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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,tiwari goes to wake up vibhuti and when he tries to remove his blanket vibhuti thinks tat its anita and pull him inside the blanket and kiss him and then they get up and vibhuti gets angry on tiwari and asks wat r u doing in my bed room and tiwari says tat i m here to wake u up and take u to jogging and exercise and vibhuti says tat i m not going to come with u anywhere and comes in anita and says tat y r u saying no he has come here for u and vibhuti says i don’t want to go and anita says tat he is such a good neighbour u will never get such neighbour and vibhuti says i m not going with him i will go only wen i want to go and anita says tat i m giving u my promise u have to go with him and then vibhuti gets up and goes with tiwari
Vibhuti and tiwari

reach the gate and vibhuti says tat u also jog with me and tiwari says y should i u r unfit not me so u have to go on a run and i will only supervise u and he calls anita and vibhuti says ok and he goes for a run there comes tika and malkhan with sweets in his hand and then asks tiwari where is vibhuti brother and tiwari asks y and tika says he saved my life and comes there vibhuti and asks tika and malkhan tat how r u guys and tika says thanks to u vibhuti brother u suggested me to touch the girls feet tat Ram thele’s sister who had made me arrested for teasing her and call her sister and says sorry i did it and she took back the case and he gives sweet to vibhuti while tiwari takes the box and says he is not allowed to eat sweets as he has sugar and asks vibhuti to go for a jog and vibhuti says give me 1 jalebi and tiwari calls anita and vibhuti goes for a jog and tiwar eats the sweets and malkhan asks tiwari tat how r the sweets are they tasty and tiwari says they are delicious and tika says i wonder they r so tasty as they are 2 days old and they laugh
Vibhuti jogs and comes home very tired and anita comes and says so good tat u have done exercise and vibhuti says tat i have almost took 100 rounds and anita says tats really good and vibhuti says tat i really need something sweet and anita says tat no u will not get anything sweet infact i will make a healthy lauki juice for u and vibhuti how sweet of u and she goes in and vibhuti remembers tat there is there is pastry in fridge and he goes and checks but could not find it and anita comes and stands behind him and vibhuti notices her and says i was seeing if there is cold water in it and anita says don’t act over smart i know u were searching for pastries i gave them to tiwari and warns him u r not going to have anything tat is sweet and vibhuti says but i m fine completely there was one of my uncle jumanlal whose report said tat he did nt had a heart so people kept him in a museum and later found tat he was completely fine the reports where wrong and anita says ur whole family is unique they all should be kept in museum but u beware i m watching u no sweet and leaves and tiwari comes out of the window eating the pastries and teasing vibhuti he requests to atleast give a small portion of cream for him to eat and tiwari teases him and goes
Vibhuti comes out of his house and sees anguri in her kitchen cooking and goes near the window and seeing him anguri asks how r u and vibhuti says i m not fine anita is not allowing me to eat anything tat is sweet and anguri says yes tiwari told me tat u have sugar u should not eat sweet and seeing her making sweet rasgulas he requests her to give him one to eat anguri refuses and then he gives her tiwaris romise and then anguri says ok and vibhuti asks for 4 rasgulas but anguri settles down fr 1 and vibhuti agrees he is about to eat and comes tiwari and eats it and says u cant eat this its not good for u and vibhuti gets crazy and says tat i m having a bad craving for sweet i need it now and comes in kitchen through window and tries to have the rasagulas but tiwari stops him and vibhuti bites tiwari and happu singh sees it from the window and he shouts wat r u doing and then he comes in throught the window and fells down vibhuti gives him a hand to get up and hapu singh asks wat was going on here and tiwari lies tat this vibhuti was stealing the rasgulas and vibhuti says tat this man is lieing and then tiwari says even he gave me warning to kill me and vibhuti gets so angry at this he says tat i will really kill u and happu singhs asks them to be quiet while anguri is trying to tell the truth but tiwari asks her to be quiet and hapu singh then says to vibhuti tat this so cheap u were stealing a rasagula u are under arrest and takes him out tiwari and anguri also come out and vibhuti says to hapu singh tat he was not stealing he was just requesting and anguri also tries telling the truth but tiwari give her his promise and comes out anita and asks hapu singh y r u arresting vibhu and hapu singh tells tat he has done a big crime and anita asks has he teased any women and hapu singh says no he was stealing rasagulas from tiwaris house and anita says wat and then tiwari says tat he also gave me warning to kill also and then anita says stop and says to hapu singh u are arresting my husband for stealing a rasgula and hapu singh says tat a person if he steals a small stone also is a crime and then anita says tat u also ask everyone to give something in money everytime that is bribe should i complaint to ur senior and hapu singh says no pl swat will happen to my 9 childrens and my pregnant wife and then leaves vibhuti and then hapu singh goes to tiwari and says give something in form of money and tiwari says tat should i call anita bhabhi and hapu singh leaves
Anita takes vibhuti to their room and lock him from outside and says tat i will not open this door until u get fit Vibhuti is saying to anita tat u r making a big mistake by locking me up here and anita says tat if i have to do this to save my husbands life i will do it and kisses him through the window and goes down and vibhuti cries and says i m fine open the door anita but she doesnot replies
Next day anita calls vibhuti and asks if he wants coffee without sugar and says ok if u don’t want it was my responsibility to ask u i m not going to open the door until ur sugar levels get normal and she says tat no issue i will cook food ,wash utencils and clothes too and hungs up and sits quietly but tensed by expression and her mother in law comes in with a jar and a shoppe bag and sits on sofa and then anita sees her mother in law and screams in shock

Vibhuti says to tiwari tat these are the ladus my mom brought for me u cant eat it they are at tea stall and saxena comes and gives a punch on vibhutis face and vibhuti gets angry and starts hitting him and till then tiwari eats all the ladoos and he faints and fells down from the bench seeing this everyone gets shocked

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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