Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update. Tikka Malkhan caught.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Happu near Saxena house gets his feet stuck while trying to get off gum from shoes.tiwari slowly approaching Vibhu,Vibhu says bhabhiji I’m innocent,Tiwari says happu I caught thief come fast,happu says don’t leave him I’m coming,Vibhu says I’m not thief and escapes and runs away,Happu realises himself and runs behind Vibhu.

Tikka says malkhan this isn’t good happening to Vibhu.anu on call with Meenal says actually I’m not feeling well so we cancelled and we planning Switzerland’s too,Vibhu gets in through kitchen window,anu gets scared and says Meenal I will call later,there’s rat in my house,Vibhu says yes I’m a rat running away,anu says enough of your drama,it’s your deeds you have to face all this and now surrender,and I will get tiffin for you in jail,Vibhu says

but I haven’t robbed,anu says swear on the person you love the most,Vibhu says I love you and I swear on you I didn’t,anu says swear on your mom,vibhu says I didn’t I swear on my ma.

Tiwari enters,Vibhu hides,Tiwari says bhabhiji ama came into my dreams,and she was cursing Vibhu,anu says look you have no proofs against my Vibhu so stop it,go away I’m sleepy,Tiwari says if you meet Vibhu please ask him to return amajis necklace,anu says bye please.tiwari leaves,vibhu says baby I love you and I will prove myself innocent.

Vibhu with pelu in auto,Vibhu says pelu life sucks,malkhan and tikka arrive at tea stall and start drinking,tikka says this looks expensive alcohol how come,Malkhan says we have money now,tikka says don’t be happy vibhu is in trouble because of us,Malkhan says then this drink as we are upset for him,and poor Vibhu ran like dogs and happu behind him like dog catcher,tikka says I never knew he would be caught for our deeds and if he is arrested I will make tiffin for him everyday and take to jail,Vibhu hears it and says I will catch them red handed now.

Vibhu with Tiwari anguri and anu,Tiwari says he is lying and blaming poor Malkhan and tikka,Vibhu says enough even I have some self respect enough of it,anguri says ok no one shall call you thief now but return my amajis necklace,Vibhu says but I’m not culprit,Tiwari says look at his drama,anu says enough Tiwari you are equally culprit,Tiwari says I did it for you bhabhiji,Vibhu says he is lying he did it for himself right bhabhiji,anguri says yes,Vibhu says yes and why didn’t he check on theif,Tiwari says why will I.

Anu says enough we have to focus on getting jewellery from tikka Malkhan we need to be very smart and I have an idea,vibhu says I’m very hungry,I haven’t eaten anything since morning,anguri says sure I will get you food.

Tikka Malkhan on call making gold deal,happu walks to them,and says this Vibhu is a pain I tell you,tikka says he may be innocent,Happu says Tiwari himself told me whole story,Malkhan says he is mad don’t trust him,happu gets a call from commissioner and leaves.
Anu walks to them and acts as if on call with Meenal says yes I have 20 lakhs worth gold and I have insurance so I have no worries and I won’t be home today and will stay at your place and Vibhu isn’t home he is in some problem and whole house is empty and I have no tension and leaves.

Tikka Malkhan in Mishra house,tikka says we searched whole of bhabhijs room we didn’t find gold,malkan says let’s look there,Happu walks to them and puts on the lights,tikka says sorry bhabhiji,Malkhan says we robbed from those who will be refunded so forgive us,anu says return everything and you will be forgiven,tikka says ok I will get everything back.

Vibhu starts singing,in pain,anguri says I’m sorry vibhu,Vibhu says you accused your Vibhu,anu says your,vibhu says yes mine,they are my neighbors friends,anguri says sorry,Tiwari says when I get my belongings back I will give you something as apology ,Vibhu says no need I have another full proof plan,Anu says Vibhu,Vibhu says I’m sorry.

Pre cap: anu to man says mine and anguri‘ husband fight a lot,he says whenever they start arguing you start discussing topics of love.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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