Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita calling vibhu and asking all his friends where he is? Anita is tensed and says to herself that where is vibhu and this man is not picking the call since morning. Tiwari comes and sits. He says what happened? Anita tells vibhu is missing since morning and where is he and have you seen him? Tiwari tells he knows wherevibhu must have gone. Anita asks where? Tiwari says he must have gone with his friend prem for gulfam kalis programme and put his phone on switch off mode. Anita says what are you saying and why do u always say bad about vibhu? Tiwari says anyways we have to find him. Then doctor comes and says there is no need to find and here is vibhu. Anita goes and hugs him and says where were you and i have been calling everyone and searching you. Doctor tells

he is in a bad condition. Anita says elaborate. Doctor says actually he was there at a corner and there were 2 bulls fighting and vibhu was enjoying them and laughing. Those bulls got angry and one hit vibhu on one hand and other hit him on the other hand and because of those blows he lost his hands. Anita gets shocked and says what and doctor says there isno medicine for this and she can take him and doctor goes. Anita starts crying. Tiwari says its ok anita and tells vibhu that he is there to help. Tiwari goes. Vibhu says dont cry baby and be strong and tells ger now you do all work and i will rest. Anita says ok. She goes. Vibhu dances with hands moving.
At frontyard vibhu comes. Anguri is watering plants. He brings the milk utensil with mouth. Anguri says why are you behavibg like a dog and by mistake her pendant falls down. She tells vibhu to pick it up. Vibhu says no. Anguri says why are you being rude and help me. He says no. Anguri says why not? Then a blow of wind comes and vibhus shawl falls down. Anguri sees his hands and asks what happened? Vibhu tells he lost his hands in midst of a bull fight. Anguri fells bad and becomes sad and says why did god do this and she tells him come in and picks up the pendant and puts his shawl on him. Inside anguri tells that she will bring breakfast for him and you sit. Vibhu tells her that how wilk he eat? She tells she will feed him and goes in kitchen. Vibhu feels amazing and says now he will feel her love and thank u god for this. Tiwari comes and says oh how are you vibhu. He tells he is fine though god took his hands. Tiwari tells they all there to help. Anguri brings breakfast and is going to feed when tiwari tells anguri you go get break fast for me and i will feed him. Vibhu feels angry from inside but has to eat.
At anitas frontyard, malkhan is speaking on phone and says he will go to that movie alone. Saxena comea and asks which movie are you going to watch? Malkhan tells its named Pyaar ka lakwa hoye. Saxena says oh wow even he has heard that name and he will come with him to watch that movie. Malkhan says ok. Happu singh comes and tells whats up guys. Saxena asks from where are you coming? Happu singh tells he just watched that movie pyaar ka lakwa hoye. Anita who heard all this comes and ask whats its story? Happu singh tells its about a husband who has lost his hands and his wife helps him get his hands back through many ways. Happu singh says are you going to watch? Anita tells no are you insane and my standard is quite high to watch this and she tells all of them to go. They all go. Anita calls minal and tells lets watch this movie.
At home vibhu has come in kitchen and says that anita feeds him but only small quantity of food and today she gave me only 1 gulan jamun. He says that now anita is not there he will take the advantage. He removes his shawl and takes thosevgulan jamun and eats them. Tiwari sees vibhu and is shocked. He says to himself that vibhu is cheating anita and is fooling everyone and i will remove the truth.

Precap: anita is dancing romantically in front of vibhu and vibhu ismoving just like that and acting as if he doesnt have hands. Tiwari sees this as he is hiding in anitas house and says he will remove the truth of vibhuti’s hands. In morning anita and vibhu are coming and tiwari comes dresses up as a goon with one eye being covered under a black cover. He starts touching anita and anita says to vibhu that see he is touching me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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