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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, anguri gestures to vibhuti that amaji has given me a medicine for u, u wait here i will get u medicine and leaves, vibhuti says i love this deafness, anguri puts medicine in vibhutis ears, and says u will be fine, vibhuti says even if they wont i have no problem bcoz i am enjoying it, just sign me something just once, gesture i love u india, anguri says ok and gestures, vibhuti says thanku and leaves, anguri says he is impossible, vibhuti says bhabhiji is so innocent, vendor gets vegetable singing song, vibhuti could hear his song, vendor asks how are u bhaiya, vibhuti sings i can hear and this is all bcoz of bhabhiji and now i will act deaf, i can see bhabhijis gestures and on other hand will know what others talk behind him, tiwari comes with sheikh and says

to vendor vibhuti is deaf now, sheikh says i will take vibhuti to dubai with me i like him, vendor asks why is he going dubai, tiwari says to work, vendor says send me too plz, tiwari says dubai wants only handsome men u go sell vegetables, sheikh asks can u massage, vibhuti says i cant hear u and plz stay away from me and thinks why this sheikh wants me, sheikh says tiwari why don’t u join too, tiwari says no u have fun with him,anita comes out, tiwari says bhabhiji sheikh has accepted vibhutijis application of job so start packing, anita says thanku thanku, vibhu come lets pack, vibhuti asks what are u saying, anita gestures dubai, vibhuti says i wont go dubai, i am scared of this sheikh, anita says u keep quite vibhu and tiwariji u make arrangements.
Anita on phone tells her friend that sheikh will pay vibhu 2 lakhs and i didn’t tell his mom she wont let him go, and vibhu is mams boy u see, vibhu thinks this is what she thinks, aniat says he is sitting in front of me but deaf u see, tiwari comes, anita says tiwariji we are done packing, tiwari says ohk then tonight he will take vibhutiji, aniat says but i am worried u see vibhu cant hear anything, sheikh says he will treat him like wife, anita says what,tiwari says i mean like family, vibhu stamps tiwari n leaves, anita says now who will do household work for 2 months, tiwari says i am here.
Vibhuti in balcony says i wont leave this tiwar, he calls his friend and says i need favour. Vibhutis friend shows tiwari and says now go perform and come when i sign u, vibhuti walks, tiwari says oh wait and stops him and gestures see bcoz me u got job, vibhuti signs his friend, she comes and asks tiwari time, and acts as if tiwari is harassing her, happu singh comes and asks what happened, she says this man is harassing me and points at tiwari n says he tried to kiss me, tiwari says no she is lying, happu singh says what proof u have, tiwari says ask vibhutiji, happu singh asks vibhuti tell the truth, vibhuti says yes i had food, tiwari says shit i forgot he is deaf, anita comes n asks what happened, happu singh says tiwari tired to haras this girl, anita says arrest this person, tiwari says bhabhiji she is lying, anguri comes and asks what happened, the girl says this man tried to kiss me, anguri says what all is this how could u do this,tiwari says i didn’t she is lying, ask vibhutiji, anita says don’t u know vibhu cant hear, and happu singh go arrest him, anguri says u insulted me n now i will leave this place n go, vibhuti says i cant let that happen and says tiwariji didn’t harras her i was just trying to teach tiwariji lesson, anita says u can hear, vibhuti says yes its bcoz of bhabhijis medicine, tiwari asks why did u do, vibhuti says n what did u tell sheikh and tiwari was sending me dubai to satisfy sheikh physically, anita says tiwariji how could u.
Anguri in garden singing song, vibhuti stands and listens to her,anguri looks at her, vibhuti says wow bhabhiji, anguri says janmashtami is near by so i am singing, vibhuti says u look so beautiful like shinning moon, anguri says i don’t understand what u say.

Precap: anguri says for janmashtami i wll be radha and i have given ur name for krishan, tiwari says i have no time for it.anita tells vibhuti that she has given his name for kirshan, vibhuti says i am not interested.
Tiwari asks vibhuti that what role bhabhiji is playing, vibhuti says rukmini and anguri bhabhi, tiwari says radha, vibhuti says what.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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