Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, anguri is crying and says tat tiwari cant do this and comes vibhuti and he says tatnothing will go wrong and anguri then tells him tat i m afraid tat tiwari will go to Hollywood behind tat Angelina he has changed and vibhuti says tat wat has changed and anguri tells tat he was lazy but today he wake up early and went jogging i am scared tat he will go behind her and i really don’t know wat to do and vibhuti says do tit for tat u also do an affair and anguri says tat i m really not understanding wat r u trying to say and anguri then sees a foreigner lady standing near a bike and she thinks may be she is Angelina and goes out to see while anita is ready with the camera at her terrace and she says action and tiwari comes out with a bag and he is western clothes he

comes to the fforeign lady and says tat oh my darling lets run away and go to holly wood and the foreigner says ya lets go and anita says to tiwari tat he is doing nice and anguri comes out running and says no tiwari u cant do this to me and anita gets upset tat the shooting was interrupted and she comes down and tiwari says to anguri wat r u doing here and anguri says u cant do this to me and he asks wat and anguri says u cant leave me and go with this another woman and he says wat nonsense r u talking and anita comes down and tells anguri tat its not like tat but anguri doesnot listens to her and says tat who gave u this idea to tiwari and anita i have asked him to do this and then anguri says to anita tat may be in ur western world this must be acceptable but i will never accept it and anguri says to tiwari tat he can go with this lady and i will drink this red poison and die the lady says i don’t know him but till then anguri drinks poison and vibhuti sees this and comes running and then anita asks him to call doctor soon and he calls and asks him to come urgently and in his mind he says tat wat has bhabhiji done and i m responsible for it and then anita tells anguri tat she is my model and i m shooting an advertisement for my grooming classes and tiwari is my model i m showing how he has changed from an illmannered person to a well groomed man and then tiwari says y u did this anguri if something happen to u wat will i do and anguri then says tat no no i m fine as it was not poison and sarbat and everyone gets shocked and tiwari asks y did u do this and she tells tat amaji gave me this idea so tat i can know the truth and vibhuti gets so happy tat i m so happy tat u r out of danger thanks to amaji if she was here i would have kissed her and anita gives vibhuti a look and he says i m sorry and then anguri says lets go tiwari and they invite the foreigner lady to have tea and anita and vibhuti also go in
Next day anita is doing yoga and comes tiwari he sees her and gets happy and then anita sees him and says pls come and tiwari yells and anita asks wat happen and tiwari lies tat there is pain in my back and anita then asks have u lifted something heavy and he lies tat i was removing a trunk and tat time i got hurt in my back and then he asks anita does she has any solution on this and anita says tat yes i do u do one thing lie down on this mat ur back facing upward i will come in a minute and anita goes in asks vibhuti tat he was born first legs out and he says yes he is eating chocolate and then anita tells him tat there is pain in tiwaris back will u help him cure and he says yes
While tiwari is thinking tat anita has gone in to bring oil and she will massage me and he again lies down and anita then asks vibhuti to go ahaead and he kicks hard on tiwaris back and he shouts in pain and gets up and asks vibhuti tat y did u do this and then anita tells tat don’t u know tat if a person born with his legs out first kicks the back it gets cured and then vibhuti says tat tiwari is the most unfit man see his stomach coming out and he laughs eating chocolate and then tiwari gets angry and says to vibhuti tat u r unfit so thin and they start fighting and anita then stops them and tiwari leaves in anger and anita says to vibhuti this is wrong way to talk to our neighbors
Tiwari comes out at the gate he says this vibhuti is so rude and there comes doctor and tiwari asks him have the reports come and doctor says all the colony knows it and tiwari asks wat is my report and doctor tells tat u r very unfit u have cholesterol and less vitamin A,B,C,D and then tiwari asks wat is the report of vibhuti and doctor says tat he is perfectly fit and then tiwari gets an idea and he asks can the reports be changed and doctor says changed and tiwari says u will earn money and doctor says ok and tiwari asks him to change vibhutis report
Vibhuti is sitting and having mithai kaju kathli he tells anita tat this is very delicious and says tat some time bring other mithais too like rabdi and anita comes and says tat wat is this and he says wat and she says tat u have started eating too much sweet food and vibhuti says y u always have restrictions on me and anita says when ur report will come from doctor and u will find something in it u will get to know and she leaves and doctor comes to vibhutis house with reports and tiwari also follows him and doctor says tat i was about to come to ur house and then anita asks doctor wat is the report and he says very bad vibhuti is having sugar ,diabeties and they both get shocked and anita then warns vibhuti tat she is not going to let him eat a peace of sugar also and then vibhuti asks wat is tiwaris report and doctor says tat he perfectly fine and then tiwari says to anita tat i will also help u control vibhutis sugar

Anguri is talking to amaji and asks how is she and amaji says i m fine and is laughing every time and anguri asks y r u laughing and amaji tells tat doctor has asked to laugh as it will increase ur life line and she asks anguri to also kepp laughing and hungs up tiwari comes home and tells anguri tat she should cook simple food as his reports have come and he is having high cholesterol and then anguri says wat and laughs and tiwari asks y r u laughing and she tells tat amaji has asked her to do so it increases ur life line. And then tiwari tells anguri tat vibhuti is having diabeties Anguri says to tiwari tat oh my god vibhuti has diabeties and sugar and laughs and then tiwari tells her tat if vibhuti comes do not give him anything tat is sweet to eat and then anguri says ok and laughs and then tiwari asks her to stop this laughing and anguri says ok and again starts laughing and leaves and tiwari says tat amaji tells something weird always and he laughs too and then goes in
Next day tiwari wakes up early and goes to vibhutis house and in his bedrooms vibhuti is still sleeping and he tries to wake him up and vibhuti thinks tat its anita so he pulls him inside his blanket and kisses later he realises and tiwari comes out of the blanket and wipes his lips and vibhuti also gets uncomfortable.

Tiwari is eating sweets cake and mithai and goes near vibhuts kitchen and says tat so how r u ill man and seeing the sweets vibhuti asks tiwari to give him one atleast cream and tiwari says no and leaves later vibhuti jumps into anguris kitchen and he is requesting tiwari to give him sweet to eat and tiwari denies and vibhuti runs behind him and as he doesnot gives he bites tiwari.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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