Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tika and malkhan and happu asking for autograph. Vibhu gives tika and malkhan the autograph and vibhu ignores happu singh. happu says why didn’t you give me the autograph? Vibhu says I ignore people like you. Happu says anyway and can u make me meet sunny leone please. Saxena comes and says vibhu is a star and says he will not make you meet her as you are filth. Vibhu says yes and says saxena I will keepy you secretary, saxena says thanks a lot.
At anguris house vibhu goes with saxena holding umbrella and he talks to james Cameron on phone saying vibhu doesn’t have time and not now, saxena tells vibhu in front of anguri that I rejected titanic 2, anguri says what and why? Vibhu says okay say yes to james as anguri wants me to do that, anguri says yes. Saxena

says okay and does that. Vibhu comes and eats sweet halwa and Tiwari comes, he gives Tiwari the salt halwa and says take this, anguri says yes salt Is a lot in it, Tiwari is angry, anguri goes in. Tiwari says you are not yet a superstar, vibhu says I said I will come one day and eat halwa made by anguris hand. Vibhu goes, Tiwari is very angry.
At home anita is talking on phone and she says I made vibhus favourite food. Vibhu comes and is going upstairs, anita says come down and why are you going upstairs? Vibhu says I was in character and just forgot, anita says okay come down and have dinner as I made your favorite food and vibhu says no I cant eat this stupid indian food as I am already had Spanish food with sunny leone. Vibhu goes in attitude, anita is shocked and angry, Tiwari comes and tells anita how vibhu and saxena insulted him and the shooting hasn’t started yet and what kind of attitude is he having? Anita says I don’t know myself and he is ignoring me and is having a lot of attitude which is of stardom. Anita says I cant even remove him from house as he will go and live with sunny. Tiwari goes.
Next day in the morning vibhu comes with saxena after jogging, a news reporter comes for interview, he asks what are your hobbies? Vibhu says washing utensils, saxena says you are star and what are you saying? Vibhu says oh sorry and I mean I love keeping this world clean, anguri from there waves her hand, vibhu says oh hello bhabhiji, reporter asks who is she? Vibhu says she is my lovely neighbor. Anita comes to ask vibhu, reporter asks who is she? Vibhu says she is my friend, reporter says so u are still single? Vibhu says yes and I am ready to mingle, anita kicks vibhu and goes.
In the kitchen vibhu is making food, anita comes and says so finally you came into your shoes and I am happy, vibhu says I am mqking thai food, anita says wow and make my favorite thai green curry and you know that. Vibhu says no I don’t know that and I am making this as lunch for sunny and the director as they are coming home. Anita says what has happened to you and you are ignoring me and insulting me and staying a lot with that sunny, vibhu says you always have a problem now that I am becoming star and will get money and before when I did not work even then you had problem. Anita says what are you saying and I have a problem with you ignoring me, vibhu says now this is a film industry and you just run small grooming classes and I am a star, so you can go your way and I will be on mine. Yadrams son puts on song and is dancing, song is tum to there parrdesi, anita is sad and looking at vibhu as he is working.
There sunny comes home and the director. Vibhu goes and welcomes her. Anita comes too. Sunny sits and she says this is a lovely house. She then says who is she? Vibhu says she is my friend, anita is angry. Sunny asks what do you do? Anita says I run grooming classes, sunny says you are beautiful. There saxena is stopping all people from entering in, anguri and Tiwari come. Vibhu says send anguri in. anguri and Tiwari go in. vibhu introduces anguri and Tiwari to sunny. Anguri asks how are you sunny says she is fine and says I am pretty, anguri says no my name is anguri and not preeti. Vibhu says she is saying you are beautiful, anguri says thanks. Anita says vibhu introduce Tiwari too, vibhu insults Tiwari, Tiwari says forget and I will introduce myself. Tiwari says I am Tiwari and I run a business of undergarments. Sunny says that is nice and spells Tiwari wrong. Vibhu says forget its kabadi, sunny says okay and says kabadi. Tiwari is insulted.

Precap: happu singh says please let me talk from here, saxena says no and get out now and he pulls him, happu says I love you sunny. Vibhu and sunny are dancing on song baby doll.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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