Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

> The episode starts with vibhu watching tv at night in room and laughing his heart out as it’s a comedy movie. Anita comes and asks what are you watching and laughing so much? Vibhu says it’s a comedy movie about a guy who has 2 wives and he is stuck in handling things and stopping them from coming in front of each other. Anita you watch such a movie and even you must be feeling of having 2 wives. Vibhu says whats your problem and its just a movie. Anita says let me see news and puts on news. The reporter says that a new hair killer has come in Kanpur and he is spreading fear everywhere. Vibhu and anita watch curiously. Reporter says that man doesn’t pay heed to anyone and just goes and removes the head hair with a blade and no one knows who he is and why he is doing this. Reporter

says we will talk with the new victim and the police of the city happu singh. The victim is doctor. Vibhu and anita are shocked. Doctor says the hair killer came at night and he just removed my hair and I did not know how he did this and he went. Happu says he will catch him soon. Reporter says that this man puts a cross on the house of whichever mans hair he removes and he only takes the hair of men and not women so women are safe. Vibhu and anita look at each other. Vibhu says I should be alert. Anita says yes and tomorrow put a new shampoo I bought for you, its an apple shampoo.
> Next day at home anguri is watering plants and vibhu comes and asks how she is? Anguri says good. Vibhu asks her whose photo does she have in her heart? Anguri says only one person and that’s tiwaru. Vibhu says as expected. He says what do u like about hime? Anguri says everything the way he walks and talks and everything but I don’t like his hair. Vibhu says why? Anguri says they are rough and like the hair on a horse tail. Vibhu says oh and anguri says but she likes vibhus hair and they are so soft. Vibhu is happy and says that wow she likes his hair and she can touch them. Tiwari comes and says what is happening? Vibhu says she was talking about you and she doesn’t like your hair. Anguri says yes and they are like a horse tail hair and so rough. Tiwari says what do u like then? Anguri says everything about you but the hair. Anguri goes as she has work and says vibhus hair are soft. Tiwari tells vibhu to go and do some work and not trouble his wife. Vibhu says your hair are like horse tail and laughs and says my hair are good and goes.
> At home tiwari goes and meets anita. She welcomes him. Tiwari asks her that what does she feel about his hair? Anita starts laughing and tiwari says what happened and smiles. Anita laughs and says they are so sticky and oily and you like a stupid teacher with spectacles. Tiwari asks and about vibhu? Anita says please don’t even try to compare your hair to vibhus as his hair are very soft and nice unlike yours which are hard and rough. Tiwari Is jealous and angry on vibhu. Anita says his hair were more good when we were in college and she shows tiwari pic but tiwari gets up and says he has work and goes. Anita sees the pictures.
> At tea stall tiwari is angry and says even anguri and anita like his hair and it should happen that hair should be burned or they should fall soon. Vibhu comes and sits and tells see my hair are so soft and tiwari says you are showing too much vanity about your hair and someday something may happen or they may fall soon. Vibhu says they wont and you are jealous of me. Tika comes and says even I had long hair vibhu but they have gone and look at my head now. Vibhu makes fun of tika and tiwari and vibhu laugh. Doctor comes who is bald. Everyone ask what happened? Doctor says this hair is gone because of that hair killer. Vibhu and tiwari say what? Doctor says yes and he took my hair. Vibhu says did he put a cross on your house? Doctor says yes there was a cross. Tiwari thinks in mind that too keep this vibhu at bay I should put a cross on his house wall at night.
> At night tiwari goes ad puts a cross on the number plate of vibhus house. Next day tiwari comes and stands outside in morning he is exercising and waiting for anita to come and check the cross. Tiwari stands and anita comes and says wow you are exercising and tiwari says and he tries to show anita the cross but in vain. Anita says she is going as she has to get ready for grooming classes. Tiwari says she did not see and he has to do something. Tiwari calls anita and tells her look at this cross. Anita screams and calls vibhu. Anguri too comes. Vibhu screams too. Anita says oh my god that air killer will come to take your hair too. Vibhu is scared and says yes. Tiwari suggests that do 1 thing and for some days you have to stay home and don’t come out at all. Vibhu says yes as he is scared and they go.

> Precap: the hair killer sees the cross and thinks who put my cross here and I will not leave the man living I this house. At home bell rings and vibhu opens door and it’s the hair killer and he shows vibhu a blade. Vibhu is scared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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