Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti informs Tiwari and Anita that Anguri is a Dracula.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu walks to Anita,Anita reading books,Tiwari walks in, and asks Anita what book is she reading,Anita says all these books and this one is on Dracula,I’m writing a thesis,Tiwari asks is this a myth or a reality,Anita says that’s my topic,Tiwari asks she can I see them,Anita says I didn’t see but want to,Tiwaris says me too,Vibhu says come with me look at bhabhiji she is a Dracula,Tiwari says have you lost it,Vibhu says I saw her drink blood,Anita says she is such an innocent lady what’s wrong with you,Vibhu says she is the one,Anita says I don’t believe,Vibhu as tonight at 12 we shall see,and Tiwari in we will be at jhakarkati Chowk and you follow Anguri bhabhiji and we all shall see,Anita says see he is so Confident and Vibhu can you believe it,I’m

writing a thesis and I will see a Dracula,I will be a doctor,it’s so exciting,this is the destiny,Vibhu says have you lost it,she is turned to Dracula and you are happy,Vibhu hugs Tiwari and starts crying and says do something,Anita gives sarcastic look,Vibhu says I’m sorry I got carried away.

Malkhan says tikka where were you,tikka says I got such a thing you would love it,malkhan asks what is it,tikka says something we always dream of,malkhan asks girls,tikka says no look at this and removes bottle of alcohol,malkhan asks where did you get this from,tikka says managed it,there’s a man who works at custom department and sells the alcohol he finds.happu walks to them and they hide the bottle,Happu on calls ays no no we shall find clues from CCTV footage,and cuts the call,tikka asks why are you angry,Happu says blood bank,the blood is still being stolen,and what are you hiding,malkhan says nothing,Happu says are you the one stealing the blood,tikka says no, look its alcohol,Happu says sorry boys,commissioner calls me and irritates me and so how about give me a bottle too,tikka says sure and both run away.

Tiwari awake keeping an eye on Anguri and Anguri asleep,Tiwari says Vibhuti has no work,blamed my wife as Dracula, who drinks water thinking twice,Tiwari checks on Anguri,and asks are you awake,she gets up and bites him,Tiwari realises it’s a dream and says god thank you it was just a dream and says let me hide and keep an eye on her. Vibhuti and Anita hide near the tree and wait for Anguri,Anita says I’m so excited,I will record it,Vibhu says instead of helping bhabhiji you making fun of her,Anita says let me record it ones and then I shall help her,don’t spoil my mood,and Vibhu look there are trees near by don’t you remember how we use to be romantic in trees,Vibhu says don’t you think of anything else,Anita says no because I’m a very romantic person and pushes Vibhu in trees and both have fun,Happu passing by hears their voice and walks to them and asks what are you doing here,in trees that to,you have a big house,that to with this man I’m hurt,Anita says why but,I’m with my husband what’s wrong,please leave,Happu leaves,Anita asks where is Dracula,

Anguri wakes up and says oh no it’s early morning why didn’t my alarm ring and why is he sleeping like this and wakes Tiwari,Tiwari says did you wake up,Anguri says look it’s so late,how did I sleep so Long and why are you sleeping like this,didn’t you sleep well,Tiwari thinks I won’t leave this Vibhuti. Anita and Vibhu walking home,Anita scolding Vibhu,Tiwari joins them and says how will Anguri come,she was sleeping she just woke up,Vibhu says I still stand by this statement that she is a Dracula,Tiwari says your mummy must be a Dracula,Vibhu says how dare you call my mummy Dracula,Tiwari says the same way you called my wife,Vibhu says look it’s the truth she is a Dracula,Anita says shut up and leaves.

Amaji gets a call from Anguri,Anguri says there’s a problem,last night my alarm didn’t ring and so I couldn’t have the kadha,Amaji says be careful, Anguri says should I have it now,Amaji says no no I have sent Tilu with new kadha have it right away. Tilu gets the medicine,and asks what is in it,and Amaji doesn’t tell,is she smuggling,anguri says dare you say anything against her,Tilu says I’m hungry,Anguri hands him bottle guard and says go work in shop now,Tilu says ok and leaves.

Vibhu comes to window and starts recording Anguri drink alcohol,and says sorry this is so that I can prove you drink blood.

Pre cap : Tiwari and Vibhu go to a baba and say help me,my wife turned to Dracula,Babaji says go to crematory,and sing gazal,Vibhu says we will.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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