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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu at tiwaris houseat night at his door, gulfam kali comes and starts dancing as vibhu gave her money to do this and vibhu is forcing Tiwari to dance with her. The song starts and at night gulfam kali is dancing with Tiwari. Vibhu is whistling and then he comes in and says wow why are you dancing with this woman and its illegal doing this with pr*stitutes. Vibhu says I will arrest you and put you in jail for doing this, Tiwari says that I did not even call her and she only came. Anguri says that forgive him and he did not do anything and please leave him. Vibhu says okay and for you I am leaving him. Vibhu takes gulfam out and gives her money and says thank you. Anita sees this and goes in and sits in the hall. Vibhu comes in, anita says where were you? Vibhu says

i was on duty and Tiwari was caught with gulfam kali. Anita says she knows the truth and she saw him with gulfam kali giving her money, vibhu is shocked and says I did not do anything. Anita twists his hand and says if he does this injustice to people then she will tell the commissioner. Vibhu says okay and sorry.
Next day anguri is there and vegetable seller comes, the vegetables are costly so anguri takes few vegetables. Vibhu comes and hits seller on head and says what are you doing and selling the vegetables so expensive. Seller says it has become expensive in the market so what can I do, vibhu tells seller to give the money back to anguri and from today he will give her vegetables free. Anguri says its okay but vibhu insists and anguri says okay and goes. Seller says that vibhu is exploiting him and he is already poor. Vibhu says shut up and do what I say and I am the inspector. Anita comes and asks for vegetables too and then asks what price she has to give? Seller says for free. Aita says what and why? Seller says now vibhu police said that he has to give free from today and I gave moneyu back to anguri. Anita scolds vibhu and says he is not doing this right and is misusing his uniform, vibhu says he sellfs for a high cost, anita says its not his mistake, then she gives the seller money and goes.
At the street Tiwari sends a man who is birjus brother sarjus man and hat guy has a letter for vibhu. The man goes and gives the letter to vibhu and says till now you had a good life and now you will suffer. Vibhu is scared, he takes the letter and the man goes, vibhu reads it, it says that I am sarju birjus brother and you did not do good by catching birju and I will make so many holes in your body that you wont know from where to breath. Vibhu is scared and he runs home. Tiwari laughs and says now I will teach him a lesson.
At home Tiwari calls vibhu on phone and changes his voice and says I am sarju, vibhu is shivering and scared and says he is sorry and he did not catch birju and it happened by mistake. Tiwari says to him that he will now kill him and is not going to leave him, vibhu says actually he just turned that day and birju fell down and he did not do it by purpose. Tiwari says if he wants to save his life then he has to resign otherwise he will die. Vibhu is scared and keeps the phone.

Precap: outside anguris kitchen, vibhu is there and suddenly while he is talking with anguri, two men come on a bike and one shoots vibhu with bullets and they go. Vibhu falls down.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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