Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari saying he is fed up of vibhu and now he will put vibhu in the mental hospital. If he doesn’t know what he is doing, then he sure is mental and I will put him in the mental hospital. Tiwari goes and tells anita that he will call the mental hospital and put vibhu in it.
Tiwari calls the mental hospital people and tells them a new man has become mental in the town please come and save us. Anita at home says if Tiwari calls the mental hospital, vibhu will be taken and tiara doesn’t know vibhu is being blackmailed. The mental hospital people come and hold vibhu and say come on we got news you are mental come on. Anita says no please don’t take him and vibhu says please save me anu. The people take vibhu. Anita scolds Tiwari and says vibhu was not mental

and he did not do right, go away and she doesn’t want to talk to him. Tiwari goes sad.
At night in bedroom Tiwari gets a call on his phone and it’s the ghost. Ghost says you have to do one work for me, and go and tease anita right now. Tiwari says are you dumb? Why should I do it? who are you? ghost says if you don’t then you will have to face consequences. Anguri comes with a snake and shows tiwari, Tiwari gets scared and screams and anguri says don’t worry it’s a fake snake toy. Ghost says see, its fake this time but next time it wont be, and it will be bite you or your wife. Tiwari says okay wait I will do it. t
There anita is sleeping in bedroom, Tiwari climbs by stairs and stands near balcony. He starts singing song dheere dheere as anita is sleeping. Anita wakes up and switches on the light and is shocked to see tiwar. She comes there angrily and says what are you doing? Tiwari says I am just singing Bhabhi ji, tiwari then whistles on anita. anita says what did you just do? Tiwari says I am teasing you Bhabhi ji. Anita says have you gone mad? And go away from here. Tiwari whistles more and anita says you are my neighbor and now I wont think again before kicking you from here. Tiwari says please get teased and he whistles more. Anita says get lost from here right now, Tiwari says okay Bhabhi ji and goes. Anita says this man is mad, he asked me to get teased. Anita says I hope vibhu is fine in that mental hospital.
Next day in mental hospital vibhu comes and wates the plant as a mental comes behind him and continuously says whats the score mate? Vibhu is annoyed and says what do I do here? And I will become mad staying with these guys please save me god. A mental comes and then touches vibhu and says baby, come on don’t be shy, its our honeymoon. Vibhu says get lost. man says why are you doing this? Please come with me and the man holds vibhu, vibhu says doctor please help, doctor comes and takes the mental with him and goes. Anita and saxena come to meet vibhu. Anita says how are you? vibhu says look at me, these dumb people here please do something and get me out of here. Anita says saxena please do something and you know so many people here. Vibhu says at least tell them to treat me nicely. Saxena says okay and calls the doctor and says listen friend keep my mental friend vibhu here safe and give him everything he needs, and 2 shocks everyday. Vibhu says are you mad? Anita says saxena what are you saying? Saxena says vibhu if you don’t take shocks they may give you treatment which is even worse. Vibhu says what is it? saxena says in ears that they will put him naked on an ice slab and beat him. Vibhu says okay I will take the shocks instead. Anita says we will get you out of here soon, saxena and anita go. The mental says whats the score mate? Vibhu looks in sky and starts crying and says this man is asking me the score, please help me.
At tea stall, tika malkhan and happu are there. Happu says what happened to vibhu was not right. Tika says see it was anyway not Tiwari’s mistake and vibhu only started troubling him. Hapu says yes that is right but say anything, Tiwari and vibhu are the most arrogant persons in our town. Tika and malkhan say yes we agree. Tiwari comes and happu says we were talking about you only and you are a good man Tiwari, vibhu deserved to be in the mental hospital. Tika says to malkhan see how he changed his colors. Tiwari says okay. Happu says what did you come here for? Tiwari says for this, he puts mud on happu’s face and tika malkhan laugh, tiwari puts mud on their face too and goes. Happu calls the mental hospital and says come again and a new man has become mental in town.

Precap: vibhu and Tiwari are in mental hospital and at night say this blackmailed will die if he comes in our hands and this is because of him. A mental comes and touches vibhu and says come on lets go in bedroom and have fun, vibhu runs away. Tiwari says he is shy. Man says you are not? Come with me we will have fun. Tiwari also runs away.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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