Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Professor Kalras’ Magic

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari and Vibhu having tea,vibhu says I met a friend he is a money man,Tiwari says you just have borrowed money for bad times,vibhu says who told you I’m in bad times,Tiwari says jobless man,vibhu says better than lingerie shop,prem walks to them and says fools what’s up,vibhu says why are you so happy,tiwari says may be his wife didn’t give him daily dose of whacking,prem says shut up Instead now a days she likes it and also joins me to gulfamkalis bar,vibhu and Tiwari start laughing,prem says I’m not lying,vibhu says then she has some problem,prem says no she is modern,prems wife walks and says hi and hugs and says hi to them,and says prem baby you have hooked with that neighbor yet let me arrange a date for you with her,and then let’s go to gulfamkalis bar.

Vibhu says prem

we need to talk how is this miracle,prem says it’s professor kalras magic,and hands them his number and leaves.anita and angoori enjoying kheer,tikka Malkhan tilu walk in,angoori asks how are they doing,Malkhan says soon we will be doing well,anu says doing well soon why what’s wrong now,tilu says we will be getting jobs in London,anu says wow what’s the job,tikka says toilet cleaning and 25000₹,tikka says will you help us fill this form.

Tiwari and Vibhu meet prof kalra,vibhu says we are tired of our wives,kalra says every man is,vibhu says our wives are orthodox kind of women,Tiwari says no night clubs nothing,Kalra asks do you love your neighbours,both say yes and then kiss each other and say we love each other,Kalra asks okay what height of modernness you expect,vibhu says no stopping,night clubs and all,Kalra says you will have to do it and remember it will be so effective that she will even appreciate you approaching other women.

Tiwari imagines Anita and angoori playing cards,Tiwari walks to them and says anu I have lost my heart to you,anu says I didn’t understand,angoori says cmon be free and tell her you love her,Tiwari does so,anu says how sweet.

Vibhu imagines,Anu and angoori together and anu says go sit beside her and you told me right you love her,vibhu blushes,anu says cmon don’t be shy propose her cmon,say I love you with all the feelings,vibhu says I love you,anu says say as you say it me,vibhu says I love you,anu says how sweet,angoori blushes.

Kalra says wake up you two,dreaming won’t help you have to get in action.

Vibhu gets in bedroom,anu walks to him and asks where were you,vibhu says with prem and you know what prems wife gave away all his ego and accepted and blended with his choices,anu says so she got spoilt like him,vibhu says no you never get it,it’s a modern world women and men drink together now a days,anu says I will break your face if you say it again.

Angoori walks to bedroom,Tiwari says I saw a film today,angoori says why did you do so without me,tiwari says on tv,and it was English film,husband wife loved Eachother had food together and had drinks together.

Anu says do you will like me drinking alcohol,vibhu says I won’t mind,anu says so being modern is being alcoholic,vibhu says is just beginning,anu says and last is drugs,vibhu says grow up be one of us,join the modern world.

Angoori says what alcohol together,tiwari says yes they are modern,and the modern world demands that and I suggest even you should do so,angoori says really,Tiwari says yes come let’s have a drink,angoori says how dare you,I haven’t touched it,and you want me to drink.

Vibhu says here is bottle let’s have drink,anu says have you lost it spoiling me and what people will say,vibhu says forget it and,anu says I’m good the way I am good night.

Tikka tilu happu Malkhan at gulfamkalis bar,tikka says we are going London to work,happu says if you don’t they will kick you out,gulfamkali walks to them,greets them,tikka says we were waiting for you,gulfamkali says I heard you are going London and I’m very happy for you three,and today’s night belongs to you three,and drinks on me.

Gulfamkali starts her performance.

Pre cap: vibhu and Tiwari discuss that their wives won’t get modern.tiwari convinces anu to drink and angoori is convinced by vibhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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