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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone going inside the house. Dad says grandma is saying that the time for the rounds has started. Anita says wait a second and she calls him aside, she tells that will you make them marry really? Dad says no but grandma will go in coma so we have to act. Anita says but they are doing rounds and the marriage will happen. Dad says where is Tiwari then and where is he washing his ass or what?
There Tiwari comes out of bathroom and wears the sherwani and cant find the dhoti. He finds the dhoti but cant find it. Tilu says I have it, Tiwari says give it to me. Tilu says no, Tiwari says come on give it. Tilu says no and I am doing this so that you give me my salary. Tiwari says I will give you but now let me go as I have to marry anguri. Tilu says vibhu is better

than you and he being jobless is better than you being a business man. Tilu says today is a test and we will know if you love anguri more or money and if you want this dhoti then give me my salary. Tilu runs and Tiwari runs behind him, they go down in the hall.
There dad says come one start the rounds and my mom is waiting for that. Saint says the time is yet to come and just wait for a few minutes. Anita comes near vibhu and he says you look hot today. Anita says leave that and we need Tiwari and what are you enjoying? Vibhu says he is not and call Tiwari fast. Anita goes there to call Tiwari. Tilu is still escaping from Tiwari for the dhoti. Anita comes and says what is this and what are you wasting time Tiwari? Tiwari says see this tilu is wasting time and he is having my dhoti. Anita tells tilu that give it now and I will make sure he gives your salary but now my marriage is on stake. Tilu says is that so? Anita says yes. tilu says okay then I will give it only because your marriage is on stake. Tiwari goes and changes the dhoti. There anguri and vibhu are doing rounds and vibhu is enjoying it. Anita gives sign and with dad they help dadi as she was fainting and cover the scene. There Tiwari comes and vibhu and Tiwari exchange and vibhu goes saying good luck. Anita and dad come back. The rounds start and anguri and Tiwari are happy. They do the rounds and then take blessings of dadi and dad. Then dad tells dadi they will go home by scooter and they go. Anguri and Tiwari hug and everyon cheer. Episode ends.
At home anguri and Tiwari are in the hall and mom calls anguri. She says she wants to talk to Tiwari, Tiwari says no. anguri tells what happened? Mom says she has found a problem in Tiwari kundli and to remove that she has to feed 3 people 3 times a day for a year. Anguri repeats that and says okay I will do it. Tiwari hears and says what and I will become bankrupt. Anguri says mom wants to talk and gives him phone, Tiwari says I said nothing, mom says that’s good otherwise I will come there. They keep phone. Anguri tells Tiwari to go and find 3 very needy poor people.
At tea stall, tika and malkhan are sitting and fighting over who will give the tea treat today. Tiwari comes blabbering and says where will I find poor needy people? Tika malkhan ask what happened? Tiwari tells he has to find 3 needy people. tika says didn’t you see yourself in the mirror. Tiwari slaps them. Tika and malkhan says cant you see we are the needy poor people and we steal even from the dogs mouth. Tiwari says that’s right but I need a third. Saxena comes, tika says here he is the 3rd. Tiwari says come one and I will give you 3 food. Saxena says I am not needy and I am now a property dealer for big Bollywood stars as film city has opened in Kanpur and stars are investing here and I will sell your house too. Tiwari slaps him. Saxena goes saying I like it.
At home Tiwari goes, anguri is there he tells her to give him food as he has to go to shop. Anguri says I cant as I will first feed 3 needy people and will then only give you food and you go to the shop I will send food there. Tiwari says you will keep me hungry and feed them first and what is this? Tiwari gets angry. Anguri says I cant do anything. Tiwari goes to the shop angry.

Precap: Bollywood star govinda comes at vibhu and anitas home. vibhu says a sher, govinda appreciates it. They all dance ot a song of govindas film.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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