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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu cooking omelette. Prem calls him. He tells him that will he come today to meet? Vibhu says no and he wants to see anguri everyday. Pren says thats cool. Vibhu says but he cant see her for the whole day so thats sad. Anguri is coming so vibhu tells prem that speak to your bhabhi. Prem says its ok and keeps the phone. Vibhu asks anita where had she gone? Anita tells she had gone at the tailor for giving measurements and it took her half an hour. Vibhu says that who took the measurements? Anita says that the master took it. He says how can a male take measurements of a female? She said so what and it is very common. Vibhu gets jealous and says this cant happen. Anita tells that dont need to panic and shut up as it is common. She tells him that he broke her omellette

and she doesnt eat broken omellettes so make her coffee. She goes. Vibhu says that if master takes measurements then even anguri will need dresses so even her measurement will be taken.
At home anguri is speaking with mom on phone and she tells her that tiwari is going to bring her a gift and she is excited. Tiwari comes. Anguri tells mom she will keep the phone as tiwari has come. Anguri asks tiwari wgere is her gift. Tiwari says he has it. Anguri says give it to me. Tiwari tells her that dont keep telling everything to mom. Anguri tells anyways give gift. Tiwari tells her to close eyes and he hands a sari in anguris hands. Anguri opens her eyes and then freaks and throws it and tells tiwari that what colour is this and it is so bad and she doesnt want it. She says she was excited but what gift he bought ger and she doesnt want it and anguri goes in the kitchen. Tiwari says how will he know her choices and he says he will not bring gift from next time then. Anguri says ok dont bring and give money to her and she will buy herself.
At tea stall, saxena is sitting. Tika and malkhan come there and tell tea stall man to give tea. He doent respond. They tell him they will give him money and give them tea. Saxena says from where will you people give money and that you people are useless. They tell that every rich man must have started from being useless. Malkhan says yes right. Saxena tells anyways he will give their money for tea. They both fall at his legs and tell him he is so grateful. Then saxena tells just give me blessing as he has started a ladies tailor boutique. Tika and malkhan say they give their blessings. Vibhu who is behind listens to this. He hits tika and malkhan and tells them to go. They both go. Vibhu sits and congratulates saxena for his boutique. Saxena tells thank you. Vibhu then tells that if he has a job then please give it to him. Saxena tells him that he is amazed. Vibhu tells that he wants a job and he will work very hard for it. Saxena tells ok and he is hired. Vibhu then asks for an alternate mobile number so that he can contact with customer. Saxena gives him a mobile number with new cell. Then saxena suddenly shouts at him and tells go and do your work properly and if he doesnt get success then he will kick him iut of the job. Saxena goes saying i like it. Vibhu says he has suddenly become rude.
At the kitchen vibhu sees anguri is sad. He asks her why is she sad? She tells that tiwari brought her a cheap gift of stupid color and she did not like it. Vibhu tells her that that man tiwari is useless and he is not capable of buying such a gift. Anguri says please dont speak about him like this. Vibhu says anyways there has been opened a new ladies tailor in the town and she should call that master. Anguri says that fantastic and she would call him. She asks him masters name. Vibhu tells its gulkadn sirki and he makes all clothes. Angurir says give his number. Vibhu gives the number and then he blushes and goes.
At home anita asks him where had he gone? Vibhu tells to meet prem. Anita asks why? Vibhu tells he went to learn a new card game which prem has learnt from uganda. Anita tells that you people are so disgusting and why doesnt prem teach you to work? Anita tells vibhu first ho and work then speak. Then suddenly a call comes. It has come on the new mobile saxena has given to vibhu. Anita asks what is ringing and our both mobiles are on the table here then from where is the sound coming? Vibhu laughs and tells leave it it must be coming from outside. Anita tells no its coming from him and she makes him standup. She finds a mobile and asks whose is it? Vibhu tells oh it is prems as he had taken his phone for a call as his balance had finished but he forgot to give it to him. Anita says ok and she is not interested in this stupid stuff and she goes.
In the bedroom vibhu goes and calls anguri. He tells her in a different voice that he is gulkand siri speaking and how can he help her. Anguri tells that she got his number from vibhuti and she wants to dresses to be made and take her measurements. Vibhuti acting as master tells yes ofcourse for a beautiful women like him he will ofcourse come as he loves everyone. Anhuri says ok and then master tells that that boy vibhuti is a very nice man and is handsome, generous , gentle , polite sweet and is a discipline boy. Anguri yeah but he does not work and is jobless so whats the point. Vibhu gets angry and says okay then he will come for measurements and he keeps the phone.
At home vibhu becomes master and goes. Tiwari opens and asks what? He says are u blind i am a master and have come for measurements. Anguri comes. Vibhu gets in. He then tekls anguri that he has come to take ger measurements. Anguri says oh yes. Tiwari asks for his number and goes. Anguri tells take measurements. Vibhu removes the tape and is going but he shivers and is not able to touch anguri and take her measurements. So vibhu tells he cant take it. Anguri says why? Vibhu tells because he has done with his eyes. Anguri says what? Vibhu says and he has a experience of 50 years and he has taken and his great grandfathers were the tailors of nawabs daughters. Anguri says ok and tells so will he give her the dress? Vibhu says ofcourse. Anguri says what will be the cost? Vibhu says if tiwari gives then 5000 rs. Anguri says ok and it will do. Then she tells him try again taking her measurements. Vibhu runs away.

Precap: tiwari has told anita about the master gulkand siri and gives her number and tells he is only making clothes for anguri. Anita says thats nice and she takes it. At home anita tells vibhu that she has the number of gulkand siri and she will call him. Vibhu gets scared and shocked and says dont call now they must be busy. Anita calls and the phone in vibhus pocket rings.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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