Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anita telling Vibhu that pick me up Vibhu says that I need to go to the washroom and if I pick you then the pressure will be increased. Anita says go and come fast. Vibhu goes. Tiwari dresses as bahubali and goes behind anita and makes sound. Anita says you came now pick me. Tiwatis hands shivers so he goes away after 5 mins. Anita aays why are you taking so much time? Vibhu comes back. Anita tells pick me. Vibhu then picks her up. Anita closes her eyes and says she feels so good that her bahubali picked her. Vibhu then says thank u.
At home anguri is there and vibhu goes dressed as bahubali. Anguri tells wow you came and show me your talent and pick cylinder. Vibhu picks a jar. Anguri says this is not a cylinder. He tells its just like a cylinder. Anguri tells

then pick this table. Vibhu says why are you forcing me and what is this? Anguri says i dont know pick it and i will not leave you unless you do. Vibhu runs away. Anguri calls him back but he doesnt come.
At night tika and happu singh come out at vibhu house. Tika brings an aarti plate. Happu singh and tika start doing aartu of bahubali and tika sings for bahubali. Then they both also do the pooja of the house. Tiwari dresses as bahubali and brings a hunter with him. He goes there. Tika and happu singh think its vibhu so they go at his leg. Tiwari starts hitting them with the hunter. They both start shouting loudly with pain. Tiwari hits both of them severely. Then he goes after kicking both of them once.
Tiwari then goes to anguri dressed as bahubali. He touches and assaults anguri and teases her. Anguri gets angry and sad and hits tiwari with stick and thinks vibhu did not do good and i did not expect this from him. Tiwari goes away.
Next day everyone go at vibhus house and happu singh tells him you will be arrested for doing all this yesterday and you even assaulted anguri. Anita comes and tells no he was with me whole night and she blushes. Tiwari says your blushing is of no use and he has done all this. Vibhu says no i did not. On the tv reporter tells that yesterday morning bahubali surrendered to the police and now everything is over. Happu singh tells if bahubali surrendered then who are you? Everyone look at anita and vibhu.
Next day anita is talking to minal who is at shimla. She says wish even i could go. Tiwari comes and imagines he is with anita and on a horse in shimla. Then he tells anita that he can take them and she can come with him and anguri to shimla. Anita says its ok.
Vibhu goes at anguri and tells her she is very talented and she should do what she wants and shoukd do fashion designing. Vibhu goes back home. He and anita are watching tv and a new serial is coming on &tv which they are promoting.

Precap: anguri tells tiwari that she is going ti start fashion designing becausw vibhu told her she is talented and can do it. Tiwari is thinking.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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