancing with vibhus pyjamas, anguri and Tiwari see this from balcony and Tiwari says his dream is coming true.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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