Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anita sees Anguri having kadha at midnight and records her thinking she is Dracula.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari walks in and says hello to Anita and asks how is her thesis going,Anita says it’s not a cup of tea,it’s not easy,Tiwari asks share some information,Anita says ask me questions,Tiwari says do make and female Dracula love each other,Anita asks why do you love any,Tiwari asks no just in general,Anita says they might be like all others,Tiwari asks and how they must be loving each other,Anita says by sucking blood,Tiwari says oh no how come,Vibhu says because they love it,I have seen it with my eyes,Tiwari asks and who it is,Vibhu says angrui bhabhiji,Anita says you need help let’s go mental hospital,Tiwari says yes let’s take me,Vibhu says shut up here the proof.

Anita sees the video and gets excited,Tiwari sees it and gets scared,Anita says I’m so

excited anguriji is Dracula but it’s doubtful,Dracula don’t come in sunlight and she shows no symptoms,Tiwari says yes Anguri come south and waters the plant,Anita says may be other species I haven’t read about,I have to read it,I have to meet angruiji ,I, so excited,Tiwari starts crying and says Anguri is Dracula,why didn’t I die,Vibhu says come die right away and takes him away.

Malkhan at tea stall waiting for tikka,tikka comes dancing with alcohol. Malkhan asks which brand today,tikka says tommy walker,malkhan says well done,and both leave. Tiwari and Vibhu come at tea stall,Tiwari crying,Vibhu says this is all because of you,you don’t pay attention at her,I kept telling you but you didn’t believe me.twirai says how do I,she is so innocent,now what will I do,Vibhu says we will treat her,Tiwari asks how will we,doctor Gupta joins them and asks what’s wrong what all is this,Vibhu say sir guess we need to share,Tiwari says but he will broadcast it,Vibhu says don’t worry and calls doctor and tells him,he gets scared,doctor says medical has no treatment to this but there is a tantrik he might help you.

Vibhu and Tiwari meet tantrik,Vibhu starts crying I’m in great pain,Tiwari says she is my wife I should cry,Vibhu says then cry,don’t hold it,Tiwari starts crying and says my wife turned to Dracula,do something help us,tantrik says sure I will for this you need to entertain tonny bragainza soul and make him happy,he can help you,Vibhu asks where will we find him,tantrik says at jhakarkati crematory,and he like Ghazals,and so people sing ghazals on his coffin and he gets happy and fulfills your wish,Vibhu asks any fees,tantrik says no no.

Tiwari asleep,Anguri wakes up at midnight,and checks if Tiwari is awake, Anita waiting for Anguri and says I need to see Dracula,Anguri comes out,Anita hides,Anguri dressed in red and with kadha leaves,Anita follows her and is very excited,she boards Pelus auto,Vibhu later comes out and calls Tiwari and both think of going to Gulfamkali and get tabla and harmonium and then go to crematory.

At crematory,Tiwari says it’s so scary,Vibhu says it’s obvious,both find the grave
They see a man crying for his wife and say don’t disturb and begin with their ghazal performance,tony walks out,the man crying for wife gets scared and runs away, tony says what a performance I liked it,and asks what’s your wish,Tiwari says my wife turned to Dracula please free her,Vibhu says yes she is so innocent and doesn’t look good as Dracula,tony starts laughing and says this is so easy what would you do in return,Vibhu says okay we shall sing some more ghazals,tony says I need a tempo full of sugarcane,Vibhu asks what will you do of it,tony says if you want her to be free then do as I say and leaves.

Anguri at jhakarkati Chowk,prays and has the blood, Pelu takes Anita to the place and points at Anguri.anita sees her and says oh my god,is that really blood and records the scene and says she is a Dracula,Anguri leaves, Anita says thank you Pelu and remember this is my research and so at this time we will come everyday,Happu again comes there talking on phone and sees Anita and Pelu and walks to them and says Anita bhabhiji,Anita gets scared.

Happu asks what are you doing with him,I’m better than him,Anita asks what,Happu says I meant what are you doing with him,Anita says secret meeting,Happu says he is a silent person and Happu in tears says have meetings with me I’m much more better than me.

Pre cap : commissioner asks hospitalised tikka where did he buy the alcohol from,tikka says a man came with tempo filled with alcohol bottles sold with cheap rates.
Commissioner calls Anita and says there’s a news you sure,y must have heard that altered alcohol and your husband and your neighbour are into this business.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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