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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri telling vibhuti that tiwari is her husband.Vubhuti acts tensed and says that he wants water. Towari goes to bring water. Vibhuti aska anguri that how is she related to him. She says that he is their neighbour. Till then tiwari brings anita to his house and tells her to take vibhuti home. She takes him home but before going he slaps tiwari. Next day anguri is crying and she asks vibhuti that when will his memory come back. Vibhuti gets happy after seeing that anguri is tensed for him. He then acts like his memory is lost and acts tensed for that. Then tika and malkhan come running to the house. They tell vibhuti that he has won a lottery of 1 crore rupees. Vibuti gets happy and dances ahead of everyone and tells everyone that he is won the lottery. He

takes everyones names and then tells them that he has won the lottery. Anita and anguri get amazed to see that vibhutis memory came back. Vibhuti also acts surprised. Vibhuti being happy slaps tika for fun and says that when will he get his money. Tika says that he will get his money when they answer him some questions. He tells him to ask him the questions. Tika asks him the date of marriage and the date he proposed anita. Vibhuti tells them the dates. Anita and anguri get happy to see his memory come back. Tiwari is sad and angry. Tika gets a call. Vibhuti asks tika for his money. Tika tells him that he is sorry beacuse the lottery inspector called him and told that lottery number in the paper was printed wrong by mistake. He then slaps both tika and malkhan. He kicks them out of the house. Next day morning, anguri is putting clothes to dry on the balcony. Vibhuti stands on his balcony and looks at anguris face. The song subhanallah from fanaa plays. He says that anguri is so beautiful and its so amazing to see this scenary every morning. Anita calls him to bring milk. He is compelled to go. On the other hand, tiwari is looking at anita doing yoga in the morning. He is famished to see her. He says that he is kucky to see her in this way and prays to god to never take this scenary away form him.
Tika and malkhan are walking when they see two engineers doing something on the road. They see one engg. looking through a camera. Tika interfres in between and disturbs the engineer. Tika then asks him to take him in the film as an actor which he is directing. The engg. tells him that he is not making a film. Tiwari comes and tells them not to disturb that man. The engineer tells tiwari that you look smart and intelligent and tells him to tell tika and malkhan that dont disturb him by telling him to take them in his film. Tiwari tells the engg. that why not take them? Take them because they are already unemployed. The engg. smirks at tiwari and tells him that he is a bigger stupid than them. Then vibhuti comes. On looking at vibhuti engg says that he looks intelligent and tells him to make these stupids understand that dont disturb them by asking him to take them in his film. Vibhuti says that they are stupid and he is smart so he can take him as actor in his film. The engineer is shocked and says that he is a bigger stupid than them and that he is not making a film but levelling the road. Tika malkhan and tiwari laugh at vibhuti. They then ask engg that why is he levelling the road. Engg says that he is going to make a flyover. Vibhuti and tiwari get shocked and sad. They speak to themselves that they will not be able to see bhabhi ji everyday and they walk home sad. At home vibhuti sits at the dining table. Anita tells him that she is happy. Vibhuti says why. She tells him that didnt he read the newspaper. Then he says that paper my foot. He then tells her the timetable and the work she makes him do because of which he is not able to read the newspaper. She then tells him that a flyover is being made and she is happy for that. Vibhuti tells her that he is sad for that reason. Anita tells that dont be sad because all the people living near the flyover will get 10 lakh rupees. He is still sad. She then tells him that their neighbour uncle is giving them their 10lakh rs because he doesnt want that and they can use that money as already vibhuti is useless so he can start some business and make himself useful for the house. Vibhuti is sad and tells her that if flyover is made then there will be a lot of dust and noise around whereas the real reason is looking at bhabhi ji everyday. Anita tells him to shut up and eat fruits and that she is happy for the money. Vibhuti sits and eats fruits.
At tiwaris house, tiwari is eating his lunch being sad. Anguri aska him why he is sad. He tells her that a bridge wull be made there and so he is sad. She tells him that she knows and she is happy. Tiwari tells her that all her plants will die from the dust and the noise will kill them everyday and so he cant bear this. Anguri tells him that she has already kept place for plants. She will keep them in the backyard. Tiwari telks her that he doesnt want the bridge. She telms that she likes overflow. He tells that its not overflow its flyover. She then tells him that she likes flyovers and that if it will rain and cars will go from the bridge then she and tiwari ji will sing romantically in the rain. Tiwari is angry at her stupidity and tells her that shut up and that he doesnt want the flyover and he gets angry at her. She goes away sad and says she will not talk to him. Tiwari then says to himself that he will not let the scenary of bhabhiji be taken form him.

Precap: Vibhuti and tiwari decide to bribe the engineer and so they go to talk to him. At the tea stall, tiwari and vibhuti say to the engg that they will speak directly to him and that they want to bribe him and dont want the bridge to be constructed. The engg looks at them shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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