Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti reading newspaper and says this story resembles my pain,how unfortunate,Anita walks to him n says look at this, I bought this new n u broke it,Vibhuti says I was washing it it slipped n broke,Anita says me with great effort buy it n u,Vibhuti says stop creating scene,Anita says see stop all this,Vibhuti says see even I earn n get things,Anita says the only thing u bought was an dustbin,Vibhuti says see, I work whole day in this house,Anita says I can see u breaking this all day, u spoiled so many sarees,Vibhuti says go get a maid then, Anita says yes I will, but for that u need to earn, but u can’t do it,u just are useless,now Kanpur is famous for ur useless ness stories.vibhuti gets upset n leaves n breaks the pot n his way.

Tiwari watching news which says Sunny Leone

will be in town soon,anguri says wow she is so beautiful,Tiwari says go get some halwa for me n anguri leaves,reporter says she will be here for shooting new film,Tiwari says exciting, tilu walks in n says first give me my salary,I can’t live in this debt anymore,Tiwari says I will soon,tilu says see enough of ur time pass, are u giving me salary in 24 hrs n if not be ready for consequences,Tiwari says how dare u,tilu says if I don’t get me my salary u soon will know what I can do,Vibhuti hears all this n walks in n says give him his salary why trouble sad kid.

Tiwari says why u interfering,anguri says U know Vibhuti doesn’t work why bother him,Tiwari starts laughing n says u are right,anguri says let me get some halwa for Vibhuti too,Tiwari says don’t worry dogs don’t like this halwa, Vibhuti says every dog has his day n I’m a human n bhabhiji I will come soon for halwa n leaves upset.

Vibhuti in pain recites a poetry, Sunny stops by him n listens to it,n gets very impressed by Vibhuti,she gets off her car n walks to hi every body gathers near by Anita seeing all this,Sunny says wow u are fantastic what’s ur name Vibhuti he says, Sunny says sign him director he is my hero,tikka says malka see Sunny wow,Vibhuti says the whole is mad behind ur beauty,I love u, u are great actor, Sunny says thanku n u are now signed as my hero for my next film,Vibhuti say su mean lead,Anita says good with her,Sunny praises Vibhuti,n says u have to be my hero,Anita says look at Vibhu God,Vibhuti gets his signed amount,n he thanks Sunny, Sunny says lets go to my hotel, we need to work on script,Vibhuti says I would love too n holds Sunny hand n leaving,Vibhuti shows off his cheque in front of Anita n Tiwari.

Anita waiting for Vibhuti in bedroom, he walks in talking on phone with Sunny n discussing his character, Anita says what is he doing in hotel if discussing things here,n says Vibhu,Vibhuti says Sunny I will call u alter take care bye. Vibhuti says can’t u see I was on work call, Anita says see,Vibhuti says ur re interfering a lot I’m a star now, so I need to hire few people n so leave me alone n leaves,Anita says look at his drama my god.

Anguri near her tulsi, she takes the newspaper n reads news n says God Vibhuti on newspaper n gets very happy n calls Tiwari n says look newspaper Vibhuti pic in front page,Tiwari says he is jobless, useless superstar,anguri says why talk Ill,Tiwari says even I was front page,anguri says bcoz u and income tax fraud,Anita walking abt with milk Tiwari n anguri rush to her,anguri asks did us we photo,aniat says yes superstar Vibhuti,Tiwari asks why u working,Anita says he is superstar so why will he work, now I’m working since early morning, destiny what to do now,Tiwari says cut his wings if he messes with u,anguri says he has wings I didn’t notice, Anita says anyways bye.

Anguri says tell me will Vibhuti fly now,Tiwari gets very angry. Tika says Vibhuti his days are changed now when will our days shine, happu swings says at times some people destiny never change,malka says like u n both giggle,happu says shutup anyways who were u talking abt,Tika says Vibhuti signed a film with superstar Sunny Leone,happu Singh says Vibhuti n Sunny Leone,malka says she came here in colony n signed him,happu says oh no,Tika asks why sad,happu says I’m a huge fan of hers,Vibhuti walks,Tika says autograph superstar on my cheeks plz.

Pre cap : Anita Vibhuti Tiwari n anguri together, Sunny calls anguri very pretty,anguri says very smooch.
Saxena stopping people from entering house,happu shouts I love u Sunny

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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