Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita talking with meenal on phone. She tells her that I don’t know what to do as vibhu is giving me 10k rupees everyday and this is astonishing and how can he earn so much money in one night? And when I asked he says you just want money so take it. Tiwari comes, anita says I will keep phone meenal and Tiwari is here. Tiwari comes and says you don’t look good anita, anita says yes because of vibhu. Tiwari says you will be more tensed when I tell you what happened yesterday. Tiwari tells that vibhu was standing out and a van came and from that a beautiful hand just like you(anita blushes) came out from the van and the woman whoever she was pulled vibhu in and the van went. Anita says what? Vibhu comes and is injured on his feet, he comes and says Tiwari you don’t

have work and go home. Tiwari says what happened to your feet? Anita says yeah what happened. Vibhu says nothing I stepped on 2 horns so I was injured. Anita says oh. Vibhu says Tiwari you want coffee? Tiwari says yes. Vibhu says then go home and drink and get lost. vibhu goes in kitchen. Twiari tells anita today we have to plan something and goes. Anita says yes.
There vibhu is in gulfam kalis kotha and his leg are hurt. Gulfam says what happened to masakali now? Vibhu says I am vibhu and masakali at night. Vibhu says I cant dance I am sorry and my feet are hurt. Gulfam says that is not possible and you have to dance and people are expecting you today night. Vibhu says no I cant I am hurt. Gulfam says that’s not an option and I have taken advance from happu singh and you have to dance. Vibhu says it is my decision whether to dance and I will not dance. Gulfam calls jagga her bodyguard and says you know him right and she threatens him and he has to dance. Vibhu says okay I will dance.
At anguris house vibhu goes and tells her now I will keep on dancing and teach my student never stop. Anguri says that’s a nice spirit and what do you want to learn? Vibhu says classical dance only but on a song I say. Anguri says on the item song you said I danced on it when I was in 5th std. vibhu says oh nice you were in school too, anguri says yes till 5th I studied. Vibhu says oh okay. Anguri then dances on the song, vibhu learns the step and looks at anguri dancing and is also enjoying as he is learning.
At night vibhu is bathing and anita says he is bathing which means he will go now and I should tell Tiwari. Anita calls Tiwari who is hiding in an auto on the street, she tells Tiwari to stay alert and vibhu is coming and see with whom he goes. Tiwari says yes his eyes are sharp and he will see with whom vibhuti goes. Anita says okay and keeps phone. Later vibhu comes down and an auto comes and stops. Tiwari is hiding in another auto at the back of the auto which stops in front of vibhu, he cant se anything. In auto gulfam is there and she tells vibhu come its time. Vibhu says see I don’t want to do this work anymore now and I quit. Gulfam says I told you earlier that you cant leave and you have to dance. Vibhu says no I will not dance and lets see who will stop me. Gulfam says did you forget about jagga and come sit now. Vibhu says no I will dance lets go. Vibhu sits in and the auto goes. Tiwari says I could not see or hear anything but today I will se what vibhu does and Tiwari goes with pelu in auto behind vibhu.
At the kotha, prem happu singh, tika and malkhan are waiting and happu asks gulfam where is masakali? Saxena is sitting with harmonium and says masakali will come in now. Vibhu comes. Everyone cheer. Vibhu says a sher but no one understands but malkhan being drunk says wow that’s was so touching. Happu says we are excited and start the program. Vibhu starts dancing on saxenas music and dances as happu gets up and dances too. He kisses vibhus hands and then sits down. After the dance, everyone cheer and happu is drunk. He says wow masakali you danced well and are so beautiful. Happu tells gulfam kali that let him spend only 1 night with masakali and he will give whatever cost she wants and he just wants to spend time and roam with her. Masakali as vibhu says she could have danced more but is angry because of some people and she has been hurt. Happu says oh I am sorry but just one night come on. Vibhu goes away. Gulfam says see happu you made her sad and she wont come now and everyone go the program is over. Tika malkhan come out from the kotha and say this happu is always drunk and he messes everything always. Tika says yeah man and we were enjoying and its because of happu. Happu singh and prem come out. Happu says gulfam se one night I will take masakali with ,e and till how much time wont you send masakali with me? And I will take her with me otherwise I am not the father of 9 kids. Tiwari is watching everything and says where is this vibhu? Prem says tika malkhan takes this drunk happu and prem goes. Tika and malkhan take happu who is drunk and unconscious. They go. Tiwari says lets see inside what is happening.
Inside gulfam tells vibhu that wow masakali you dance so nice and well done. Vibhu says call me vibhu now and I am tired now and I cant dance amongst these cheap people and how they tease me and I wont dance now. Gulfam says but they tease masakali not you vibhu. Vibhu says but I am masakali right and I am tired of being masakali and I wont dance now. Gulfam says jagga, vibhu says I will dance. Tiwari sees this all and says so he is masakali and I will expose him in front of everyone otherwise my name is not manmohan Tiwari.

Precap: vibhu tells gulfam why did you call me? Gulfam says a program has been ordered but not here somewhere out and at tiwaris house he has ordered it and has also given me advance. Vibhu Tiwari? And not at all I am not doing that. Gulfam calls jagga, vibhu says I will dance. At tiwaris house, Tiwari is watching vibhu as masakali dancing, vibhu dances.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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