Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita at night standing on street and eating a pasterrie. Tika comes and says to her that so late you are eating cake alone. Anita takes it and smashes the cake into tikas face and starts laughing like a child and goes away. Tika stands and cries for a minute and goes away sad.
Next day vibhu is in hall reading newspaper. It says husbands dont trouble your wives much because it can make them mental and they start acting like a child and getting angry very quick and throwing things at everyone. Vibhu keeps the paper and says i should stop fighting with anita or else she will become like this. Tika comes and vibhu says come and sit here. Tika sits. Vibhu says whats up? Tika says yesterday night anita was on the street with cake and when i asked why are you here

alone then she smashed the cake into my face. Tika tells she is mental maybe and she needs treatment. Vibhu says what and i will slap you and anita is matur and educated and will never do this. Anita comes and says what happened why are you shouting on him? Vibhu tells tika is saying you smashed cake in his face yesterday. Anita says what and asks tika. Tika says yes you did it. Vibhu says shut up i will slap you. Anita tells i have never even done this yo vibhu then why will i do it to you? Vibhu smiles. Tika says yes you did it. Anita says no i did not. Tika says ok and goes. Anita tells vibhu to bring cake for today night and i will caress with it on your face. Vibhu blushes and goes.
At night tiwari is sleeping with tilu. Tiwari says bhabhiji bhabhiji. Then he hears voices of a girl and gets up. He wakes up tilu and tells who is this making noise and its a girl. Tilu says lets check it. They go and are shocked when they see it is anita. Anita calls them and they play indian game tile jump. They all play and as anita speaks with them as a child. Tiwari is shocked.
Next day tiwari goes to vibhu and tells him that anita played tile jump with them on the street. Vibhu says what are you mad? Anita comes and on knowing tells you are dumb tiwari and i will never play at night like this. Then anita goes and comes back hopping and goes to kitchen. Tiwari looks at vibhu. Vibhu says i will see what all this ia about. In the room anita is in balcony. Vibhu goes and keeps looking at her. She says what? And says do u think it was me? Vibhu says no when did i say this? Anita says i did not do this. Vibhu says ok.
At night tiwari gets up as he has bad dream and tilu wakes up too. Tilu asks what happened? Tiwari says he had a bad dream. Tilu says good atleast he did not wet his cheeks by thinking about any random woman. Tiwari says shut up and hoes to kitchen to drik water. There anita is washing utensils. Tiwari asks what are you doing here? Anita says laddo ke bhaiya and laughs like a child.tiwari runs out and calls tilu and shows him but anita is not there. Tiwari goes to vibhus home and tells vibhu. Vibhu says what nonsense and anita is sleeping. Vibhu says lets check. They go and under the blanket vibhu tell see she is sleeping. Tiwari tells check it. vibhu takes the blanket up and there are only pillows. Both are shocked.

Precap: doctor tell for this sickness only 1 solution is there and anita has to be given shock. Vibhu and tiwari look at each other.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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