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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with dad saying yes start the sangeet. Anita starts dancing, on song dil mera muft kaa from agent vinod. Tiwari is mesmerized and he gets up and dances like crazy and sits down. Happu singh see a wife is dancing at her husband’s 2nd wedding so funny. Malkhan says you are enjoying this? Happu slaps him. Tika dances on sapne mei milti hai kudi meri. Then sits beside vibhu while dancing, vibhu slaps him and he goes. Tiwari says what will happen anita and if vibhu marries anguri? Anita says shut up and even my marriage is on stake and what are u talking about? Malkhan dances on a song and then goes. Anguri comes and starts dancing on London thumakda. Vibhu is blushing. Everyone cheer and grandma is happy. Tiwari and anita are shocked. Vibhu gets up and starts dancing with

anguri. Anita and Tiwari are sad. Vibhu blushes and sits down. Happu singh comes and dances on mujhko aisi lughai. Dad tells that now grandma is telling that the groom and bride will feed each other sweet. Anita and Tiwari are angry. Tika malkhan clap. Anguri and Tiwari feed each other sweet, vibhu blushes as anguri tries to feed him and vibhu is continuously blushing. Tiwari is confused. Dad says grandma says that now groom will come on the back of a devil and give his bride a rose. Anita says who will the devil be now? Dad sees for someone but everyone hide their face and dad says that Tiwari you become the devil as you don’t look scared. Everyone laugh and Tiwari tells them to shut up. Tiwari takes dad at a side and tells what do u want and you are doing all the rituals today? Dad says I am doing this for grandma and if she goes again in the coma then I will take anguri with me from here forever. Vibhu says okay and vibhu sits on tiwaris back. Tiwari makes him fall down, everyone laugh and vibhu say what is this rude behavior? Tiwari says I am the devil and I can do anything. Vibhu sits on him and jumps and says come on fast. They go and vibhu gives anguri a rose. Vibhu says its your daughters marriage and you should dance too. Dad says okay, the song kala chashma is played and dad sits and does some hand sign. No one understands but it was his dance. Everyone claps.
At night vibhu and anita are in room, anita says what is this and why are you enjoying this? Vibhu says nothing and its just a drama and why are you getting serious. Anita says my marriage is on stake and marrying someone means doing the seven rounds around fire, as anita says vibhu is still smiling. Anita says why are you smiling and I am annoyed. Vibhu says I am having this tickling feeling and I am trying hard but cant stop smiling. He sleeps. Anita is angry.
At night Tiwari is hiding under his kitchen and says why is this happening only to me and since I have married anguri her dad has become a menace and I cant even meet anguri. Anguri comes in the kitchen, Tiwari whistles at her and says come here. Anguri says what are you doing here Tiwari ji? Tiwari says I became Tiwari ji now from laddu ke bhaiya? Anguri says grandma is here and if she sees us she will go in coma again. Tiwari says why doesn’t she die. Anguri says what? Tiwari says nothing. Tiwari says when will she go and what is her problem. Angrui says hse may go in coma and I love her a lot. Tiwari says leave that and come here give me a kiss on cheek, anguri is about to kiss when grandma comes and anguri says oh my god he was teasing me and go run away. Grandma throws a spoon, anguri says come on lets go and sleep.
Next day vibhu comes on the horse and everyone is dancing and the drums are played. Everyone is dancing. After the dance, vibhu takes grandma and dads blessings at the doorstep. Grandma puts the tika. Dad says mom is saying that if the wedding ritual is done here outside then its good means wearing the garlands. Anguri comes with the garland. Vibhu is standing and anguri comes and thinks I cant put garland in anyone’s neck except Tiwari. Vibhu says wow anguri will put the garland in my neck. Anita says no this cant happen. Everyone pick up vibhu and anguri says my hand is not reaching, anita says no problem I will put and she puts it and takes garland from vibhus hand and puts in anguris neck. Anguri is sad.

Precap: Tiwari tells tilu to give the dhoti and why is he doing this? Tilu says this is a way to take my salary from you. There grandma was about to faint, dad shouts at bhadji and tells him do the seven rounds with whatever you have now. Vibhu and anguri are slowly having the rounds as anguri says we should stop this and where is Tiwari? Vibhu is enjoying it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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