Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari and vibhu getting shocked. They think where is anita. Anita then screams from the hall. Both go down running. There anita is sitting in hall and reading a magazine. Vibhu and tiwari look at each other confused. Anita says tiwari what are ypu doing so late at my house and go and sleep. Vibhu says we were finding you and where did you go? Anita says i was here only. Tiwari looks at vibhu. Anita tells tiwari go and sleep and tells vibhu you come up and sleep. Tiwari goes. Anita is going up but in middle she hops and sings twinkle twinkle little star and vibhu is shocked and scared. Anita comes back to normal and says vibhu come up and she goes. Tiwari comes again and stands beside vibhu. Anita up is laughing like a child and singing twinkle twinkle poem. Vibhu and

tiwari keep looking at each other in shock.
At tea stall vibhu tiwari doctor and happu singh are there. Vibhu asks doctor is there any cure for this? Doctor says in medical science only 1 cure is there. Vibhu and tiwari asks what? Doctor tells its shock treatment. Tiwari says what and you will give shock to anita and before that i will give my life and you dare do that. Everyone is looking at tiwari. Vibhu looks and says i should be saying this. Tiwari looks down and says ok. Vibhu says if we give a shock then anita will not withstand it. Doctor tells then you will have to play with her. Vibhu tells he plays with her everyday. Tiwari happu singh and doctor look at vibhu. Doctor smiles and says not that playing you need to play with her games like a child would play. Vibhu says oh ok. Doctor tells play kho kho. Vibhu say what and how can we play kho kho? Tiwari says if he has problem then i can play. Doctor and vibhu look at tiwari. Happu singh tells i was a kho kho champion. Everyone look at happu singh. Vibhu tells both of them to shut up and stay quiet. Vibhu tells ok i will do that.
At night anita is in balcony. Vibhu goes there. He tells anita how are you? Anita says she is fine. Vibhu says lets spend some time. Anita says ok. Vibhu says lets play kho kho. Anita aays are you mad and you want to play kho kho at this age and you are out of your mind. Vibhu says what and says you never understand me and goes and sits on the bed. Anita comes from behind and then laughs like a child and says see your face and laughs again. Vibhu knows she has become child and gets scared. Anita then says lets play teen patti and prders him to bring cards. Vibhu brings. Anita gives and evil laugh. Vibhu is scared. Anita says if u win i will jump from window and if i win then you will jump. Vibhu says please no. Anita and vibhu play and anita wins. Anita takes him to the balcony and dances like a child and says jump jump. Vibhu says please someone help me and cries. Anita scolds and tells him go now. Vibhu crosses the parafeet but anita comes back to normal and tells what are you doing and come lets sleep and you will fall down. Vibhu comes in and they sleep but vibhu is still scared. Anita sings twinkle in the middle of night.
Next day vibhu and tiwari go to saxenas house and saxena is not there.saxena comes in auto. He gets down. Vibhu says please help me saxena. Saxena tells i have a good news and hear that. Vibhu says no please help me first. Saxena says first listen to what i say. Vibhu slaps saxena. Saxena says you are older so i am respecting you. Tiwari says why didnt you say i like it? Saxena says that is what i am telling because i have officially been declared normal person now and i am not mental anymore. Vibhu says we need your help. Saxena asks why? Vibhu tells all about anita and he is mental so he has experience he can help. Saxena tells sorry but i am not mental anymore. Vibhu says please help and do this for your bhabhi mom. Tiwari also begs. Saxena says ok come lets see what i can do. They 3 go and stand outside the door. They can see anita is talking on phone with her dead grandfather. Anita says how are you grandpa and dont take grandma from here or i will come and kill you in heaven. Saxena tells vibhu and tiwari that she has gone mental.

Precap: saxena goes and is trying to bring anita back to normal. Anita gives saxena shock. Saxena takes shock and then says i like it. Tiwari outside tells vibhu see the one who was fine has become mental again.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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