Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malkhan says she looked so week but slapped so hard,tikka says I know she had slapped me before,malkhan says couldn’t you warn me,tikka says if I didn’t it wouldn’t be fun,anyways look Pelu waiting for Vibhuti bhaiya,may be bhaiya bhabhi going out,and both hide,Vibhu says Pelu blue boat club cmon,tikka says where did he leave so dressed,it’s fishy let’s follow,malkhan says sure even we have no work let’s go.

Tika malkhan walk in the club,Vibhu gambling,Saxena leading the musician and starts singing, tikka says look who is singing,lily walks in singing,Vibhu starts wining games,tikka says malkhan look how good he is,tikka says I wish even we could play a game and we would be millionaires,malkhan says yes true. Lily says I’m so impressed with you,Vibhu

says they are just kids in this game,she says this means i haven’t made any mistake getting you here,Vibhu says and I haven’t by coming here,she says just keep wining and I shall turn your life to best I promise good bye.

Tikka and malkhan are stopped by bouncers saying only rich people allowed here not beggars like you,tikka says look we aren’t poor,bouncer says and neither rich leave,tikka malkhan fool him and enter the club,tikka malkhan say Vibhu bhaiya how come you here, you left us at tea stall,Vibhu says you need status to play here,tikka says where do you have status or money,Vibhu says shut up or I shall slap you,Malkhan says atleats helep us get a job here,Vibhu says ok I shall talk to lily go.

Vibhu on call with lily thanking her and says so we shall meet tonight bye,Anita walks in and says where were you last night,Vibhu says I got job in club,Anita says stop lying and tell me the truth,Vibhu says I’m not lying here’s my first night salary,Anita says wow but what job are you doing 10000 ₹ are you pool dancing in club tell me what are you doing,Vibhu says I’m manager,Anita says and did they give you whole Month salary in a night, Vibhu says if you don’t like give it,Anita says ok ok but what kind of club it is,Vibhu says normal club people chill and now go make me some coffee,Anita gives him cold look,Vibhu says ok give me my money,Anita says i shall get you a coffee and leaves,Vibhu says money makes everything happen.

Tiwari walks in and asks where were you I wanted to play poker and you were missing and I had to play with Pelu, tell me tonight’s plan,Vibhu says I have a job I can’t,Tiwari says don’t lie you are jobless,Anita walks in and says how dare you insult him,and what do you mean by liar,can’t he have a job and dare you say that again and leaves.

Anguri singing,Vibhu walks to her at kitchen window and asks how are you,Anguri says good,Vibhu says look I got you a gift,Anguri says where did you get money from you are jobless,Vibhu says I didn’t feel bad because I have a job now ,Anguri says congratulations but why gift me you should give it to Anita bhabhi,Vibhu say is gave her too,Anguri says oh this saree is so costly I can’t accept,Vibhu says it’s worth ten thousand please accept it,Anguri says are you gambling how did you manage this amount,Vibhu says no I’m not, a passer says liar you are a gambler,Vibhu says ignore,Anguri says if this saree turns out to be from gambling money I shall burn it.

At blue belt club,Saxena singing,Tiwari Vibhu and a man playing,Tiwari plays my fifty,the man says I thought we shall begin with ten,Tiwari says we arent at tea stall to play at ten,Vibhu wispers he is talking about ten thousand,Tiwari says what,why did you get me,Vibhu says when did I get you,Tiwari says I followed you,and when did you have so much money,Vibhu says I work here,anyways play now I have told here that you belong to rich family. Tiwari plays and wins the game.

Tikka malkhan walk in well dressed,bouncer stops them and says I have guessed you didn’t I tell you not to come,tikka says Vibhuti bhaiya called us,bouncer allows them in,tikka says bhaiya how did Tiwari bhaiya win so much,Vibhu says I let him win,so that he comes back.anyways show me your style cmon.

Happu Singh is stopped by bouncer,happu says how dare you I’m an inspector,lily walks to him and asks how do I help and let me tell you I hate people like you who are good at just buttering,I know you are here for bribe and here’s your share and don’t show your face for a week leave,happu says sure I won’t but tell me who this man is in hat,lily says he plays for me,and leaves.

Anguri in garden singing,Anita walks to her,Anguri says you look so happy,Anita says why won’t I,Vibhu has a job now,in a club as a manager,Anguri says he told me,Anita says I’m so happy,Anguri says so am I,Anita says now no one shall call him jobless,happu says right he won’t be called jobless anymore but a gambler,Anita asks what,happu says yes he is blue belts new gambler.

Pre cap : Anita says I know Vibhu you aren’t manager but a gambler in blue belt club.
Vibhu says Anguri bhabhi gift for you,Anguri says where did you manage this money from,Vibhu says I have a job now,Anguri says no you are a gambler now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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