Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anguri says chatanki what is this, don’t you have manners,chatanki says you are so beautiful,you are grown up and we were kids then,anguri says do you remember the fun we use to have when we were kids,when we went to pick some berries,you had climbed the tree and I was down collecting them,chatanki says then,anguri says a monkey came and attacked you and you fell down,chatanki says I don’t remember,anguri says I have one more,Vibhuti thinks it’s time to come back or else her bore stories,anguri says and once we ride on a buffalo Vibhuti says hello bhabhiji,anguri says oh chatanki is gone,we were refreshing old memories,let me share one,Vibhuti says I’m busy and leaves,anguri says he is jobless how come busy.

Tiwari says because of chatanki,it’s become difficult,he

insults me In front of bhabhiji and anguri and her friends god,tikka and malkhan come scared,Tiwari asks what’s wrong what did you see,tikka says it’s very scary,malkhan says bhaiya anokhi turned to a witch,in front of us that too we shall sleep here please give us some alcohol.happu Singh comes there too and says what is this happening here,Tiwari asks what,happu Singh says anokhi,I saw her walking backwards and climb a tree and hang,malkhan says oh no,they see happu Singh has wet his pants,tikka asks how come you wet your pants,happu Singh says it’s hot,anokhi come there and starts dancing,and leaves.all get scared.malkhan says happu Singh look down what did you do in your pants.

Vibhuti on sofa singing songs,Anita walks to him and says Vibhu or chatanki,Vibhuti says yes baby it’s me,and who else will call you baby,Anita says what are you up to,Vibhuti says when this chatanki comes I don’t remember anything,Anita says this is all your frustration of sitting idle all day,Vibhuti says I mean bhabhiji knows her friend and why not you believe it,Anita says anguri Ji is innocent,Vibhuti says anyways record me next time as chatanki so that I can see,Anita says no need I have called a specialist he will come examine and give you shocks you will be all right., he must be at Kanpur railway station already.

Vibhuti says oh god what is this I should talk to Prem he shall help me,Prem at railway station,Vibhuti says I’m in problem,just go to railway station,Prem says I’m right there to receive Gulfamkali,Vibhuti says good ,Doctor is coming by same train,Tiwari hears him talk,Vibhuti says that doctor shouldnt come here and tells him the whole situation and Tiwari hears it,Vibhuti says make sure doctor shouldn’t reach my home,Prem says don’t worry he won’t bye.
Tiwari says oh so this is all a act good.

Anguri says chatanki will love this halwa,Tiwari says anguri dinners ready,anguri says yes go call chatanki and Anita,Tiwari says he is Vibhuti not chatanki ,anguri says I know but I see chatanki in him,Vibhuti and Anita Walk in.

Anita says wow food smells so good,angrui says this is all chatanki favourite dishes,he loves this halwa,vibhutiji please call him,Anita says please don’t,angrui says he won’t trouble you please let him come,Anita says yes but I can’t have food with a ghost,anguri says I will be happy if he haves this food,Vibhuti says Anita have some heart, chatanki please come,Tiwari acts as chatanki and says who is calling me I’m already here,anguri says wow he is in you, how come you here and not inside vibhutiji,Tiwari says he is jobless and useless and I don’t like it, but Tiwari is good person,Anita says what all is this,angrui Ji see what all is this,anguri says don’t worry you have food,chatanki don’t create mess and have food.

Chatanki says before I have food,Anita says dare you touch Vibhu Tiwariji,chatanki says I’m not Tiwari and slaps him,anguri says now have halwa,Tiwari dislikes halwa but says it’s yummy.

Tikka malkhan and happu Singh at tea stall scared because of anokhi,happu Singh says if she gets you,you won’t be spared,malkhan says what’s use of your uniform,happu Singh slaps him and says is it to catch ghosts you useless, anokhi passes them walking upside down.

Anguri says yes Amaji it’s hot her but I shall take care so do you I shall call again bye. Tiwari says come lets go to bed,anguri says I won’t sleep with you,Tiwari asks why but,anguri says if chatanki comes in at night what shall I do,Tiwari says darling he won’t dine anguri says he is naughty, I know him he is my friend,I know he shall come,Tiwari says what nonsense is this anguri says come here and rests him on bed and puts blanket over him and says I shall sleep in other room and leaves,Tiwari says god spoilt my mood.

Pre cap : anguri dancing and Tiwari enjoying seeing her dance.
Vibhuti says Anita no one can separate us come give me a hug, Tiwari jumps in through balcony and starts hitting Vibhuti.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Just lots of great fun!!! Vibhuti turns bhooti!!!! Hhhehheee!! Poor Tiwariji!!!! Such a wimp!

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