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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, sheikh asks where is mal, tiwari says he means to say where is vibhutiji, anita says ohk vibhuti say hi to him, sheikh says i will check vibhuti and interview him, anita says ohk take it he is ready, sheikh says i will interview him alone, anita says ohk i will get tea till then, vibhuti thinks what all is going on i cant understand, sheikh asks what is ur umar, vibhuti says my kamar is 32, sheikh says ohk can u do massage, vibhuti says no i cant play any instruments, sheikh ignores n says will u satisfy me, vibhuti says i am qualified, tiwari says he is qualified to satisfy, sheikh says will u cooperate, vibhuti says yes i am creative, tiwari says he is creative while being cooperative, sheikh gets confused with vibhutis answers and goes away, vibhuti says i guess

i misunderstood him, anita asks where did this sheikh go, tiwari says bhabhiji he failed the test, vibhuti says i cant hear anything i have infection in my ear i cant hear.
Tiwari says go see n doctor n leaves, anita calls doctor, vibhuti asks why are u calling tractor, doctor checks vibhuti and asks kaise hua, vibhuti says why u want my bua, anita says he is asking kaise, vibhuti says u want paise why first give medicine, anita says kaise samjaun, vibhuti says what bujau, aniat says doctor do something,and vibhu u shutup,doctor says relax write what u want to say he will read it, anita says ok and writes vibhu tell him how did u injure ur ears, vibhuti thinks if i tell the truth it will be mess i will lie, vibhuti says i guess its infected, doctor says ok let me check, doctor says i will put ear drops, u put two drops, he will be fine soon.anita says ok vibhu u rest and goes along with doctor, vibhuti says after drops i cant hear anything, what is this now.
Vibhuti goes to have tea, he tries to hear what people are talking but doesn’t hear anything, and thinks god looks like my ears are completely gone, and if everyone gets to know abt it, all will make fun of me.happu singh comes there and says hi vibhuti, vibhuti looks at him and says god how will i know what he will say, and says bye happu singh , happu singh says sit have tea with me actually i need help, theres a lot tension, vibhuti says pension how do u get pension, happu singh says i am saying i am here for advice, vibhuti doesn’t understand anything, happu singh says my old girl friend called me n while talking to her my wife jag gayi(woke up), vibhuti says what she ran away ur wife ran away, don’t worry tell me if u need help, happu singh says what are u doing are u mad, have u lost it, vibhuti says have patience don’t get angry she will return back, happu singh says i will arrest u now if u don’t keep quite, vibhuti says ya ok take rest, vibhuti leaves thinking i guess i messed up everything, happu singh says he is gone mad completely.
Vibhuti tells doctor that he cant hear anything after drops, doctor says i know actually take this babas medicine, anita says u are a doctor what have u done to him, doctor says we need to operate him,vibhuti says anu what is he saying, anita writes on his hand he says he will operate u, vibhuti says he spoiled my ear completely i wont , anita says what will u do now, doctor says let him be as it is,anita says what do u mean by that, doc says let me be deaf, anita says u wait i will make u deaf too, doc says bye n leaves.
Vibhuti goes to anguri and says hi bhabhiji, anguri says hi , vibhuti says don’t talk i cant hear anything, anguri says ladu ke bhaiya told me, and says how will i explain him and starts making gestures to vibhuti and vibhuti guesses her, vibhuti thinks she is looking so beautiful its fun.vibhuti says bhabhiji i am not able to understand, anguri trying to says i talk to my deaf grandfather with ishare and blinks, vibhuti likes it n says i am not understanding, anguri tries again ,vibhuti guess it and anguri gestures sahi pakde hain, vibhuti says if u keep gesturing like this i will love this deafness life long

Precap:anita on phone says if my mother in law had in her hand she would keep vibhuti by her pallu, vibhuti realises he can hear everything now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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